Types of Wallpapers in Pakistan: Pros and Cons Explained

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Walls play a major part in uplifting the interior of your house. However, improvising and decorating these walls may make a dent in your budget, especially when it comes to wallpaper price in Pakistan. In the past, there was only one way to enhance the appearance of walls i.e. coating them with paint.

However, during the past ten years, wallpapers gained immense popularity, and their usage increased all around the world. The reason why they became so popular is that they come in a myriad of colours, designs and unique patterns, along with being a one-time job in terms of installation. Unlike paint that you have to renew every once a year, wallpapers need to be pasted once and that’s it.

If you are searching for the various types of wallpapers in Pakistan, we have you covered, as Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has compiled a list of various types of wallpapers available in Pakistan.


Pros & Cons of Wallpapers

While there are many advantages of wallpapers, there are quite a few disadvantages as well. We have listed them both in the table given below.



Wallpapers can help you cover up shabby walls easily.  The installation process of wallpapers can be a bit more expensive than coating the walls using paint.

You can find wallpapers price in Pakistan ranging from low to high prices.

Some wallpapers are not suitable for humid places, their edges start peeling off.
Wallpapers can be installed and removed easily.

They can not be applied directly onto concrete or textured wall. 

They offer more durability than paints.

Low-quality wallpapers can only go for 3-5 years.
Based on their type and quality, some wallpapers can last for as long as 15 years.

Wallpapers tend to lock moisture, which might lead to mould formation.

Most wallpapers are low-maintenance.

For those living in a rental property, wallpaper is the best type of decoration they can use, as it does not leave any traces on the surface of the wall after being removed.


Types of Wallpapers in Pakistan

In the following list, we have mentioned some of the popular types of wallpapers used in homes.


Vinyl Wallpapers


a white flower patterned wallpaper |wallpaper price in pakistan


In recent years, vinyl has become one of the top materials for making wallpapers. They consist of a paper layer, a fabric layer, and a top layer of plastic. Vinyl wallpapers are highly durable and easy to clean.

With proper care, vinyl wallpapers can last up to 15-20 years. Just like any other type of wallpaper, they come in several patterns and designs.


Grass-Cloth Wallpaper


a roll of grass-cloth wallpaper in pakistan


As the name suggests, grass-cloth wallpapers are made using natural grass. With the use of a thin thread of cotton, natural grass is woven together; afterward, it is pasted on rice paperback.

The fibers for making grass-cloth wallpapers are taken from numerous sources such as jute, bamboo, and silk. It makes these wallpapers eco-friendly.

However, the surface of these wallpapers might not be as shiny and smooth as any other type of wallpaper. With the presence of knots, it gives an uneven feel.

Moreover, the adhesive required to paste them on walls must be stronger than usual, so they stay pasted for a long time.

Another downside of grass-cloth wallpaper is that it easily gets blemished, hence, reducing its durability. It is the main reason behind its common usage in areas with low footfall.


Foil Wallpaper

a piece of Texture Kiss Foil Wallpaper | wallpaper price in pakistan


Another popular type of wallpaper in Pakistan is foil wallpaper. It is made using a thin foil of metal pasted over a paperback. Foil wallpapers mostly come in silver, gold, and copper colors; however, you can also find them in other colors.

The unique shiny surface of foil wallpapers gives them a chic appearance. They can easily boost the interior of your house.

However, foil wallpapers offer very low durability; the reason is that the thin structure of foil makes it prone to wrinkles, which ultimately leads to wear and tear.


Flocked Wallpapers


a roll of retro flocked wallpaper


These are one of the oldest wallpapers in the industry. Their primary use was to copy velvet texture. Over time, new techniques emerged, and flocked wallpapers fell out of style.

However, the contemporary developments in the wallpapers manufacturing industry became the source of their revival. They come in two different textures, i.e, hard and soft, and you can find both in markets.

However, unlike other types of wallpapers, you can not wash or clean the surface of flocked wallpapers, which is why it is better to install them in a space where there is less traffic.


Wallpaper Price in Pakistan

Wallpaper price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 2,100 to Rs 6,500/ roll 50 sq ft.

Paint or Wallpaper

People often get confused about what they should opt for between wallpapers and paint. It purely depends on the condition of the walls and your budget.

However, the following are some of the factors that will help you make the decision.



The actual price of wallpapers and paints might vary. In general, installing wallpaper prices in Pakistan is more than painting your walls. It is because you will have to hire professionals for the installation process.



In terms of durability, wallpaper takes the lead. Most of them can last up to 15 years, while paint needs to be renewed every once in two years.



As mentioned earlier, wallpapers are unsuitable for damp places; you can install them in certain areas only, excluding bathrooms.

On the other hand, paint can be applied to any wall of any room or space as you can find various types of paints suitable for different climates.



As you can customise wallpaper in any desired pattern and colour, it is easier to blend it with the interior of your house. Also, if you want to change it, you can easily remove it and install the new one in its place.
However, when dealing with wall paints, you do not have access to this perk.


Wallpapers are one of the most useful inventions in the interior design industry. They are time-saving and have the ability to give an instant boost to a place’s interior. In this blog, we mentioned some of the types of wallpapers available in Pakistan.

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