Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy

Pakistan’s biggest metropolitan city, Karachi, comprises the largest population in the country bringing people of diverse ethnicities together. Fun places in Karachi are in abundance. The city is paved with various tourist attractions, shopping malls, restaurant chains, and industries that attract tourists from all over the world.

Because of the city’s cosmopolitan structure, it is referred to as the city that never sleeps. Not only this, but it is also popularly addressed as the ‘City of Lights.

Karachi is an ideal place to visit with your family and friends, given the sea breeze and the wide range of places you can visit.


20 Fun Places in Karachi to Enjoy with Your Family

We at have come out with the ultimate list of fun places in Karachi that you and your family can enjoy. Let us walk through some of the most exciting places that Karachi has to offer.


 The Beach


Karachi Beach - 20 Fun Places in Karachi


Coming to Karachi and not starting by visiting the beach? Big Mistake. Karachi has the most beautiful beaches that you can visit and enjoy the cool sea breeze with a picnic spread.

The closes to the city are the Clifton Sea View, which is always overcrowded and is also affected in terms of water pollution ever since the oil leak in 2003. However, the best beach sides with clean water and sand are Nathiagali Beach, Sand’s Pit, Hawk’s Bay, French Beach etc.

Besides the beautiful view of the waves crashing, you can enjoy horse and camel riding with your family. In addition to these, you can also try buggy rides and bikes to get the full sand experience.




Mazaar-e-Quaid-20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


Mazaar-e-Quaid is the tomb and final resting place of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of Pakistan. This tomb is situated centrally in the city, surrounded by lush green lawns and is a prominent landmark of the city of Karachi.

The architecture of the tomb is made and designed with white marble. The use of white marble gives it a sophisticated and calm look that was envisioned by Yahya Merchant in the 1960s. You can spend a day here with your family by taking a walk across the site and enjoying the atmosphere around you.


Port Grand


Port Grand - Fun Places in Karachi for Adults


Port Grand is one of the most majestic places in the city, with a beautiful view of water, lights and ships nearby. Since its launch, it has become a cherished pearl of the city. It is a sidewalk basically, with food stalls, and restaurants along one side, and the sea view on the other side.

Besides food, there is a 7D Cinema and gift shops that have an amazing range of items. The site is majestic and is a must-visit place if you’re in Karachi.

There is an entry ticket for Port Grand, which is PKR300  per person, from which PKR200 are redeemable for any activity in there.


Mohatta Palace


Mohatta Palace-20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


For history and antique architecture enthusiasts, the Mohatta Palace is an impressive feat of architecture built by Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta. Mohatta lived here for more than 2 decades, and eventually exited his way to India after the 1947 partition.

The palace is a beautifully crafted building covering an area of 18,500 sq. ft with luxurious dorms and bedrooms. It is considered to be one of the most famous historical places in Pakistan.

This palace is also in close vicinity to Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s tomb, and the famous Park Towers (Mall). A very interesting thing about the palace is its secret passage; which is an underground tunnel that leads a 1km path underground to a Hindu Temple for safety.

When you visit this palace, you’ll also find exhibited British collections and displays of culture from the subcontinent.


Pakistan Maritime and PAF Museum


Maritime Museum - Places for Fun in Karachi


The Maritime Museum is a popular tourist attraction in Sindh. It is a great place for families to visit, with a vast range of art galleries, weapons, ships, and aircraft on display.

For people who are interested in the naval machinery used, there is a full-class submarine on display, the famous PNS Hangor (S131).

Besides having a picnic and taking a walk in the wide green lawn area, it is a very affordable place with paddle-boat rides on the small lake. This place is also in the museum as well as a dolphin show that the kids will love for sure.

Additionally, there is also a range of swings and electronic rides that is bound to give you and your family a fun time.


Churna Island – Fun Places in Karachi


Churna Island-20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


Located just 6 to 7 km away from the vicinity of Karachi, Churna Island is a massive rock situated right in the middle of the sea. It is considered to be one of the most common fun places in Karachi.

The rock covers an area of 1.5 km sq., and the most exciting attractions of the area are scuba diving, cliff diving, jet-skiing,  and snorkelling which are perfect for an adrenaline junkie.

Other than these fun things that you can try, there is also a shooting range in the area by Pakistan Navy for people who love to shoot their shot! Churna’s water is full of beautiful underwater species that is lures divers to visit this place.




Winterland- Fun Places to go in Karachi


It doesn’t snow in Karachi, but it does not mean you’ll be left out to play with snow in the city. Winterland in Karachi is a full-fledge winter experience with snow at a temperature of nearly -10 Degree Celsius.

This chilling experience offers frozen slides, bumper cars, ice sculptures, and other fun activities. These activities are bound to give you and your family a fun time. It might come around as heavy on the pocket, costing around 1050/- per person for a one-hour session.

However, if you’re on board for a fun-filled chilling experience, this is the place for you.


 Frere Hall


Frere Hall- 20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


Frere Hall is a beautiful historic building that features the British Complex Architecture of the colonial era. Situated in Karachi, it serves as a Town Hall and is a prominent site for socio-cultural activities that are held in the city.

The Frere Hall was originally constructed in the year 1865. It features a Gothic Venetian style of architecture carved in yellow limestone, along with reg and grey sandstones.

The hall has a library along with an art gallery that is decorated with beautiful paintings by Pakistan’s famous artist, Sadequain.




Masjid-e-Tooba-20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


Masjid-e-Tooba, also popularly known as Gol Masjid, is situated in DHA, Karachi.

It was built in 1969 and is referred to as the largest single-dome mosque all across the world. It ranks as the 18th largest mosque in terms of area, with a capacity of 5000 people in the prayer hall.

The beauty of this mosque lies in its astonishing use of white marble architecture. This white marble gives off a grand effect to its exterior without any central pillars. The diameter of the dome is around 70 m, with a smooth finish.

The most mesmerizing part about this mosque is its acoustics, which were defined while designing it to hear a loud and clear voice no matter the number of people.

Jinnah House Museum and Flag Staff House


Flag House-20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


The Jinnah House, originally known as the Flag Staff House was an initiative of none other than Quaid-e-Azam himself. After his demise, his sister, Fatima Ali Jinnah continued to live in the residence till 1964.

After years of neglect by the authorities, the house was restored in 1985 as a museum and dedicated to the life of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The house is a vast space with dining rooms, reading rooms, and bedrooms, all of which are maintained with their original furnishings.


Onderland & Bahria Adventure Land


Bahria Adventure Land- Best Fun Places in Karachi


Adventure rides for that pump of adrenaline are what many children and families enjoy, and have a great time at it. In Karachi, if you’re looking for close-by options, Onderland is a wonderful place in Lucky One Mall with great rides.

It is considered to be one of the most common fun places in Karachi. This is especially a great spot as it serves both,  a great shopping destination as well as rides for your children.



Besides this, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, literally in this case, you can have a full-fledged adventure with massive rides and a big roller coaster that is in Bahria Adventure Land.

It’s a massive park with state-of-the-art rides from Ferris Wheels, to Roller Coasters, to Free Fall. You can find anything and everything to have a fun-filled experience. It takes around 45 minutes to an hour to travel to the site, but it is worth it if you have the time.


Luxury Shopping Malls – Fun Places in Karachi

Karachi has some of Pakistan’s biggest malls with top-notch brands that cater to you an amazing shopping experience.  These malls include the Ocean Mall, which is a tall building with multiple floors paved with brands and a food court.

Other than this, other famous shopping malls in Karachi include Dolmen Mall Clifton, Park Towers, and the big and spacious Lucky One Mall.


Karachi Shopping Mall -20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


Lucky One Mall happens to be the biggest shopping mall in Pakistan. If you’re looking for a luxury shopping experience, take a trip to this mall. There you are guaranteed an exciting day exploring the shops and food options, along with play areas for children.

Because of its vast appearance and wide variety of brands, it is one of the most fun places in Karachi.


 Burns Road

Burns Road- 20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


Karachi’s food is known for its kick in spices, and its enriched taste in the different varieties that it offers. You can find every single variety of food there, from Chinese to continental to Desi to Italian, everything is close to you.

Karachi’s Burns Road in Clifton is very famous for its mouth-watering food, and tourists from everywhere come to each the famous Karachi biryani, Roll Parathas, Haleem, and Nihari.

Some very famous names of dishes in Karachi are Waheed ky Kabab, Majeed Nihari, Agha ki Sajji, Student Biryani, Delhi Rabri House, which are delicious feasts for you and your family to enjoy.

Oh, and Burns Road isn’t heavy on the pocket, you can keep an estimate of an average of 600 Rs. per person.


TDF Magnificence Centre


TDF Magnificience Centre -Fun Places to visit in Karachi for fun


TDF Magnificence Centre is a new learning space in Karachi, which is way more interesting than it sounds. It is specially focused on hands-on learning through fun science activities. Moreover, it also has interesting displays that will help shape the interest of not only children but also adults in science.

It is a great initiative by Dawood Foundation and is the first of its kind in Pakistan. Information around space exploration and astronomy is also a plus here, which is a very exciting opportunity. It is a great place to take a tour with your family and get an interactive learning experience.

 Empress Market


Empress Market- 20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


Empress market in Karachi is one of the oldest markets from British times. This market is a hub for selling nearly everything. It’s a very cool attraction for people who want to buy things on a budget.

However, it can become a little overcrowded for claustrophobic people. All kinds of textile, pets, groceries etc. can be explored here. The building is named after the Empress of India (then Queen Victoria).


Do Darya


Do Darya-20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


Do Darya is one of the most exotic places to eat in Karachi. It is a beautiful location with a lavish spread of food varieties that you can choose from.

There are beautiful restaurants constructed at the edge of the sea. From where, the view opens to the mesmerizing waves with white birds landing on the water.

This is a must-visit place for people who love the view of the sea and want to enjoy delicious food. It comes out comparatively more expensive than average Karachi restaurants, but the food and view are worth it.




Dhoraji Gola Ganda-20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


Dhorajee’s famous Gola Ganda will give your sweet tooth just what it needs. It is crushed ice served with sweet syrups which are both delightful to eat and to look at.

You can add chocolate syrups or condensed milk to bring out the flavour in the crushed ice. You can also add to this heavenly dish of snow your choice of fruits, mainly bananas, pineapple, etc.


Chaukhani Tombs


Chaukhani Tombs-20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


This feat of ancient architecture is just 30 km east of Karachi. These tombs are extravagantly carved, with intricate details that leave the onlookers in awe. The tombs are spread over 2 sq. miles around the land and built in the form of pyramids raised above the surface.

The Chaukhani tombs are believed to be tombs of Saloch Warriors from the 17th and 18th Centuries BC.  This is a world-renowned UNESCO Heritage site.

The Chaukhani tombs have decorative slabs which consist of figurative and human designs, both. These carvings distinguish men’s graves with horsemen and their arms. Contrarily, women’s graves are carved with ornaments such as rings, anklets, necklaces etc.


Haleji Lake


Haleji Lake-20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


The Haleji Lake, situated in Thatta District at a distance of 70 km from Karachi is Asia’s biggest den that hosts migratory birds. This is a famous site for birdwatchers and people who are excited to look at new species and colourful birds during the season.

Nearly 225 bird species have been listed as present from time to time around Haleji Lake. The lake itself ranges at an area of 19 km.

This is the ideal place to look at beautiful birds that fly from the cold spell, and the rarest of species can easily be watched here. People from all over Pakistan plan their trips to Haleji Lake for this breathtaking site of birds.


Manora Beach Front

This is a newly developed site in Karachi that has attracted hundreds and thousands of people with long waiting lines.

It is a planned and advanced tourist site with parking spaces, seatings, shaded seating areas, play areas, and a wide range of restaurants that offer delicious food.


Manora Beach Front-20 Fun Places in Karachi that You and Your Family Can Enjoy


It is a fun family place that is along the coastline of the Arabian sea. This prime location of the spot makes it easy for you to enjoy activities along with views. For the comfort of people and to accommodate more population, several gazebos have also made their way into this project. These gazebos are very useful for families to sit in the shade.

The entire waterfront, the facilities, everything is family-friendly and a good spot for a fun day out on the beach.

This extensive list of 20 fun places you and your family can enjoy is not only limited to tourists. In fact, these are famous for occasional visitors, foreigners, and people who are migrating to the city for new jobs and transfers.

Karachi is a hub of industries, shopping malls, food, export, and import that keeps the country running o its toes! You can find bargained pieces of clothing here from factory outlets and is overall a very affordable city to live in.

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