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Pakistanis, the kind of people who remain attached to our roots. Even after finishing our studies and acquiring our first job, our families remain our number one priority. But there are many brave souls out there who want embrace the thrill of the unknown… accounting my personal wants, living independently while being a girl is something that I’ve almost dreamt of doing (being part of this same society and having this wish is philosophical much). We’re the ones eager to dive into the pool of adulthood – a pool that most people (read parents) aren’t ready to even think about this, more so let girls fully submerge themselves into this ‘mess’. But like they say it, it’s more tempting to do something that’s forbidden and these kinds of things, people (girls) want to jump into this pool singlehandedly.

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Blaming everything on modernity very conveniently once again, our society and people are divided into many things. Scattered on the lines of liberal and conservation, many people are opening up to the idea of setting their girls free to achieve their dreams… if not internationally, as the federal capital has become the hub of economic activity, it has attracted a major chunk of youth, both men and women to come and live here to pursue their dreams. And thank god for the existence of the internet, for firstly keeping us connected and secondly, the growing awareness helps search for results they want.

This blog tries to help fill in the search gap, in terms of putting forward a small inventory/listings of the central places which are apt for working women to live independently.

Accommodation types

Targeted at women, some of you may be graduating from universities this year, or maybe you’re a 20-something who’s all set to live on your own and you’re deciding whether or not you’re ready for to take this step and uptake this kind of responsibility. Formally, ‘living independent’ is defined as not depending on another for livelihood and sustenanceIf you’re going to live on your own, you really have to be ‘on your own’. That means along with earning your own money, fulfilling your basic needs and maintaining a lifestyle you’ve always for yourself.

Don’t worry! Here are some things to remember when you’re thinking about plunging into the world of independence. First thing’s first, accommodation.

Talking about accommodation, it’s what the main thing, more important than the job itself, especially for women who want to work in Islamabad… a new city for them. There are a variety of accommodation types existing and through this blog, not only do I want to help to spread awareness but help all the sisters’ out there to find a suitable and secure accommodation in this land probably unknown to them.

The types of accommodations suitable for independent working women are, firstly hostels. Islamabad today is filled with fairly luxurious hostel which provides accommodation along with different facilities for women, by of course charging. Hostel rooms and dormitories are a feasible and ‘secure’ option in today’s society. The second option would be ‘paying guests’. The incorporation and utilization of this concept have seen a rise since the hostels have to be registered and that opens another or aren’t really hostels, keeping it as casual as possible, the option of ‘paying guests’ is also seen as a recent trend on the rise.

Private accommodations. You can either buy or rent in these cases. This is where Pakistan’s smartest property portal, steps in. Simply go to our website or download the Graana App, add the desired location of the property you’re interested in, apply filters and voila. Find the best results in no time.

Another method that has been commonly used in foreign states is ‘apartment sharing’. This can be shared amongst friends, all pooling in and renting a place that best fits the needs. If you’re stepping in Islamabad, without any friends and want to share an apartment, even that is easy.

Here comes the main question… How to find families that want paying guests or people who want to share an apartment, if not friends? Let’s all chant together this time… ‘In this era of modernity…’ we’re all connected by social media. The power that social media has today, can connect anyone and everyone if used properly. So login guys, to your social media profiles as it has to be optimized to create a facebook group, to generate the kind of activity that you’re interested in (apartment sharing) and get to know the current trends. Like the pricing and localities, commutes nearby, facilities etc. Make a plan of how to finally go about things. Gear up to start a new life, in a new luxury apartment, on your own terms and conditions and ‘finances’.

Accommodation suggestions:

Ladies, make your life a little easier… As I’ve grown up in Islamabad and have had the ‘privilege’ (read blessing) of living independently here, in this blog I’ve listed down (with the help of the Graana sales team) some of the major localities that could save you the trouble of finding the perfect accommodation for you to start a new life.
Talking about the major places which are considered to be the economic hubs in Islamabad, as the city is home to many branches of companies that belong to banks, and TV channels, headquarters of all major telecommunication operators Islamabad sees an outpour of women from all different fields of life. Since the business is expanded here and there, ‘Blue Area’ is considered to be one of the main economic hubs.
So to start off with the topic, Sector E, F, G and I are some of the main locations where apt accommodations can be found where women can attain secure accommodation. Because of the accessibility sector F being the most expensive and sector G being affordable for everyone.

Staring sector wise, here is a list of locations where one can find an apt apartment.

Sector E 11:

1. Puran Arcade:

Located in the foothills of the Margallas, on the Main Double road of sector E-11 Markaz, next to the MCB bank is Puran Arcade. A Commercial building that accommodates families, making it an apt apartment building for the working women to live. A 2-Bed apartment with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, lounge, this is affordable as the monthly rent ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000.
Being on the central location, It connects its residents to the city of Rawalpindi through Golra Morh, which further makes the Motorway accessible. Talking about Islamabad, the residents are connected through the Main Margalla Road, which ties the entire Federal capital together. A few examples of the major localities on this road are Markaz F-10, F-9 Park, Bahria University, Blue area, F-7 leading all the way to the diplomatic enclave. E-11 today holds almost all major marques on the outskirts of this sector. Being 10-15 mins away from the metro station, this sector is the home to facilities like the renowned play area- We play and other housing societies that make this area apt for women to live independently.

2. Landmark Apartments:

Located at a 2 minutes walking distance to Puran arcade is yet another family apartment that is suitable and secure for working women- Landmark Apartments.
Featuring 1-Bed apartment, the rent ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000, such accommodations can be utilized by either a single lady if one can afford it or by sharing between 2 women and dividing the rent to afford it.

3. Margalla Hill view Apartments:

One of the affordable localities of Islamabad, sector I-11 is the home of Margalla Hill View apartments. As the name suggests, these apartments offer a site to savor of the beautiful Margallas spread in Islamabad. Offering 2-beds with the breathtaking view of the Margallas, the rent ranges between Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000.

 Sector G:

1. Diplomatic Apartments (G-5):

As the name suggests, these apartments are located in the prime location of the Diplomatic Enclave. Situated amongst different embassies, the rent is high which ranges from Rs 2-2.5 Lacs of a 2-Bed apartment. The reason for the rent so high here is not just because of the surroundings, but the accessibility of other localities, the apartments are built to satisfy the foreigners that usually take up accommodation here.

This location is a car-dependent neighborhood and the errands might require a car. Here the easy availability of facilities like Careem and Uber steps in. The nearby locations include Jinnah Gold Drive, Lake Promenade and the Islamabad Polo Club. For farther destinations, one here can always opt for the Metro, which is maximum of 10 mins away from the Diplomatic Apartments.


Being located only 16 mins away from the International Islamic University and 18 mins away from the Islamabad Railway station, Sector G-11 is highly integrated, with a lush Markaz, abundant market place and hotels plus schools nearby, making it accessible on foot. With the renowned Rahat bakers being just 8 minutes away and neighboring with the CDA public library.
Islamia groups of Girls Hostels situated here is a hostel situated in this prime location, 10 mins away from the metro station.
But don’t worry about transport girls! Exercise is good for health anyway, in this integrated community.

2. PHA Apartments:

PHA apartments are situated in sector G-11/3 of the Federal Capital. Offering 2-Beds and bath, along with a TV lounge plus kitchen, the average rent of these apartments ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000 which can be easily divided among 3-4 women.

3. Warda Hamna:

Also located nearby the PHA apartments, Warda Hamna apartments also offer to be quite luxurious for families and women both, making it a secure locality to live in. The offered apartments for rent are usually 2-Beds, rented out at an average of Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000 with 2 attached baths, a TV lounge with kitchen space.

4. Aladin Apartments:

Also located alongside the above two, the rent of apartments in this building is around Rs 45,000 to Rs 50,000.

As the G-sector overall is very affordable, a huge population is witnessed here that belongs wot the working class. Since it accommodates a high number of families because of the affordable apartments, G-sector is one of the prime locations and observes the concept of ‘Paying guests’ rather than any other sector. This is all because of affordability and accessibility as the metro station rests just 5-10 mins away!
Like said before, Sector G is a sector that is an area that provides reasonable accommodations in terms of paying guests. Families living in this sector have started renting out rooms for women working all over Islamabad. And then with the Metro service in hand, it’s easier to roam around the capital

Sector F:

F-10, it is at a distance of nearly 5-10 mins from the metro station but the Markaz not only being ‘Lit’ but honestly fulfilling every need one can have. With 305 shops in the Markaz covering almost every major brand, be it clothing like Maria B, Khaadi, al karam, etc… and every major fast food eatery, residing here, which is easily accessible on foot, so put those evenings to good use girls. And if you want to go to other parts of Islamabad, Metro Station is only 5-10 mins away. So live the life out of your life!

1. Silver Oaks:

Moving the ‘elite area’ and a prime location in Islamabad, one of the most beautiful accommodating apartments are Silver Oaks. Right opposite the F-9 Park (known for Mcdonalds and the biggest park of Islamabad) these apartments offer every facility.

With Espresso Lounge in the basement and such lavish accommodating facilities and security, the rent of a 2-Bed ranging till Rs 1.5 Lacs. But to be honest, it’s worth every penny.

Sector F-11:

Craving iced lattes or gooey cheesy pizzas? Gloria jeans and Cheese Factor are the places to be. With a grand Markaz filled with restaurants like Burning Brownie, Nutella spot and the coffee planet after your outing to places for shopping in Islamabad or for the refreshing your souls, F11 is your answer.

This area is also considered to be a major economic Hub. It’s a very well integrated area that has expanded into a major zone with different housing societies, market areas, petrol pumps and schools, F11 is a promising location to accommodate all your needs.

3. Al-Safa Heights:

These apartments offer 2-Beds, along with Tv lounge and kitchen space for Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000.
Over here, one can always share such kinds of apartments with a group of friends and dividing the rent and bills among the group or if you want, start your own concept of paying guest. If you’re living alone and want accommodation here, but can’t find the company? Put up ads on social media about inviting paying guests… with a surge of women looking for safe accommodation, a few will definitely turn up.

4. Abu Dhabi towers:

Again, the family apartments offer the same facilities in the same range as the apartments above.
Imagine returning back from work at around 7 p.m… opening your fridge and finding no milk or eggs or bread. Oops, girls!
Don’t worry. The Markaz is only at the walking of about 5-7 minutes.
So if you want to live here, pull up your socks, wear those shoes, grab some company if you want and walk away!

5. Executive Suites:

Located near the Markaz, Hilal Road, this locality is connected not just ‘Blue area’ but the ‘Kacheri’ of F-8. Only at the distance of 10-15 mins from the metro station, this sector and its residents have access to everything that Islamabad has to offer.

With the goal to make something out of yourself and live your dream, this blog is a way to help shave off some of your tension to find the perfect accommodation. The Federal Capital Islamabad is a mighty place with different opportunities waiting to be availed at every step of the way. I’ve tried to help you all, as much as I could with this blog and I hope that you find what you’re looking for in this majestic Capital.
Once you get that accommodation and want to own the place? The best way is to decorate it to not only add that personal touch but never feel like you’re away from home. Confused at how to decorate? Don’t worry ladies, that I’ve covered in my previous blog. Click on the link to learn how to personalize your space!
Let me know in the comments below if you girls have any reservations about the accommodation in my city of dreams or if I’ve missed out any accommodation tips or places that could help out other fellow females to live their dream.
All the best guys. May you find what you’re looking for.


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