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Highlights of Wapda City Faisalabad 

  • Wapda City Faisalabad can be easily accessible via Faisalabad Canal Expressway. 
  • Well-known housing societies such as Paradise Valley and Lawyers Housing Society are  in close- proximity to the area.


Price Trends of Houses for Rent in Wapda City Faisalabad

The rental prices of houses in Wapda City Faisalabad may vary based on the location, size, amenities, and basic facilities. The average rent for a 5 marla house falls between tens of thousands and goes up to a few lacs. 

The prices of rental properties may increase in the future because the real estate market of Faisalabad will expand over time, owing to the need for more residential properties for rent due to the growing population.


Price Comparison with Other Housing Schemes

The rental price trends of houses in Wapda City Faisalabad are affordable compared to some other residential societies. In societies such as Citi Housing Society, the monthly rent of 1 kanal house for rent will cost you close to a lac on average as they come with premium facilities.

On the other hand, the Lawyer Housing Society is quite expensive in comparison with Wapda City Faisalabad.


Types of Houses for Rent in Wapda City Faisalabad

If you are looking for a house for rent in Wapda City Faisalabad, multiple options varying in size and amenities are available for rent. Houses for rent in the society usually range in standard size; 5 marla, and go up to 1 kanal. 

Whether you’re looking for a single-storey or double-storey house for rent, you can find all types of houses in this affluent housing society. 

Single Storey Houses

The demand for single-storey for rent is high in Wapda City Faisalabad, as these houses are ideal for small families. You can find multiple options according to your budget.

Double -Storey Houses

This type of house for rent in Wapda City Faisalabad is commonly available with sizes ranging from 5 marla to 1 Kanal. These kinds of houses are more suitable for large families. On the other hand, double-storey houses come with their own benefits such as separate entrances, rooftops, balconies, etc.


Places Near Wapda City Faisalabad


Distance From Wapda City

National Textile University Faisalabad

9.7 km

Chak 198 RB Munianwala

5.3 km

Paradise Valley

5.8 km

Fakharabad 199 RB 

7.6 km

Beaconhouse School System, Main Canal Campus

5 km


Why Should You Rent a House in Wapda City Faisalabad?

Renting a house in the city is a better option than buying a house, especially for those who plan to settle in the city temporarily. Wapda City Faisalabad is a gated-community offering a wide range of houses for rent according to your budget.

Wapda City Faisalabad is packed with facilities such as easy access to educational, medical institutions, 24/7 electricity, clean water, and access to commercial areas.

Considering all the facilities and amenities available, Wapda City Faisalabad is an ideal place to rent a house in.

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