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Highlights of Wapda City, Faisalabad

  • Prices of plots for sale in Wapda City Faisalabad vary according to their size and the block they are located in
  • Offers buyers different types of plots in various sizes, ranging from 4 marla to 1 kanal
  • Prime location, with Faisalabad Canal Expressway connecting it to the central areas of the city
  • Gated community with a systematically planned commercial area to fulfil the needs of the residents
  • Mosques, shopping areas, parks etc. have been built in the housing society 
  • Excellent option for real estate investment in Faisalabad

Price Trends of Plots in Wapda City Faisalabad

The prices of plots in Wapda City Faisalabad largely depend on their size, location within the community, and the facilities available. 

For instance, 5 marla residential plots generally cost the buyer more than Rs. 25 lacs, and 4 marla commercial plots are priced at more than Rs. 75 lacs.

Usually, plots on the main road as well as park-facing plots are more expensive than others in any housing society, including Wapda City. 

Price Comparison With Other Housing Societies

The prices of plots for sale in Wapda City Faisalabad are quite reasonable when compared to other similar housing societies. They typically start from tens of lacs for 5 marla plots and tens of crores for 1 kanal plots.

In other gated communities, like Citi Housing and Eden Orchard, the prices are generally higher in comparison – thus making Wapda City a more feasible option for buying a plot in Faisalabad. 

Types of Plots for Sale in Wapda City Faisalabad

There are different types of plots available in the Wapda City:

  • Residential plots
  • Commercial plots

Residential Plots

The residential plots in Wapda City are available in different sizes, ranging from 5 marla to 1 kanal.

There are 15 marla plots as well, which are not commonly available in the other housing societies in Faisalabad.

Commercial Plots

The commercial plots in Wapda City Faisalabad are available in two sizes: 4 and 8 marla plots. However, the former are more commonly available for sale in Wapda City. 

Places Near Wapda City

Wapda City is ideally located near some of the most popular places in the city, as well as renowned educational institutions. Some of these are mentioned below. 


Distance From Wapda City

National Textile University Faisalabad

9.7 km

Beaconhouse School System, Main Canal Campus

5 km

Paradise Valley

5.8 km

Chak 198 RB Munianwala

5.3 km

Fakharabad 199 RB 

7.6 km

Why Should You Buy a Plot in Wapda City?

The gated community is considered a premium choice due to its location and the number of facilities it provides to the residents. It has an underground electricity system and a top-notch security system. Moreover, there are a variety of restaurants and cafes, where residents can enjoy different kinds of cuisines. 

Besides residential options, this housing society has a lot of commercial opportunities with commercial plots yielding a much better return on investment compared to residential plots.

If you are looking to invest in real estate, Wapda City is a viable option as it provides several short and long-term opportunities to the residents of Faisalabad. 


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