A Guide to Ganga Choti 

Ganga Choti is a breathtaking mountain, located in the beautiful landscape of Azad Kashmir. Situated at the southern tip of the Pir Panjal Mountain range, Ganga Choti offers not only stunning scenic views but also plenty of outdoor activities.

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Due to this reason, it is a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature. It offers a diverse range of experiences, ranging from hiking and camping to horseback riding adventures. If you are intrigued by the natural beauty of Ganga Choti, you are at the right platform.

In this blog, Graana.com brings you a comprehensive guide to the beautiful peak along with a list of fun activities you can perform there. 




ganga choti map


Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir is a majestic mountain peak situated near the Union Council Birpani village in Bani Minhasan, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. This natural wonder graces the landscape of Bagh District, particularly near Bagha City, often referred to as the “Crown of Bagha.” It is positioned at the southern tip of the Pir Panjal Mountain range and offers stunning vistas at an elevation of 3,045 metres (9,990 feet).

Ganga Choti straddles the border between India and Pakistan and overlooks the border towns of Sudhan Gali and Bani Minhasan in the Indian-administered Jammu & Kashmir region, where it converges with the Pir Kanthi Mountain. 


Origin of the Name Ganga Choti 


a road in ajk ganga choti


The origin of the name “Ganga Choti” is steeped in a fascinating legend from Hindu mythology. It traces its roots to Gangadevi, also known as Gangambika, a princess in the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire during the 14th century. She was married to Kumara Kampana, the son of King Bukka Raya. 

The story unfolds with the revered sage Jahnu, who found himself in a predicament when his fields were being ravaged by the powerful and tumultuous waters of the Ganga River. Not only were his fields in jeopardy, but his meditation and penance were also being disrupted by the relentless force of the river. 

In a moment of frustration and anger, Sage Jahnu decided to take a drastic step. He drank up all the waters of the Ganga, using his spiritual powers to contain the river and punish Gangadevi for her tumultuous actions. 

To resolve the situation, Gangadevi made a solemn decision. She decided to swallow all the waters of the Ganga before departing for another realm, vowing never to return. This profound act of penance and sacrifice marked the transformation of the Ganga River as we know it today. 


Tourist Attractions at Ganga Choti 

Ganga Choti offers an idyllic destination for travellers seeking natural beauty and tranquillity. The journey begins with a leisurely walk and mountain climb starting from Islamabad, a few hours away. Upon reaching the summit, a sense of serenity envelops you as you gaze upon the breathtaking landscape below.

It’s as if the world fades away, leaving you in communion with nature’s symphony, a melody meant for a solitary audience that truly appreciates Ganga Choti’s profound beauty. 

The hike itself is a treat, offering unspoiled natural vistas at every turn. Even if you don’t reach the peak of Ganga Choti, the panoramic views of the entire valley are nothing short of astonishing. Additionally, Bagh District boasts other enticing tourist attractions, including Sudhan Gali and the picturesque Ghoratha Lake, both of which are well worth exploring during your visit. 

As for accommodation, a stay at Madina Hotel will make you feel right at home, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming experience. The region also offers numerous refreshing waterfalls, perfect for those looking to take a dip and cool off. Altogether, the trip to Ganga Choti promises an unforgettable adventure, surrounded by the wonders of nature and the warmth of local hospitality

  • Lush Green Meadows 
  • Snowfall in Winter
  • Enchanting Views at the Highest Point in the District

Lush Green Meadows

The fertility of this region has been revived thanks to its abundant greenery, making it a prime location for agriculture once more. The landscape is a wildlife sanctuary for many animals, including sheep, mules, and horses, among others. This town has earned the name Sudhagali, which derives from “Sudhan,” meaning green in Hindi. 

Snowfall in Winter


snow covered mountains of ganga choti


Throughout the winter months, this area is blanketed in snow, creating the perfect setting for holidaymakers from April to September. Its moderate level of difficulty and the ease of tracking animals within its boundaries make it an increasingly attractive destination in Northern Pakistan

However, it’s worth noting that the colder months can bring heavy snowfall, storms, and blizzards, so if you’re adventurous enough, you can still explore this area during those challenging days.



Gangashti, which translates to “the top of the mountain” in Hindi, stands as the highest point in Bagh District, offering an exceptional and unrivalled view of the district and its picturesque surroundings. To reach this lofty peak, one embarks on a two-hour hike through stunning valleys, ascending to an impressive altitude of 3,000 metres above sea level.

The journey to the summit is a rewarding one, with each step justified by the awe-inspiring beauty that envelops your senses. Nature, vibrant and unspoiled, surrounds you, and one glance at the perfect landscape is enough to instil an everlasting love for this remarkable place. 

Ganga Choti, the newfound tourist gem in Bagh District, boasts landscapes that leave visitors spellbound. The view from the district’s pinnacle is nothing short of breathtaking, an experience unparalleled anywhere else on Earth. 


Weather, Timing, and Essential Gear 

The best time to visit Ganga Choti is during the summer season, which extends from April to June. During these months, the weather is pleasant and comfortable, making it an ideal time for sightseeing and experiencing the awe-inspiring splendour of Gangotri. 

To make the most of your trip, consider packing essential gear such as hiking sticks, appropriate footwear, and an umbrella. These items will enhance your experience and come in handy, especially if rain falls while you’re camping or exploring this beautiful destination. 


Enjoying Ganga Choti: Fun Activities and Natural Beauty 

When you visit Ganga Choti, there are plenty of exciting things to do in this beautiful natural setting: 

Hiking and Trekking 


people trekking to ganga choti in snow covered tracks


The rugged terrain of Ganga Choti is perfect for hiking and trekking. You can explore the stunning landscapes and enjoy the fresh air. 

Horseback Riding Adventure 


people riding horse at ganga choti


Experience the thrill of horseback riding during lush green fields. It’s an adventure that includes crossing rivers and trying your hand at archery while on horseback. 



camping at ganga choti


If you want to get closer to nature, consider camping. Ganga Choti offers various camping options, from peaceful beaches to rugged mountains. You can choose between two campsites: Alpine Beachside Camps and Swiss Luxury Camps. 

Hike to the Summit 

To reach the summit of Ganga Choti, take a two to three-hour hike from the base camp. At an altitude of 3,000 meters, you’ll find a pine tree forest and breathtaking views, making it an ideal spot for camping enthusiasts. 

Sightseeing Paradise 

Ganga Choti, also known as Ganga Peak, is in the Bagh district of Azad Kashmir. It’s a place of natural beauty, a gift to Pakistan and all nature lovers. Whether you’re seeking serene landscapes or just want to enjoy the outdoors, Ganga Choti is a wonderful place to explore. 


Getting to Ganga Choti 

You have two options for reaching Ganga Choti: either from Chikar or via the Bagh-Sudan Gali Road. The latter route takes you through Sudan, where you’ll find a few shops and hotels in the vicinity. While this path offers fewer accommodation options than others, it provides a unique opportunity for travellers to immerse themselves in the local culture, interact with the residents, and experience life among the locals firsthand. 



What is the best time to visit Ganga Choti for hiking and trekking? 

The best time to visit Ganga Choti for hiking and trekking is during the summer season, which typically spans from April to June. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and the trails are more accessible, providing an ideal environment for outdoor activities. 

How do I reach Ganga Choti from Islamabad or nearby cities? 

There are multiple routes to reach Ganga Choti, with options to start from Islamabad or nearby cities. Typically, visitors can take a two-hour hike from Islamabad or access it through the Bagh-Sudan Gali Road, which allows for a unique journey through local villages. 

Is there accommodation available at Ganga Choti for overnight stays? 

Yes, there are accommodation options available at Ganga Choti for overnight stays. Visitors can choose from different camping sites, including Alpine Beachside Camps and Swiss Luxury Camps, to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings. 

What activities can I enjoy at Ganga Choti, besides hiking? 

Ganga Choti offers a range of activities, including horseback riding, camping, and sightseeing. Horseback riding is a popular adventure here, featuring river crossings and archery while riding horses. Camping enthusiasts can explore diverse environments, from beaches to mountains. 

Is Ganga Choti easily accessible for tourists, and are there any entry fees? 

Ganga Choti is accessible to tourists, and there are no specific entry fees to visit the area. However, it’s advisable to check local regulations and guidelines before planning your trip, as conditions may change over time. 

This was all about Ganga Choti, one of the best tourist places in Pakistan. For more information, visit Graana.com 

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