A Guide to Khaplu Palace

Khaplu Palace is an architectural, historical, and cultural treasure. Graana blog will examine its rich past, architecture, and design.

Khaplu Palace is an architectural, historical, and cultural treasure. Graana blog will examine the palace’s rich past, architecture, and design and learn about the contemporary amenities and experiences that make it a must-visit location.

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Location of Khaplu Palace


Khaplu Palace is an architectural, historical, and cultural treasure


The town of Khaplu, which is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan area of the northern Skardu district, is home to the Khaplu Palace. About 103 kilometers (64 miles) east of Skardu city, the village of Khaplu is about 2,500 meters (8,202 feet) above sea level.
From Skardu, it takes 3 to 4 hours to drive to Khaplu. The palace is surrounded by the magnificent Karakoram mountain range and is situated in the center of the town, which adds to its allure and attractiveness.


History of Khaplu Palace

The history of Khaplu Palace is extensive and goes back to the nineteenth century. It was constructed in 1840 by the Raja of Khaplu, a member of the Baltistan region’s Yabgo family. The Raja and his family lived in the castle and were known for their opulent lifestyle and passion for the arts.

The palace experienced numerous alterations over the years, with each ruler putting their stamp on the building. The Balti rulers during the Dogra and Sikh control in the area also used the palace as a stronghold.

The palace was left unattended and in ruins in the 1990s. To bring the palace back to its former splendor, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture began a significant restoration effort in 2005. The initiative aimed to preserve the region’s rich cultural heritage and give the local population employment possibilities.

The Khaplu Palace is now a luxurious hotel that provides guests with a distinctive fusion of history, culture, and contemporary amenities. The palace continues to serve as a reminder of the region’s rich cultural legacy and a tribute to the craftspeople and artisans who worked on its construction.


How to Reach Khaplu Palace

Here are a few methods for getting to Khaplu Palace:

By Air

Skardu Airport, 103 kilometers (64 miles) from Khaplu Palace, is the closest airstrip. Numerous carriers fly between Islamabad and Skardu every day. You can take local transport or a taxi once you arrive in Skardu to get to Khaplu.


By Road

Travelers most frequently travel by road to get to Khaplu. From Skardu to Khaplu, you can take a municipal bus or a private taxi. The trip lasts three to four hours and provides breathtaking views of the Karakoram mountain region.



Trekking is a well-liked method of getting to Khaplu for adventure enthusiasts. Several different trekking paths, including the Saltoro Valley and Hushe Valley treks, can reach Khaplu. These treks provide a unique chance to discover the area’s natural beauty and engage with the local populations along the route.

The Architecture of Khaplu Palace


Khaplu Palace's architecture is a fusion of Balti, Tibetan, and Islamic architecture


Khaplu Palace’s architecture is a fusion of Balti, Tibetan, and Islamic architecture, representing the area’s rich cultural history. The palace has intricate wood carvings and vibrant paintings and was constructed entirely from local materials such as mud, stone, and wood.

The palace has four levels, each of which serves a particular purpose. The family’s living accommodations were on the first floor, while the ground floor served as stables and storage. The ruler and his family’s private quarters were on the third level, while the second floor served as a reception area for visitors.

The castle has several courtyards and gardens to let natural light and fresh air into the interior. The Shyok Bagh, the central courtyard, is a lovely garden with a water fountain and many fruit plants.

The elaborate woodwork that decorates the ceilings and walls of the palace is one of its most remarkable features. The wood carvings, which show images from local mythology and folklore, are evidence of the local craftsmen’s talent.

In addition, the house has a mosque in the middle of the courtyard. The mosque is a stunning example of Islamic architecture and has exquisite woodwork and mosaics.
Overall, the Khaplu Palace’s architecture is a lovely fusion of regional and foreign styles that honors the area’s rich cultural legacy.


Khaplu Palace – A Perfect Hospitality Hub


Khaplu Palace is an architectural, historical, and cultural treasure


The primary lodging establishment in Khaplu Palace is the Serena Hotel. It is a luxurious hotel inside a historic castle that has undergone careful restoration to maintain its original style and ambiance. The hotel has 21 guest rooms and several suites, each with classic decor and contemporary features like Wi-Fi, flat-screen Televisions, and private bathrooms.

The hotel offers guest rooms and a restaurant serving regional and international cuisine, a spa with various services, a fitness center, and a garden patio with breathtaking views of the mountains in the area. The hotel’s location in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Pakistan’s Khaplu Valley makes it a great starting point for experiencing its scenic landscape and rich cultural history.

Overall, travelers seeking a distinct and luxurious experience in a historical location should strongly consider the Khaplu Palace Serena Hotel.


Things to do when at Khaplu Palace

There are many activities to do at the Khaplu Palace. Here are a few ideas:


Learn about the history and architecture of the Khaplu Palace by walking around the building. You can take a guided tour with the assistance of the hotel personnel.


Visit the local markets

Stroll through the neighborhood bazaar and browse the handicrafts, souvenirs, and local goods.

Trek to the surrounding mountains

The Khaplu Valley is a fantastic location for hiking and trekking because stunning mountains surround it. A native guide can lead you on a hike to one of the nearby peaks.


Visit the surrounding lakes

Satpara Lake and Sheosar Lake are stunning lakes close to the Khaplu Valley. You can rent a car or jeep for a day trip to these lakes.

Attend a cultural show

The hotel periodically presents cultural performances of regional dance and music. Ask the staff at the hotel about forthcoming events.

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