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I-8 is one of the most significant sectors of Islamabad. There are quite a few things about I-8 that elevates its importance.  Besides being home to beautiful houses It is ideally situated next to the lush green and big parks covering this sector. Plenty of Mosques, educational institutes, grocery stores, and tons of food places makes this sector one of the most favourite sectors for the people of Islamabad. 


I-8 is the most discussed sectors of Islamabad due to the following features:

  • A busy markaz which is home to countless brands, grocery stores and more
  • Presence of mosques in each sub-sector, including the “Jamia Masjid Al-Furqan”
  • Parks, walking tracks and fitness centres including the Kachnar Park.
  • Clinics with highly qualified doctors and nursing staff including the Shifa International which is also close by
  • Shell fuel pump
  • Banks including Standard Chartered Bank, Allied Bank, Askari Bank etc.
  • Spacious roads and streets.
  • Massive selection of investment opportunities for local and overseas Pakistanis.
  • Accessible to Faizabad and Faisal Avenue.



I-8 has a very significant position in the city as it is situated right next to the transportation hub, the Faizabad. The most dominant road, the Faisal Avenue or the Expressway is also adjoining the sector which is a perfect road for commuting. To its east side you can witness the beautiful Shakarparian Park across the Faisal Avenue. The remaining adjoining sectors include the H-9 sector and the I-9 Sector. 


Area Covered by the locality

As a standard of most of the CDA sectors of Islamabad, this one also has a total covered area of 2 kilometer square. 


I-8 Markaz:

I-8 Markaz used to be a less developed markaz than the others. But a couple of years back, this sector started to revive, many popular food brands started to launch one by one. This markaz is known as a food markaz as some of the major brands like KFC, Tayto, Cheezious, Tehzeeb Bakers, Chaaye Khana and alot more have already settled in the I-8 markaz. Apart from that, you can also find popular grocery stores such as Shaheen Grocers. Such popular brands brought along tons of footfall which has made this sector one of the most liveable markaz of Islamabad.   

The New malls are also under construction which will fill up the gap of fashion brands which this markaz is currently lacking in. You can also find mosques, parks, banks/atms, Shell fuel pump, barber shops, gyms and other various convenience stores and all the necessity stores. 


Sub Sectors:

All of the four sub sectors of I-8 are packed with grocery shops, salons, mosques, schools, parks etc. for the convenience of the residents.



In I-8/1 you can find a few local markets, the Mughal market and Usmania Market which are strategically placed in the sub sector for the convenience of the residents of I-8/1. These markets consist of all the important shops that residents may require on a daily basis, such as grocery shops, salons, mobile phone shops, vegetable market, pets clinic, garment shop, electronics shop and much more. Markaz already offers endless food places, yet you can find some popular food places in this sub sector as well like Haleem Ghar, Karachi Biryani and a few more. A couple of schools can also be found in the area, like the Islamabad Model College for Girls. Quite a few beautiful parks add to the beauty of this sector.



Sub-sector I-8/2 is offering “Abu Huraira Market '' which includes various shops for convenience including grocery stores, meat shops, barbers, mosques including the Abu Huraira Mosque, a few decent places to eat and alot more. A beautiful Muhamed bin Qasim park also exists in this subsector. 



I-8/3 is rich with parks and greenery, infact, Kachnar Park is a famous one and the Sylvan park is bordering the I-8/3 sector. The I-8/3 sub sector also borders Faisal Avenue. For all your daily necessities you can visit the Sangam Market located in I-8/3. At Sangam market you can find all the general stores, mosque, tailors, repair maintenance shops, and quite a few local food places; craving for the pakistani style burger? Head on to the very famous Nagina Burger in I-8/3. The Islamabad Model College for boys is also located in this sub sector along with a few other schools such as The Smart School. 



I-8/4 sector holds its importance due to the bordering transportation hub, Faizabad which acts as the boundary between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Pakeeza market is located in I-8/4 that covers all your basic needs. In Pakeeza market you can find general stores, tailors, local restaurants, stationery shops and alot more. Islamabad Model College for girls is also located in this sub sector.   


Ways to commute:

Multiple modes of transportation are available in I-8, Islamabad. Taxis and wagons are some of the most common public transport options available. The popular Careem and Uber drivers are also conveniently and quickly found around the sector for commuting. 

Medical care/ Hospitals:

You can find hospitals and medical care centres both inside and outside of the I-8 sector. In the I-8 sector you can find the Naqaish Medical care which consists of a wide range of facilities with modern equipment and qualified doctors.  Quite a few clinics with wide range of specialities can also be found, in the sub- sectors of Markaz different medical facilities can be found like Rizwan Dental Clinic, Dr Abrar’s Oral and Aural Clinic, Zainab Physio care and alot more. 

I-8 is also in the close vicinity of the grand Shifa International Hospital which is one of the biggest and most renowned hospitals of Islamabad and Pakistan, which is home to one of the most qualified doctors with modern equipment. Shifa International Hospital is accessible to the northern subsectors of I-8, the I-8/2 and I-8/3. 


Entertainment Places

Some of the sites within the vicinity of I-8, Islamabad, include

  • F-8 Markaz
  • Kachnar Park
  • Pakeeza Park

Other Places which are close by are

  • Shakarparian National Park
  • Pakistan Monument


Sale/Rent of Houses in I-8

I-8 Islamabad, offers a variety of purchasing options for its buyers in various price ranges. The various sizes of houses that you can find in I-8 range from 12 marla, 14 marla and 24 marla. 

Cost of 12 marla House for sale in I-8 Islamabad starts from PKR 5.5 crore. Cost of 12 Marla house for rent in I-8 starts from PKR 1.5 Lac. 

Cost of 14 marla house for sale in I-8 starts from PKR 6 crore. Cost of 14 marla house for rent in I-8 will be about PKR 2 Lac

Cost of a 24 marla house for sale in I-8 Islamabad starts from PKR 8 Crore. 24 marla house for rent in I-8 can cost you about PKR 3 Lac. 

Commercial properties for sale/rent

The rate of commercial properties for sale in I-8 is about 800 to 850 per square foot. The commercial property for rent in I-8 is about 400 to 450 per square foot. 


Sale of Plots

Cost of 12 Marla Plot for sale in I-8 Islamabad will be around PKR 4 Crore.

Cost of 14 Marla Plot for sale in I-8 Islamabad will be about PKR 4.5 Crore.

24 Marla Plot for sale in I-8 Islamabad can be acquired for about PKR 7 Crore. 

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