‘World’s tallest’ symbolic mural unveiled in Karachi

‘World’s tallest’ symbolic mural unveiled in Karachi

KARACHI: Art, peace, and environment were some of the inspiring elements in the 286-foot high public art mural – claimed by the organisers to be the tallest in the world – which was unveiled in Karachi on Sunday.

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The mural, titled ‘Rising Blue’, adorns the TPL Tower (Centrepoint) and was created by Italian artist Giuseppe Percivati as part of the International Public Art Festival (IPAF), an initiative of ‘I Am Karachi’.

This is not the first time that Percivati has worked in Karachi at IPAF. Moreover, the talented artist has also worked in several other countries such as the US, Portugal, Australia, and Japan.

According to Percivati, the project was painted in nine days  but took months of preparation.

Italian Consul-General Anna Ruffino spoke on the occasion of the unveiling, explaining that the mural was a message of peace and friendship, as well as a cry of alarm for the environment.

She further said that the subject of the art piece was the conservation of mangroves in Pakistan, chiefly lining the coast of Sindh.

While praising the concept, IPAF Chairman Jameel Yusuf said that the mangroves supported Pakistan’s ecosystem as a breeding ground for marine life and birds.

In the artist’s own words, Karachi has great potential in terms of beautification.

“Karachi is a beautiful city but has been neglected a bit,” remarked Percivati. “The city can be as beautiful as Milan, Rome or London.”

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