A Guide to Burns Road Karachi

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The oldest and most famous food strip in the city, Burns Road, stands out when it comes to discovering the regional culinary tradition. The area conjures feelings of nostalgia and transports you to a bygone era owing to the abundance of historic eateries that have made a mark in Karachi’s food scene.

In this blog, Graana.com has come up with a complete account of the food street of Burns Road Karachi.


History of Burns Road Karachi


people eating in the food street of burns road karachi


The history of Burns Road begins in the 19th century when a well-known Scottish physician named “James Burnes” served the Raj in Sindh. The street was renamed “Burns Road” or “Burnes Road” after the doctor. The roadway was renamed “Muhammad Bin Qasim Road ” following the partition, however, the locals preferred the former moniker.

According to Mr Arif Hasan, a well-known city architect, this food strip was built in 1870 and served as a practice centre for the British army and artillery training. Later, the eateries and restaurants reshaped the landscape of the street by replacing the practice centres.

A road that once echoed the thuds of swords clashing and roars of gunfire now turned into a bustling street of vibrance and life – the history of Burns Road is one that can fascinate anyone with even a slight fondness towards history.

Traditional foods including Biryani and Karahi, Dhaga Kabab, Fry Kabab, Nihari, Haleem, and fried finger fish are popular items throughout the eateries located on Burns Road. Kheer, Rabri, Ras Malai, Ras Gulay, Lassi, and Dahi Barha are some other famous sweets and savouries offered here. Additionally, there are a few Halwa Puri stalls that offer this breakfast combination in the morning.

Since the time after the split, there have been renowned Lassi stores that also offer milk alongside dry fruits. During the mango season, they also provide mango ice cream and mango shakes, and in the winter, they Gajarela (a carrot pudding). They often open around 6 am or 7 am and are open until 2 am, or later on the weekends.


Some Famous Eateries Located at Burns Road Karachi

While passing by this road, the enticing aromas of Tikka Boti and Seekh Kabab are quite a common occurrence, luring in all those. All of the cuisines on this well-known food boulevard are delectable and reasonably priced, which is their selling point.

Following are some of the best eateries located on Burns road Karachi:

  • Agha Sajji
  • Waheed Kabab House
  • Food Center Biryani
  • Karachi Haleem Restaurant
  • Azad Bun Kebab
  • Mazedar Haleem
  • Delhi Rabri House
  • Pakistani Dil Bahar Dahi Baray
  • Café Lazeez
  • Karachi Haleem Restaurant


Agha Sajji


chicken sajji being cooked at agha sajji shop burns road karachi


The area’s well-known Agha Sajji has a large menu with a variety of Desi cuisine. Along with your family, visit the fun place in Karachi, agha sajji, if you’re in the mood for some mouthwatering karahi, sajji, or BBQ.

Your hunger for Desi food will definitely be satiated by the distinct flavour of their particular spices.

Among many meat selections on their menu are chicken karahi, chicken steamed chargha, BBQ, chicken green, and chicken white karahi. This restaurant’s speciality is sajji, which comes in various varieties like mutton sajji and chicken sajji.

Waheed Kabab House

Providing the taste of Delhi in the middle of Karachi, Waheed Kabab House has evolved from simply being a restaurant to becoming a part of its customer’s hearts.

With a multitude of dishes available, its initial options feature Kebabs, Boti, and Kheeri. 


Food Center Biryani


outside view of food centre biryani shop in Burns road karachi


Food Centre serves the most delicious biryani, thus those wanting a taste of traditional biriyani must. You must taste their beef biryani to experience a perfect blend of flavours and seasonings in your mouth.

It is not surprising that Karachites eat biryani to celebrate holidays and other occasions, but there is no denying that Food Centre’s Biriyani triumphs over all others. The dining centre has a wide range of selections on its list, but chicken and beef biryani are its specialities.


Karachi Haleem Restaurant

Haleem Restaurant in Karachi is situated in Pak Mansion on Burns Road. They offer fast food, haleem, and many more classic dishes at affordable pricing. Karachi Haleem is stunning and exudes an incredibly traditional aesthetic.


Azad Bun Kebab


kebab preparation in process at azad bun kabab


As the name suggests, the restaurant’s speciality is Bun Kebab, offering some of the best the city has had to offer since 1952. The flavorful kebabs are enhanced by the addition of chatni and sliced onions in a soft yet crunchy bread.


Mazedar Haleem

To enjoy the best Haleem in all of Karachi,  try the Mazedar Haleem with naan. The cherry on top is the ideal harmony of lemon and fried onion with various spices and flavours.


Delhi Rabri House

For the most delicious dessert, all sugar lovers must go to Delhi rabri. Pista rabri, one of their specialties, offers just the right amount of sweetness. The best way to end your meal is with the tender pasta rabri, which melts in your mouth.


Pakistani Dil Bahar Dahi Baray

On Burns Road, the storied “Pakistani Dil Bahar Dahi Baray” has flourished since the 1950s, serving dishes with a distinctive flavour.

Lentil dumplings called “Dahi Baray” are fried in oil and served with yoghurt, tamarind sauce, various veggies, and spices on top. The same household has been running Dil Bahar since the 1950s, and it is well-known for its authentic, ageless original Dahi Baray with 12 seasonings.


Café Lazeez

Another family-owned eatery, Café Lazeez, opened in 1970 and quickly gained a following for its use of traditional seasonings and cooking methods, letting the food speak for itself.

They are also well known for the kata-kat, which is Offal meat that has been finely minced and fried on a sizable griddle. The dish got its name from the peculiar noise the flesh produces when it is cut with skewers.


Karachi Haleem Restaurant

Karachi Haleem Restaurant is located in the Pak Mansion on Burns Road. At relatively affordable costs, the restaurant offers Haleem as well as many other classic dishes.

The location is stunning and exudes a strikingly traditional and classic design. Your friends and family will love this location because it is quite airy, has cosy seating, and is tastefully designed.

These were some of the famous restaurants located on Burns Road Karachi food street. For more relevant information visit Graana blog.

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