Online Home Décor Stores and Home Decoration Ideas

Online Home Décor Stores and Home Decoration Ideas

The setting of a home is a mirror of the decorator’s preferences and personal taste. A home should not just be comfortable, but also pleasing to the eye. Adding a few touches of creativity here and there can add a lot of appeal to the interior of your house.  

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To make the interior decoration process affordable, many of us search for reliable online home stores that sell cheap home décor online. Fortunately, such stores exist, and most of them offer an extensive array of reasonable home décor items, accessories, and other goods that you may need to kickstart the interior decoration process of your home. 

In this blog, we will help you find the best home décor shopping websites in Pakistan so that your interior decoration process becomes a breeze!

Urban Galleria

This home décor online shopping store provides 100% authentic quality products along with free deliveries nationwide. On their website, you can find a variety of decoration items in different categories, which can be ordered with a click of a button. This store also offers a customer-centered return policy, along with regular special offers with a collection of over 500 interior décor products. 

Aenzay Homes

Aenzay Homes offers an extensive selection of premium home accessories and home décor items. Their collection includes wall accessories, office accessories, living room accessories, bedroom accessories, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, and much more. Aenzay Home is itself an interior design firm, therefore, their products are highly relevant in terms of design trends and style. 

Decorum is one of the leading home décor sellers in the country. They offer premium quality handcrafted home décor products. Their products can be a bit on the pricy side, however, the craftsmanship and design make it worth the money. Decorum Pakistan offers free delivery to all cities across the nation. 

Premier Home

Premier Home has emerged as one of the leading brands for home décor in Pakistan. It is a subsidiary of Premier Housewares UK Limited. The store offers a broad range of kitchen, living room, lawn, bath, furniture, and farmhouse accessories. The company offers free delivery on orders above Rs. 20,000. 

Lavish Home Decors

This online home décor store in Islamabad offers exclusive discounts and sales throughout the year. It is a one-stop shop for all home décor products your home may need. Style, aesthetics, and comfort are a trademark for all of their unique designs. Lavish Home Décor ships to all cities across Pakistan with a flexible return and refund policy. is one of the most popular online marketplaces in Pakistan. Buyers can find almost anything on this website, and home decoration products are one of them. You can find a range of sellers offering different home décor accessories. The products on cover a broad range of products, however, you will have to be careful about choosing the right seller. is a preferable choice when it comes to affordable home décor online shopping, owing to the competition from multiple sellers. 

Dynasty Home

This store offers product deliveries all over Pakistan. With a wide selection of products in several home décor categories, Dynasty Home offers high-quality, luxurious home décor items at competitive prices. However, they offer cash on delivery only in Lahore. Buyers from other cities are required to pay via bank transfer.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is a custom print online store operating in Pakistan for the past 10 years. It was founded in 2012, and since then it has expanded its product range over the years. The products at this store can be quite expensive, but if you are looking for customized prints, then The Warehouse is the perfect option. 


Shop’n’Hob is an online marketplace where sellers can post different decoration products. The products can be ordered through the website, and then delivered across the country by registered logistics companies. They claim to offer an unmatched online shopping experience with free home delivery to all parts of the country.

Home Decoration Ideas

Home decoration and interior design planning are all about playing around your house’s strengths, hiding its flaws, and creating appeal. Graana’s blog brings you some of the most playful home décor ideas that will help your home stand out from the crowd in terms of exquisiteness and appeal. 

Set the tone at the front door

It all starts with the door! The entrance of your households the power of leaving that “first impression” of your home. When it’s about the door, color matters a lot. Choosing a unique and vibrant color for your entrance door will serve as a tone-setter for the entire home’s look. Colors like blue, yellow, or wooden textures are strikingly attractive and can be a great choice. 

Wall paint colors should be light

Neutral walls provide you with the greatest decorative flexibility, enabling you to conveniently switch up your decoration items and accessories. It is ideal to stick with colors like beige or gray, especially on the first floor, where the flow of color shades is important.

Hang at least one mirror and art piece in every room

Historically and traditionally, mirrors and art pieces are regarded as the “soul” of home decoration. While choosing both, keep in mind that the size should not be either too big or too small, rather the size should be in accordance with the setting of the room and space on the wall. Likewise, its placement should also be appropriate. An appropriate placement suggests that the art piece should not be too high or too low, rather at the level that is best visible for an average height person. 

Use rugs under the furniture

If you visit prestigious houses, one thing you’ll find in common in their interior décor is that rugs are placed under the furniture’s feet. A rug adds comfort and grace to the sitting area in any room. While placing a rug under your furniture, make sure that it defines the entire seating area. Its design, texture, and color must complement the furniture’s contrast. 

Use the lighting smartly

Ideally, every room in the house should have three different types of lighting: ambient, which provides complete illumination, often fixed in the ceiling; task, which is normally found over a kitchen island or a reading nook; and accent, which is used for the purpose of decoration or to highlight certain accessories or features of the room, say, artwork. The combination of these lights can create an incredible atmosphere, taking your home’s interior to new heights!

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