A Guide to Moola Chotok, Balochistan

With its long coastal belt and mountainous landscapes, Balochistan has experienced a boom in tourism in recent years. Moola Chotok in the Khuzdar district is one such place in Balochistan that attracts a number of visitors.

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Graana.com has prepared a detailed guide below about all that you need to know before travelling to Moola Chotok, Balochistan.


Overview of Moola Chotok


Moola Chotok oasis surrounded by mountains


The closest village is called Moola, and Chotok means “falling water” (i.e. waterfall) in the Brahui and Balochi local dialects – which is where this name comes from. It is one of the most famous tourists attraction in Balochistan

The region is well-known for its high cliffs, which conceal a gushing waterfall in its middle. It is located at an altitude of around 1,200 metres (4,000 feet) above sea level.

The year-round Moola River, which is the source of the waterfalls, flows through the Moola Valley between the cliffs. There are also a number of salt mines, tall mountains, and lakes here. The area near Moola Chotok is typically quiet and remote.

The biggest waterfall in the region is known as Moola Chotok, but there is also a smaller waterfall nearby called Chota Chotok that is renowned for its beauty. In reality, Chota Chotok is a group of smaller waterfalls with a tiny wading pool and verdant surroundings.


Route Guide to Moola Chowk

The ravine is situated in the centre of the Khuzdar district, roughly 106 kilometres northeast of the city of Khuzdar in the Kirthar Mountains. Karachi is around an 8 to 10 hours drive away.

A variety of crops, including mango, lemon, orange and olive, line the path to the waterfalls, so you can catch the views on your way there. Once you arrive, you will be required to rent one of the 4x4s available there to be able to travel on the rugged off-road route.

After around 6 hours of off-roading, you will see more green spaces, cross rivers, and climb small hills and occasionally rocky terrain.

It takes an additional two hours to travel from Moola Chotok to Chota Chotok. The lesser-known waterfall can be reached by hiking and climbing up mountains, and only locals can take you there.


Ideal Time to Visit Moola Chowk

Balochistan experiences sweltering summers, as well as pretty chilly winters. As a result, September through November (in the autumn) and February through March (in the spring) are the most suitable times to visit the waterfalls.


To-Do List for Your Visit

With the geographical diversity of the region, there are many things to do in Moola Chotok during your trip, such as:

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Swimming



You may either take a two-hour hike to Chota Chotok, which is rarely frequented by anyone other than the locals, or you can go from the camp to the falls and back again.



Camping, a popular activity among friends or large groups, can also be done here, complete with a bonfire arrangement. You can also witness the scenic views during sunset or sunrise during your camping trip here.



One of the locals’ favourite pastimes is fishing in the pools, which are stocked with fish. If you feel like catching your next supper on your own, don’t forget to bring your own equipment.



After your long journey, you can go for a refreshing swim in the cool streams close to the Moola Chotok Waterfalls.


Standard Travel Itinerary

There are numerous travel companies that provide ready-made itineraries for Moola Chotok. Most will provide a two-day, two-night package that includes lodging, food and activities.

Following table depicts a schedule that these tourist agencies follow, along with the activities and time:


FridayGathering at meeting point11:00 pm
SaturdayDeparture from Karachi12:00 am
Tea break at Winder2:00 am
Reaching Khuzdar at sunrise6:00 am
Breakfast6:30 am
Getting settled into 4x4s9:00 am
Leaving Khuzdar9:30 am
Reaching Kirk12:00 pm
Reaching Moola Chotok Gorge3:00 pm
Lunch3:30 pm
Exploring the waterfalls4:30 pm
Hiking back to basecamp7:00 pm
Sunset7:30 pm
Dinner9:00 pm
Folk music10:00 pm
SundayLeaving Moola Chotok5:30 am
Breakfast at Khuzdar8:30 am
Leaving Khuzdar10:00 am
Lunch3:00 pm
Reaching Karachi7:30 pm

Services Offered by Tour Agencies

Following are the different facilities that are provided by most travel companies:

  • Transport
  • Sleeping bag
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Blanket
  • Camping tents
  • Bonfire at night
  • All meals


15 Travel Essentials for a Trip to Moola Chotok, Balochistan

Following is a list of essential items that you should carry when going to Moola Chotok:

  • Sweater or jacket
  • Thermal wear
  • Comfortable shoes: trekking boots or joggers
  • Heavy-duty backpack
  • Sandals/slippers
  • Beanie & cap
  • Muffler or scarf
  • Spare socks
  • Swimsuit
  • Flashlight
  • Towels
  • Water bottle
  • A change of clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Tissue roll


Is It Safe to Visit Moola Chotok?

Although the route between Karachi and Moola Chotok is safe for travelling, extra care should be taken if you are travelling with young children. 

For more tour guides, visit Graana Blog.

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