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Highlights of I 8 Islamabad

  • Normally, plots for sale in I 8 Islamabad start from roughly Rs. 4 crores
  • 10 and 14 marla are the most popular residential plots, while 7 marla is the most popular size of commercial plots
  • The prices in sector I-8 are relatively higher compared to nearby sectors like I-9
  • A well-established neighbourhood with easy connectivity to central areas of the city via 9th avenue and Islamabad Expressway
  • The prices aren’t expected to change much in the near future as most areas of the sector are already developed

Price Trends of Plots for Sale in I 8 Islamabad

There aren’t a lot of plots available for sale in I-8 Islamabad as it is quite a well-developed sector. However, there are still some residential and commercial plots for sale in I8 Islamabad that are available at different price points. 

Residential plots in this established sector of Islamabad typically start from Rs. 4 crores. On the other hand, a commercial plot can cost buyers more than Rs. 15 crores on average.

Due to the fact that Sector I-8 is well-established and there is a limited number of plots available, the prices here will not increase much in the future. However, market conditions and other factors such as demand can affect the prices of plots here.


Price Comparison With Nearby Sectors

When compared with other sectors like I-9 and I-10, the prices here are usually higher. For example, the starting price of a residential plot for sale in I 8 Islamabad is normally around Rs. 4 crores. In comparison to I-8, a residential plot in sector I-10 will cost the buyer more than Rs. 1.5 crores on average. 

Types of Plots for Sale in I 8 Islamabad

This prime neighbourhood in Islamabad has both residential and commercial plots available for sale. 

Residential Plots

Some of the popular sizes of residential plots for sale in I8 Islamabad are 10 and 14 marla. 10 marla plots for sale in I8 are easily available in Graans’s website. 

Commercial Plots

Commercial plots are also available in different sizes, but 7 marla is among the most commonly available.

Places Near Sector I-8 Islamabad

Following are some of the places located near sector I-8.


Distance From I-8 Islamabad

Shifa International Hospitals

1.4 km

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

5.7 km

Islamabad Railway Station

3 km


1.5 km

Higher Education Commission (HEC)

3.7 km


Why Should You Buy a Plot in I-8 Islamabad

Home to some of the best residential properties in the capital city, sector I-8 is considered one of the finest and safest areas to live in Islamabad. This developed sector of Islamabad is in close vicinity to all the major highways such as the Srinagar Highway and Islamabad Expressway, adding to the value of the property in Sector I-8. 

Aside from the location, Sector I-8 has one of the most developed commercial areas with several brands and local food eateries operating in this planned residential community. Therefore, whether you want a flourishing business or a house of your own, then buying a plot for sale in I 8 Islamabad is an excellent option.


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