A Glimpse Of Beach View Park Karachi

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Blue waves, cool breezes, bonfires, and the bestest memories are things Karachites often associate with Beach View Park Karachi. With plenty of leisurely activities, explorers around the globe visit this popular destination.

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If you’re looking to spend a perfect evening of much-needed unwinding, learn more about Beach View Park with Graana.com. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the park’s features, location, and all that it has to offer.


An Overview of Beach View Park Karachi


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In Karachi, a park along the coastline is a rare occurrence. But since the initiation of Beach View Park, things are finally changing for the better. Here are some features we want to look into.



Located in the Clifton area of Karachi, a place known for its upscale residential neighborhoods and commercial developments, Beach View Park is a sight to behold. The park is snug between the infamous Clock Tower and Dolmen Mall Clifton in block 3.


Nearby Attractions

Beach View Park Clifton Karachi has a bunch of other hotspots that you can visit. The following are some of the prominent establishments. 


In late 2005, Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad took the initiative of developing a park along the Clifton Beach coastline. This park was first named Beach View Park; however, with time, the gusty sea winds and lack of maintenance wore it out.

Following that, the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC Karachi) started working on re-establishing the Beach View Park in 2020. At the time of new construction, it was tiny compared to the developed oasis that spreads across 35 acres of land.

Constructing Beach View Park Clifton was a huge challenge, specifically due to its location. The artificially introduced greenery within the area needs constant maintenance and care. Becoming one of the best parks in Karachi, it serves many efficient purposes.

The Park has led to the development of a better sewerage system within the area. Additionally, the CBC initiated the construction of a protective wall preventing beach sand from getting on the Sea View Road and surrounding residential areas.



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Beach View Park Karachi is a beautiful park with several attractions and landmarks to explore. The park features well-maintained gardens, walking tracks, and seating areas. The park is a popular spot for morning walks, jogging, and cycling, with visitors enjoying the fresh sea air and the beautiful view of the sea.

Here are some of the prominent features of this park that you should know.

  • Length: The park is 1.5 kilometers long, offering the best jogging, running, and cycling laps.
  • A Picturesque View: If you’re someone who enjoys looking at the deep blue-green waves of the Arabian Sea washing the Karachi Coast, you need to visit this place.
  • Greenery: The CBC planted 1000+ oxygen-producing plants to create a fresh environment. Furthermore, around 500 coconut trees are also planted within the park.
  • The Fountain: One of the most significant attractions within Beach View Park is the musical fountain. The fountain features a synchronized display of water, music, and lighting that draws visitors in.
  • Sitting Arrangement: With a total of 300 benches, the park has ample space for the public to sit and enjoy their day.
  • Flowers on Shore: Adorned with beds upon beds of seasonal flowers, the beach view park Karachi is full of varying colors and scents.
  • Street Lights: With the development of this oasis, the Clifton coasts sparkle and shine as tons of street light completely enhances the view.
  • Garbage Disposal: Karachi struggles with the issue of littering. Thus, quality waste bins are sprinkled throughout the park to instill better habits.
  • Hours: The beach view park is open 24/7, though the authorities turn off most street lights to save energy.
  • Accessibility: The park is open to the general public and doesn’t require any entry fees or tickets.
  • Rides: The CBC is installing different swings and rides within the park to make it more wholesome for children.
  • Security: The park also has security personnel and surveillance systems in place to ensure the safety of visitors
  • Parking: The park has a designated area for parking, ensuring that visitors can park their cars safely and conveniently.

Among the obvious, the park has restroom facilities and food stalls that sell a variety of snacks and refreshments for visitors.


Activities To-Do At Beach View Park

All these features make Beach Clifton a perfect spot for many relaxing activities, including:

  • Picnics and BBQ: Beach View Park Karachi has several large open areas that visitors can use for picnics and gatherings. Separate barbecue areas are also available where visitors can bring grills and enjoy a delicious BBQ experience.
  • Outdoorsy sports like badminton, volleyball, cricket and lawn tennis.
  • Reading, Painting or Journelling: there’s a new growing trend of reading and painting among youngsters to de-stress, many of whom visit this park to indulge in such activities.
  • Cardio and Yoga: Beach View Park is gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts due to its walking track, perfect for those who want to enjoy a morning walk or jog. Additionally, meditation, yoga, and cardio lovers are becoming regulars at his point.
  • Unwind: Many visitors find it therapeutic to enjoy a day out with family and friends while taking in the beautiful view of the sea.


Tips For Visitors of Beach View Park


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Maintaining a serene public space like Beach View Park in Karachi is a shared responsibility among authorities and the public. Karachi, being a city with high tourism rates and facing the challenges of harsh sea winds, encounters difficulties in preserving such beautiful locations. However, here are some essential tips to help enhance and sustain Beach View Park.


Caring for Greenery

Growing and maintaining plants at the beach can be challenging due to the damaging effects of saltwater. Extra care is necessary to ensure the thriving of greenery in this environment.


Mindful Water Usage and No Littering

It’s vital to be conscious of water usage and not waste it. Additionally, please refrain from littering, which can harm the park’s aesthetics and ecosystem.

Respect Nature

Avoid plucking flowers, damaging the grass, or harming the trees. Show respect for the park’s natural beauty.


Clean Up After Yourself

Leave no trace behind. Clean up after your visit, ensuring the park remains pristine for the next visitors.

Reduce Plastic Usage

Minimize plastic bottles and other disposable utensils to reduce plastic waste and its environmental impact.

Bird Feeding

Follow park regulations; if feeding the birds is prohibited, please refrain from doing so to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Dispose of Cigarette Butts Properly

Smoking, if necessary, should be done responsibly. Ensure cigarette butts are properly disposed of and not littered in the park.

Sun Protection


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Protect yourself from sun damage by wearing appropriate clothing and sunscreen. This not only safeguards your health but also shows consideration for the environment.

By collectively adhering to these guidelines, we can help preserve the beauty of Beach View Park and ensure that it remains a tranquil and inviting destination for everyone to enjoy.


Beach View Park Karachi is a stunning beachfront destination with a wide range of recreational facilities, including well-maintained gardens, picnic spots, and barbeque areas, making it an ideal choice for families and friends.

This park ensures visitor comfort with restrooms, parking, and food stalls. It excels in security and cleanliness, earning its reputation as one of Karachi’s top parks. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit to Beach View Park Karachi promises a splendid view of the sea and a wealth of outdoor activities, making it a must-visit haven for relaxation and natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might be looking for these answers related to Beach View Park Karachi.

Which is the biggest Park in Karachi?

Located in Clifton Karachi, the biggest Park in Karachi has to be the Bin Qasim Park.


How many beaches are there in Karachi?

In total, there are 8 beaches along the Karachi coast that you can visit. Here are three names:

Clifton and Sea View Beaches
Manora Island Beach
Sandspit Beach
Hawke’s Bay Beach
French Beach
Paradise Point Beach
Cape Mount Beach
Mubarak Village Beach

Does Sea View Karachi stay open?

The Clifton Beach (Sea View Beach Karachi) stays open 24/7 for the general public.


How deep is Karachi’s sea?

Karachi is a 12.2m deep channel.


What are Beach View Park Karachi’s timings?

The Beach View Park Karachi opens at 8 am till 10 pm throughout the week.

If you want more information regarding beaches in Karachi, head on to the Graana blog.

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