13 Bad Housekeeping Habits You Need to Quit

A tidy place not only gives a wider feel to your home but also gives a calm effect that relaxes you. If you’re a hoarder, you need to avoid bad housekeeping habits that are cluttering your home. 

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Your home is your safe place, the comfort that you need after every tiring day. Busy routines leave people with no option but to just pile up and procrastinate, leading to a house being disorganized. Starting with little steps will take you a long way to avoid big organizing tasks later on.

Here’s a list of the things that Graana.com has compiled that you might be overlooking to keep your home in order. 


Bad Housekeeping Habits that You Need to Quit Now

If your house isn’t organized and tidy, it can weigh heavy on the effect of your interior decor, because it will all be overlooked. Instead of piling up on all your housekeeper duties in a home, you can just start getting rid of these bad housekeeping habits.


Don’t Throw Junk in Your Drawers


Cluttered Drawer filled with random home items in a mess.


We all might be secretly guilty of this, but this is the worst habit that is getting the way of housekeeping. 

Stuffing random things into your drawers such as nails, buttons, glue, old receipts, scotch tape, etc., is a big no, as it literally crowds your drawers, and you eventually get even irritated when you can’t find the right thing at the right time. 

Getting rid of this habit will keep your drawer sorted and help keep a place for things and find them in need.

If you’re thinking of where all the other things will go, you can designate drawers for items and keep small containers even that will store buttons and needles, stationary, all organized and intact.


Don’t Pile Up Your Laundry


pile of laundry sitting on a sofa chair


Busy work routines can keep a lot of people from organizing their laundry and folding them up. But keeping them in a pile to wash, or even as a pile after washing, is one of the worst habits when it comes to household chores.

If you do your laundry when there is just a pair of clothes, not only will it be a quick wash, but also take a quick minute to fold afterward. This is a great way to keep your wardrobe affairs running smoothly, and also keep it organized.

Don’t Leave Without Making up Your Bed


untidy bed with crinkled sheets, pillows and quilts


Unmade beds ruin the entire aesthetic of your room and make it look untidy. We have all done this or are doing this, and this little habit needs to change. 

Making your bed up early first thing in the morning not only tidies up the look of your room but also makes you feel accomplished, that you have started your day by doing a good task. This small act is a great way to start avoiding bad housekeeping practices. 


Try Not to Pile Up Dirty Dishes in the Sink


dirty dished cluttered in the sink


Cluttering your sink with dirty dishes and pans throughout the day is a big NO. This is one of the worst housekeeping habits, which not only looks disorganized and untidy but can also eventually lead to a bad odor. Piling up dishes makes the stains hard to get afterward as well. 

If you wash your dish and mugs, there and then, you eventually always get a clean sink and no cluttering to avoid dirty kitchen.


No Procrastination for Throwing Away Wrappers


plastic wrappers from different candies and snacks


Throw those wrappers away! Leaving your junk and waste lying around keeps the entire decorum of your house off and gives a very untidy look. Not only this, but the food particles in the wrappers can attract bugs and insects, which you don’t want to deal with. 

Trash is to be thrown away in the trash; leaving it lying around will only lead to piling up and, eventually for you, a bigger cleaning task to do. 


Don’t Keep Your Paper Waste Lying Around


crumpled up paper tossed around the bin


Let’s clear this: there is no point in keeping your tissues and paper trash around. Scrunched-up papers and tissues around the house spoil the look of your house. 

These are to be thrown immediately after usage, instead of leaving them around.


Clean your Mess While you Cook


messy kitchen after cooking food


We see it, we want it, we cook it, but we make a mess!

Cleaning your pots and pans while you are cooking is a great way to get rid of the mess. Throw those peels and wrappers away immediately, and while the food is simmering, just wash those containers in the sink. 

This will save time for you afterward you are done cooking and also keep your kitchen spotless. You can also find out how to clean stainless steel in the kitchen, which will refine the cleanliness of your kitchen further.


Don’t Throw your Clothes Around, Hang them


organized wardrobe neatly arranged with hanged clothes


We all do this at times, but this is something to steer clear of most of the time. Throwing clothes around the room, on the bed, and on the sofa chair ruins your room aesthetic. This adds up to a huge pile you’ll have to spare time for on the weekend.

To avoid this, start building up the habit of folding or hanging your clothes as soon as they are done washing. And if you have more time at hand, you can organize your closet in these 5 simple steps.


Finish the Food and Leftovers in your Fridge


leftovers stored in boxes in the fridge


Cluttering your fridge with leftovers and storing fruits and vegetables that you are not eating is not only a waste of food but also a massive mess in your refrigerator. 

To keep your kitchen in order, keep track of the food in your fridge and eat accordingly. This will help you save money you spent on takeouts and deliveries, as well as keep your food free of mess and building bacteria from food that goes bad. 


Don’t Forget to Clean the Windows and Mirrors in the House


cleaning windows with handy sponge and cleaning wash


While we’re busy in the hectic cleaning of our house, we often forget that our mirrors and windows need to be cleaned thoroughly. They make up the look of the house and are abundant in number, which is why their cleanliness adds a lot to your housekeeping. 

Try using glints for windows and mirrors while cleaning them in a circular motion. This simple trick is used by most home cleaning services that leave your glass and mirrors looking spotless. 


Treat Spots and Stains Right Away


scrubbing stain off the rug with a sponge


Everyone spills and drops things around the house, but leaving them to treat afterward is a big mistake. This is because once the stains dry out, they become extremely hard to get rid of. Other than this, they also ruin the image of your home aesthetically, which no one wants.

Treating them right away will eventually get them out, and leave your rugs, curtains, cushions, or any other objects free of any staining.


Don’t Forget to Clean Your Appliances


cleaning the fridge with rag and cleaning solution


This is a very important good housekeeping habit that we often forget. Even though this is not something to do every day, cleaning your appliances once in a while keeps them new and tidy. 

These appliances include all electronics you use around your home, such as washing machine, microwave, fridge, television set etc. 


Don’t Use Dirty Cleaning Equipment


washing cleaning rags in the sink


This is a common thing that everyone forgets – your cleaning equipment needs to be cleaned and replaced too. We keep a spare cloth or materials to clean and dust the house, but if the equipment is already dirty, all your hard work will not result in a clean and proper house. 

Using clean equipment and materials is a very good housekeeping habit, and you can easily incorporate this by dusting off brushes and washing cleaning clothes every week. 


These housekeeping habits are bound to change the order of your house and keep it organized. It will take time to build these habits along with your routine, but eventually, when you do, there is no way your house will be left untidy ever again.


For more ideas and tips to keep your house organized, you can follow our blog at Graana.com.

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