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Highlights of I-8 Islamabad

  • I-8 holds a significant position, owing to the unique location that puts it at the crossroads of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  • Houses for rent in I-8 start from Rs. 90K and can go up to 1.5 lacs depending on size and location. 
  • The sector lies in the vicinity of shopping malls, restaurants, and hospitals, making it a very convenient place to live in.
  • The sector is in close proximity to most of Islamabad's major highways such as the Islamabad Expressway, Srinagar Highway, and IJP Road.


Types of Houses for Rent in I-8 Islamabad

Sector I-8 sector provides a range of housing choices in established neighbourhoods. Common property sizes available in the area range from 5 marlas, 8 marlas, 14 marlas, and 1 Kanal. These properties also come with several storeys, with some having their own basements as well.

You may also find a number of older houses for rent in I-8, Islamabad as well, which are priced much lower compared to their counterparts. 

However, modern and newly-constructed homes are also an option if you have a flexible budget.  


For families looking to settle down in Islamabad temporarily, I-8 sector offers some of the best houses for renting long-term. 

Independent houses are a good choice in this sector, especially since they offer a number of features such as dedicated parking spaces, balconies, lawns, etc.

14 marla houses for rent in I-8 Islamabad and 1 Kanal houses for rent in I-8, Islamabad is commonly triple-storey units. This serves as the perfect option for those that require a larger living space. 

Upper Portion

Upper portions are some of the most highly sought-after units in the area, owing to the number of benefits they offer. Therefore, there are many Upper portions for Rent in I-8, Islamabad. These are a great option since they come with a balcony, separate parking space, and an impeccable view of the city.

Lower Portion 

There is a vast variety of lower portions for rent in I-8, Islamabad as well, offering more ease and convenience compared to their counterparts. These units come with an attached garage, a main entrance to the property, and a separate lawn.


Price Trends for House for Rent in I-8 Islamabad

Since Islamabad's population has grown exponentially over the years, the demand for rental housing has increased significantly, resulting in a rise in rental prices. 

If you're looking for a house for rent in I-8, you can navigate the properties in the area without worry as the sector is CDA-approved, making it a safe place to live in.

The following are the price differences for available residential properties in sectors I-8, Islamabad.

12  Marla House

For 12 marla houses, the rental price for a complete unit starts from Rs. 90K and can go up to lacs depending upon the location, maintenance, and layout of the house.

1 Kanal House

If you’re looking to rent a 1 Kanal house, I-8 offers a decent range of options that start from just 1 lac, going all the way up to 1.5 lacs.

Mostly, 1 Kanal houses for rent in I-8, Islamabad are divided into upper and lower portions, and their prices are as follows.

Upper portion rent (approx.) – 50K and Up

Lower portion rent (approx.) – 40-K and Up


Price Comparison with Surrounding Areas

Compared to its surrounding areas, I-8 is an affordable option that is located within the main city area, making it an excellent locality to live in.

In I-9, the prices for 1 Kanal house for rent fall within the range of 1 lacs - 1.2 lacs. Even though this may seem like a reasonable rate as compared to I-8, it is pertinent to note that houses in I-9 are far less maintained and the location is also far off from the city centre.

In I-10, you can find houses for rent starting from around Rs. 22k for 5 marla houses and can go up to Rs. 60k for 1 kanal houses.


Nearby Areas:

Key Areas

Distance From I-8

Allama Iqbal Open University

3.5 km 

Shifa International Hospital

1.4 km 


2.5 km 


6.5 km 

Lok Virsa

3.2 km 


Why Should You Rent a House in I-8 Islamabad?

Sector I-8 has witnessed exponential development in terms of infrastructure and facilities.The commercial area of I-8 has become one of the largest hub of eateries in the city, with many local and international fast food chains dotted throughout the Markaz. 

Moreover, I-8 Markaz offers a pharmacy and grocery store, as well as branches of several commercial banks. People who have to commute to Rawalpindi but want to live in a serene locality can opt for this sector as it sits at the edge of the city.

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