Reasons Why You Need A Dirty Kitchen In Your House

Wouldn’t it be great if you can freely make a mess while cooking, yet still have a clean kitchen to present the food from? The secret lies in having a dirty kitchen in your house.

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These kitchens are additional spaces either connected to your main kitchen front or designated far away from it. This is so you can do all the core cooking steps whilst cutting vegetables, chopping up and blending in a small kitchen space.

This will keep the house from looking messy overall, and leave your guests awe-struck.

In this blog, — Pakistan’s smartest property portal, gives you an insight into all the reasons why you need to include a dirty kitchen in your house.


What Is a Dirty Kitchen?

A small kitchen that is built outdoors or connected to a big front kitchen where all the cooking is preferred to be done is regarded as a ‘Dirty Kitchen’. These kitchens are common in Middle Eastern countries and are now gaining popularity in the South Asian region as well..

Dirty kitchens, also known as back kitchens, are purposefully built to keep the cooking mess, charcoal dust, smell, smoke, and oil grime out of the main house area. If the main kitchen is used for all of these purposes, the house will trap the smoke, giving your home a messy outlook.

Dirty kitchen design plans are being incorporated in almost all modern home architectures and is one of the most sought-after features whilst designing kitchen spaces in homes.


Benefits of Having a Kitchen With Dirty Kitchens


Army green dirty kitchen design for modern homes


There are also a lot of added benefits that come from back kitchens. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Easy Kitchen Management

Since dirty kitchens are built for convenience and are typically smaller, they clutter less and are easier to manage.
When you’re cooking three meals a day, cleaning up afterward can be a tough ordeal. Thanks to dirty kitchen designs in modern homes, it is far easier to wrap up your dirty kitchen post-cooking.


Keeps the Luxury Kitchen Safe From Damage

Dirty kitchens with luxury kitchens are the go-to design that is now a common feature in most modern homes. When it comes to regular cooking, splashing water, knife, cabinets, and stove fires can create a mess that you have to cater to in order to maintain a good look for your kitchen space.

Because of this, using your luxury or front kitchen can be a nuisance since the color will fade, the stove would be old, and oil grime would leave its mark on the chimney. Repairing all these would cost you a fortune now and again.

For this particular reason, dirty kitchens have proved themselves to be extremely purposeful. Using your back kitchen keeps your main kitchen organized and presentation-ready, and keeps the mess out of view.


Allows for Stress-Free Cooking

Almost all cooks can relate to being cautious over making the most minimal mess possible while working in the kitchen. The thought of cleaning afterward, especially amidst the arrival of guests coming over, can be a real difficulty to deal with.

With a dirty kitchen in your home, you can cook freely without worrying about overcrowded things and a mess of spices and utensils. This is an excellent advantage of having a back kitchen as you are able to pull off a great impression with your main kitchen.


Gives a Trendy Outlook to Your Home


Grey and white dirty kitchen design with wooiden countertop


Even though the decision of including a dirty kitchen in your home architecture is entirely up to you, these back kitchen spaces are a very modern feature that has taken up the construction industry by storm.

You can easily customize the size and elements as per your needs, and add this useful and trendy feature to your home to make it look up-to-date and stylish.


The Rising Trend of Dirty Kitchens in Pakistani Homes


Main Kitchen connected with a Dirty Kitchen


Dirty kitchens are gaining a lot of popularity in Pakistani homes, given that these are excellent spaces to keep your cooking pots and clutter aside.
The freedom that dirty kitchens give while cooking is something that is becoming more of a trend in Pakistan. This is because people are finally giving in to the ease of dividing their kitchen load, as well as keeping their luxury kitchen new.

All modern architectural home plans now include dirty kitchens, whether big or small. The size and budget are relative to the design and features you want in the back kitchen.

Luxury mansions, homes, and apartments are now paved with the concept of these, given that they designate luxury kitchens for presentation and socializing, and the back kitchen is limited to all the cooking work for cooks and chefs.

Pakistan has finally caught up with this home fashion as architects now dedicate dirty kitchens specifically in blueprints.
Moreover, it is a separate area of interest for interior designers as well as it requires setting up a small place with a bit of everything.


Setting Up Your Dirty Kitchen

Once you’ve created space for a dirty kitchen in your home; the next step comes around to be very difficult.
This is because making smart use of the kitchen is important to fulfill its actual purpose.

For most people, setting up this space is a very complex task that requires careful planning. Following are some pointers that can help you set up your dirty kitchen.


Incorporate Smart Storage Solutions


White dirty kitchen design with shelves


Installing open shelves and cupboards with more space and sections is a good way to set up your dirty kitchen. This is because the more things are organized and arranged, the more compact your space is.

The dirty kitchen has all the spices, pots and pans, food containers, and food storage which is actually a lot to fit in, considering it is smaller than the main kitchen.
Make use of the vertical and horizontal spaces and install shelves to keep your containers on it.


Install Your Baking Oven Here

If you have space, installing your baking oven here is an excellent decision. This is because your main cooking and baking space is actually here, and the oven gives off heat and smoke that can ruin the look of your luxury kitchen.

Keeping your baking activities at par in the backspace is a smart decision that will keep your luxury kitchen front safe.


Sink is a Necessity


white scullery kitchen with top shelves


Whether big or small, a kitchen sink is a very important feature that all scullery kitchens should have.

All backsplashes, soap, and dirty dishes can thus be piled up and taken care of in the dirty kitchen, instead of cluttering them in the main kitchen.


Organise and Decorate

Now that you’ve planned out the entire dirty kitchen, it’s time to organise it and decorate it with all the aesthetics that you want.

Setting up a small plant or a vintage painting can make your space homier, and give it a customised touch. Besides, smart organising and arrangement of the kitchen can make it look bigger and even more beautiful.

For dirty kitchen ideas watch this vlog.



For more information on kitchen and home ideas, visit Graana Blog.



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