A guide to Pir Ibrahim Balochistan

A guide to Pir Ibrahim Balochistan


The beauty of Baluchistan, Pakistan’s largest province, remains concealed and a hidden treasure. The geography is extremely diverse. It has a beautiful coastline that stretches over 600 kilometers from  Jiwani near the Iranian border to Gadani in Karachi, with over 600 kilometers of pristine beaches and a world-class motorway running beside it. Baluchistan’s diverse natural landscapes never fail to fascinate us. It is a province with some of the world’s most harsh and arid natural conditions but at the same time is blessed with several breathtaking natural oases and treasures. One of the hidden treasures is Pir Ibrahim Balochistan Waterfall.


A guide to Pir Ibrahim Balochistan


Pir Ibrahim Balochistan is a naturally existing deep waterfall located in the Khuzdar District in Balochistan. It is around 3 hour drive from Khuzdar. The stream water includes naturally produced minerals that are good for health as well.

Throughout the year, water cascades down from the mountains at a rapid rate. Pir Ibrahim Balochistan attracts tourists from Karachi and Balochistan who come to see the wonders of nature. Graana.com brings you all you need to know about Pir Ibrahim Balochistan.

Balochistan attracts adventurers and travel aficionados from all over the country who come to experience the province’s magnificent destinations. Pir Ibrahim Waterfall is a freshly discovered tourist destination in Balochistan that has been trending on social media – and rightfully so. This hidden gem’s incredible natural features are well worth the hype.

Pir Ibrahim Waterfall Balochistan derives its name from a nearby village. Pir Ibrahim is a beautiful village in Balochistan’s Khuzdar district, nestled in the solitude of the Kirthar Mountain Range. Because this section of the province receives extremely little rainfall each year, it appears to be utterly barren.

Fresh streams supplied by groundwater, on the other hand, run all over the landscape, resulting in the construction of natural oases at numerous locations throughout this isolated region, including the Pir Ibrahim Waterfall.


How to get there?

Travel time  95 kilometers southeast of Khuzdar
Route Ratodero-Gwadar M8 Motorway
Recommended Vehicle 4×4 Jeep
Trekking/hiking Not required


Pir Ibrahim Balochistan is roughly 95 kilometers southeast of Khuzdar. You’ll need to take the Ratodero-Gwadar M8 Motorway once you get to Khuzdar. After approximately 71 kilometers, turn right into Kharkh Bazaar Road. You need to follow this route for about a kilometer. Take a right after crossing the Kharkh Bridge to go onto a narrow, rough road.

The entire route is uneven and rocky, making it appropriate for 4×4 vehicles and heavy bikes. You’ll finally arrive at your destination after traveling about 22 kilometers. The waterfall can only be reached by 4×4 Jeeps because there is no other way to get to this remote location. This off-road Jeep safari is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

No trekking is required to reach Pir Ibrahim Balochistan’s waterfall, and camping is done just next to it, providing a great experience for tourists. Pir Ibrahim Balochistan contains deep water, and the jeep trip duration is roughly 3 hours.

The region’s winters are bitterly cold, and its summers are scorching. Hence, spring is the best time to see Pir Ibrahim Balochistan Waterfall.


Serene view at Pir Ibrahim Balochistan


You must plan the visit in the daytime to avoid any inconveniences in this region. You can take your food items and picnic essentials with you since the area lacks an established infrastructure.


The visitors can enjoy the sightseeing at the beautiful waterfall. It also allows swimming in the deep blue waters. Don’t forget to wear life jackets if you plan to swim. You can enjoy camping, bonfires, and star gazing at the picturesque location.


Beautiful blue waters at Pir Ibrahim Balochistan


The breathtaking sights of the waterfall at the Pir Ibrahim Balochistan will leave you speechless as it cascades down a rocky hill into a blue-shaded stream of water. The tourist destination can be an ideal getaway to beat the heat and destress at this natural retreat.

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