A Guide to the Great Fiesta Family Water Park, Karachi

Picture showing main poool at the Great Fiesta Family Water Park

Great Fiesta Family Water Park is one of the best water parks in Karachi, where you can enjoy a picnic with the family.

Karachi, fittingly called the “City of Lights”, offers a vibrant and colourful lifestyle. There are several picnic spots, restaurants, shopping malls and attractions located here, most notably Port Grand, Safari Park, Pakistan Maritime Museum, Clifton Beach, Hill Park Fun City etc. 

Recently, the development of the Great Fiesta Water Park has provided residents with another wonderful spot to enjoy some family time. Spanning over an area of 55 acres, it is located on the outskirts of Karachi. It offers more than 15 thrilling water rides for adults and kids both, along with several other fun activities.

Graana.com brings a complete guide about Great Family Fiesta Water Park to help you plan a day out.


Location of Great Fiesta Water Park

A half hour’s drive away from Sohrab Goth, Great Fiesta Water Park is situated on the main M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. It is ideally located between Bahria Town Karachi and DHA Karachi. Due to its prime location, it can be easily accessed from different parts of the city.

Location: Survey No. 25, Deh Amilano Tappo Kathore Main Super Highway, Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Gadap Town


Fun Rides at Great Fiesta Water Park, Karachi

From zig-zagging tunnels to wave pools, Great Fiesta Water Park offers several thrilling rides and activities to the visitors.

14+ special rides have been introduced till now for adults, which are the following:

  • Aquatic Island and Lazy River
  • Big Monster
  • Boomerango
  • Cyclone
  • Free Fall
  • Pendulum
  • Rainbow
  • Turbo Cyclone
  • Wave Pool

For kids, Great Fiesta Water Park currently offers the following 17+ rides.

  • Aqua Play
  • Cyclone Pool
  • Family Slide
  • Mini Titanic Ship
  • Rim Jhim
  • The Jungle


Facilities Available at Great Fiesta Water Park


Picture showing aerial view of Great Fiesta Family Water Park


Apart from water slides and rides, Great Fiesta Water Park has several other facilities for the visitors such as:

  • A restaurant with a diverse menu
  • Canopy shades for shelter from the sun
  • Separate changing and shower areas
  • Dedicated prayer areas
  • First-aid assistance during emergencies
  • Personal lockers for storing belongings
  • Water slide accessories like floats, tubes, and goggles 
  • Tuck shop for snacks and cold drinks

These ensure that visitors can have the best and most comfortable experience at the park.


How to Make Group Reservations

Great Fiesta Water Park offers reservations for large groups of students, corporate clients, and families. For different groups, the procedures can vary.


Making Reservations for Student Groups

The procedure for student reservation is pretty easy, as outlined below:

  • Go to the official website of Great Fiesta Family Water Park and click on the ‘School Reservations’ tab.
  • Fill in the form with all the details and submit it.
  • Schools can register with a minimum of 50 students.
  • 50% payment in advance is required.
  • Students need to be in their uniform and no jeans are allowed.
  • School reservations are generally not allowed on public holidays.


Packages for Students

Great Fiesta Family Water Park offers a number of packages for school reservations. 

S. No. Student Student-Rate Teachers and Staff Rate
01 Below 50 students (no discount) Rs. 1200 Not Free Rs. 1200
02 50 to 59 students Rs. 600 Not Free 05 @ Rs. 600 05 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200
03 60 to 69 students Rs. 600 Not Free 06 @ Rs. 600 06 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200
04 70 to 79 students Rs. 600 Not Free 07 @ Rs. 600 07 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200
05 80 to 89 students Rs. 500 Not Free 08 @ Rs. 500 08 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200
06 90 to 99 students Rs. 500 Not Free 09 @ Rs. 500 09 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200
07 100 plus students Rs. 500 05 Free 05 @ Rs. 500 10 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200
08 120 plus students Rs. 500 06 Free 06 @ Rs. 500 12 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200
09 140 plus students Rs. 500 07 Free 07 @ Rs. 500 14 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200
10 160 plus students Rs. 500 08 Free 08 @ Rs. 500 16 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200
11 180 plus students Rs. 500 09 Free 09 @ Rs. 500 18 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200
12 200 plus students Rs. 500 10 Free 10 @ Rs. 500 20 @ Rs. 1000 Extra Rs. 1200


Packages for Corporate Groups

Corporate groups can enjoy annual picnics, product launches, board meetings, and other events at the Great Fiesta Family Park.

To avail of custom packages for corporate groups, you can contact the authorities for further details. There are also different deals and discounts for large corporate groups.


Picture showing Turbo Cyclone water ride at Great Fiesta Family Water Park


Rules of the Great Fiesta Family Water Park

The Great Fiesta Family Water Park has implemented some strict rules for security purposes and to avoid any unpleasant event. The following highlight the main rules:

  • The park follows a strict family-only rule and no singles are allowed. However, corporate groups can make reservations.
  • The park maintains a 60:40 ratio of male and female guests.
  • No sports equipment is allowed on the premises.
  • Arms and ammunition are prohibited, and strict action will be taken against the perpetrators.
  • Glass bottles are also not allowed.


Park Timings

During summer, the park is usually open 7 days a week. However, during winter, the park opens only on Saturday and Sunday. The timings are from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The Great Fiesta Family Water Park is a great place to enjoy time with your friends and family. 

For more information on such recreational spots, visit the Graana Blog.


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