A Complete Guide to DHA Phase 5 Lahore

In Lahore, the Defence Housing Society has been one of the biggest major developments. Divided into three sectors and eleven sections, DHA Phase 5 is regarded as one of the most well-organized societies in Lahore.

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With one commercial area in each sector, markets have been kept separate from the residential areas. Ensuring comfort and high quality of life for their DHA residents is the prime focus for the management.

In this blog, Graana.com will present you with a complete guide to DHA phase 5, Lahore. It is one of the most densely populated areas with important projects and significant infrastructure.

Divided from block A to L, DHA phase 5 has some amazing profitable business ideas and affordable housing options.


A Quick Look at DHA phase 5, Lahore


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  • Luxurious lifestyle
  • Planned commercial areas
  • Parks
  • Mosques, banks, and markets
  • 120 feet wide main boulevard
  • 50-80 feet wide roads
  • Underground gas pipeline and electricity wiring


Location Highlights

  • Lahore Ring Road is 4km away
  • Askari 11 housing scheme is 4.7km away
  • DHA Sports Complex is 2.2km away
  • LUMS university is only 2.1km away


Educational Institutes

The area comprises some of the top educational institutions of Lahore. For instance, in category G of DHA phase 5, there are Beaconhouse School System, Lahore Grammar School, Gymboree TNS, Roots IVY International School, DHA Education System and Haleem Institute.

All the schools have a well-developed curriculum and aim to provide quality education and a comfortable environment to their students.

The nearby location also gives an additional perk of saving on fuel costs and time.  


There is a wide range of markets for the residents, which include grocery stores and shops, thus not giving them the need to step out of DHA Lahore for any item of necessity.

For example, in category C of DHA phase 5, the civic centre is surrounded by big superstores (such as Al-Fatah) that offer fresh produce, meat, dairy products, utensils, electronics and much more. 

In category G, the Jalal Sons supermarket offers you instant food, like pizza, sandwiches, desserts and baking items. Other than this, pharmacies and dry cleaners are also available. If you are looking for shops for home renovation items, Amna’s Interior Architects and Galleria Designs are the top shops to visit. 



For the financial convenience of its residents, DHA Phase 5 has branches of almost all the major banks. Silk Bank is located in category G, whereas Al-Habib Bank, Faysal Bank, Allied Bank, HBL, Meezan Bank, Habib Metro Bank, Soneri Bank, and Askari Bank are located in category C.


Public Transportation

Even though most of the residents have their own transport facilities, the department of management of DHA has not sidelined access to public transport for the community.

There are several bus stands inside the housing society such as the DHA coaster shuttle stop, LESCO bus stop, Daewoo Express bus terminal, and Y block Market bus stop.


Medical Clinics 

DHA Phase 5 has a vast range of medical clinics available with a team of experts. In category C of DHA, for instance, Dr Zarqa’s laser skin is the best place to visit if you have any skin or hair problems.

Dr Tariq Aziz (in category E) and Yasir Family Clinic (category C) are two options if you need any medical advice. At a distance of 4km from DHA, there are also Jinnah Clinique Dental Associates and Taimoor Dental Clinic.



DHA Phase 5 consists of a number of mosques located in block C, block G, block A and block F.


Fitness Centres and Parks

There are several fitness centres/gyms in the area with a number of facilities available, for example, Shapes Fitness Centre in category G offer separate swimming pools for men and women.

The Convert Fitness Atelier, Evolve Gym, and AimFit in category C are also popular examples, with the latter also providing Zumba training sessions. The largest park in DHA phase 5, Lahore is located in sector J.


Restaurants and shopping malls

There are some very well-known shopping malls in DHA; category C is the busiest commercial centre in the area that has national and international franchises.

Lahore has been the one city that is popular for its scrumptious food. City Cafe and Grill is a highly popular place because of its continental menu, including steaks. For Asian cuisine, Gaia Japanese Fusion Fine Dining and Veera 5 Thai and Chinese Cuisine are considered the best in the area, which are also frequented by far-off visitors. 

Other restaurants in Phase 5 include Cosa Nostra’s Delicatessen, La Dolce Vita, and Veeradah DHA for Italian food like pasta, steaks, and pizza.DHA Phase 5 also has some local food spots like Big Moe’s Diner and Covent Garden.

Other than continental food, there are restaurants that serve local cuisines, like Dogar Restaurant and Tawa Tandoor. For coffee and all-day breakfast, DHA has Gloria Jeans, Second cup, and Mocha. Another local favourite is the café and bakery called Sweet Affairs located in category C. 


Salons and Personal Care Spots

There is a wide range of salons in DHA Phase 5, with well-trained staff and management. Nirvana Spa and Salon, Sonia’s Beauty Salon, Nayla H, Medusa Bridal and Makeup Studio, The Nail Bar, Elegant Salon, and Gordian Hair Salon are just some of the well-known spas and salons that offer quality services to its customers. 


Here are some FAQs related to dha phase 5.


How big is DHA Phase 5 Lahore?

DHA Phase 5 Lahore covers an area of approximately 9,000 acres.


What is the location of DHA Phase 5 Lahore?

Lahore DHA Phase 5 is located near Lahore Ring Road, adjacent to the Allama Iqbal International Airport.


What amenities are available in Phase 5 DHA Lahore?

Lahore DHA Phase 5 offers a range of amenities, including parks, mosques, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and sports facilities.


Are there any renowned educational institutions in Phase 5 Lahore?

Yes, Phase 5 Lahore is home to several well-known educational institutions, providing quality education to residents.


Is DHA Lahore a gated community?

Yes, DHA Lahore is a gated community with controlled access and 24/7 security.


What is the average price range for plots in Lahore Phase 5 DHA?

The average price range for plots in Lahore Phase 5 DHA varies depending on the plot size, location, and market conditions.


Are there commercial areas in DHA Lahore?

Yes, DHA Lahore has commercial areas that offer a variety of shops, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.


Are there any upcoming development projects in  Lahore Phase 5 DHA?

There may be ongoing and upcoming development projects in Phase 5 of DHA Lahore. It’s advisable to stay updated with official DHA communications for information on specific projects.


How can I buy a plot or property in Phase 5 DHA Lahore?

To purchase a plot or property in Phase 5, you can contact authorized real estate agents or visit the DHA office for guidance and assistance in the buying process.



In this blog, Graana.com has compiled a comprehensive guide on all the amenities that you can have access to while living in DHA Phase 5, Lahore.

More development projects are also underway in the housing society and, in the coming years, residents will be able to enjoy even more facilities.

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