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Owing to the infrastructure-led development being pursued across the world and a priority area of the Government of Pakistan, the Real Estate sector has emerged as an engine of growth. However, as private sector participation also continues to rise, the sector is experiencing a shortage of quality human capital. Therefore, UCP in collaboration with has launched BS Real Estate Management Programme, the first of its kind with multidisciplinary content that includes Project Management, Engineering, Economics, Law, Marketing, and IT related to real estate.

Program Objectives

This program aims to achieve the following objectives: To nurture young Leaders building and managing Real Estate and Construction Infrastructure Projects in alignment with modern trends and requirements. To inculcate comprehensive knowledge and develop practical property business skills in students to promote Real Estate Entrepreneurship. To apply in all phases of the real estate cycle-from conceptualizing, initiating, and analyzing to negotiating, financing, and closing the transaction, and as well as property sales, marketing and brokering. To develop quality workforce and strategic leaders to embrace the challenges of housing sector in Pakistan. To mobilize Real Estate Sector as growth engine for increasing the size of Pakistan economy.


Completing Bachelors Degree in REM, prepares you for the real estate industry and it will open a host of career possibilities

  • Property Manager
  • Property Valuer
  • Body Corporate Manager
  • Real Estate Entrepreneur
  • Business Development Manager
  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Property Houses & Holdings Problem
  • Resolvers & Case Developers
  • Property Blog Writers
  • Project Supervisor (Public & Private)
  • Facilities Manager
  • Hiostoric Buildings Inspector / Conservation Officer
  • Procurement Manager
  • Building Quality Surveyor
  • Lecturer

Fee Structure

  • Course Name
  • Admission Fee
  • Fee Per Credit Hour
  • Total Number of Credit Hours
  • Total Fee
  • Real Estate Management (BS)
  • 25,000
  • 11,000
  • 125
  • 13,75,000