A List of Executive Passport Offices in Pakistan

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Applying for a new passport or getting the current one renewed can generally be a time-consuming and tiring process at the regional passport offices in Pakistan due to long queues. As a solution to this problem, the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports has established executive passport offices in the major cities of Pakistan.

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This initiative has been completed in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to facilitate the applicants with a one-window operation for all needs.

In these executive passport offices, it takes 15-20 minutes to complete different processes. All applications are treated on a priority basis and the applicants are offered premium services.

For instance, some of the executive offices offer refreshments to visitors. Moreover, ATMs, bank counters, and printers are available in the facilities to cater to the applicants’ needs. However, it is important to note that minimum service charges may sometimes be required.

Graana.com has compiled a comprehensive guide on all the executive passport offices in Pakistan to ease your application process.


Executive Passport Office Islamabad


Executive Passport Office Islamabad


EPO Islamabad is the first executive office opened by the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports in Pakistan. For residents of the capital city, the location is quite convenient. However, for the non-residents, submission of a Request for Renewal of Passport at EPO Islamabad’ is essential. The application must be duly signed by a gazetted officer.

Address: Fazal-e-Haq Service Road, opposite Polyclinic Hospital, Sector G-6/2, Islamabad

Contact: 051-9202340

Timings: Monday to Thursday – 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM | Friday – 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM


Executive Passport Office Lahore


Executive Passport Office Lahore


EPO Lahore is located in DHA Phase 3. Residents can easily go to the office and apply for their passports through a hassle-free process.

Address: Sector 10, Phase 3, Defence Housing Authority, Lahore

Contact: 051-111-344-777

Timings: Monday to Friday – 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Regional Passport Offices in Lahore

The following table also lists all the regional passport offices in Lahore for the convenience of the applicants:


Region Address Contact Number
Lahore8-A, Shahrah-e-Aiwan-Tijarat, Shadman042-9201997-9201916
Lahore – I4-A, Sher Shah Block, behind Barkat Market near Himayat-ul-Islam Girls College, New Garden Town042-9201836
Lahore (Bar Council)Lahore High Court Bar association Nassociation/Lahore
Lahore (Shahdara)Zain Park bypass, Sagian Road, opposite Grand Marriage Hall, Shahdara N/Lahore
Lahore-3Araiyan Morr, Main Raiwind RoadN/A


Executive Passport Office Karachi


Executive Passport Office Karachi


The EPO office in Karachi is located in Clifton near the anti-terrorism court. The applicants are not required to submit any fee voucher in advance as a counter of the National Bank of Pakistan is located inside the EPO to facilitate them.

Address: Ground floor, Karachi Beach Residency, off. Khayaban-e-Saadi, Block 3, Clifton, Karachi

Contact: 021-35169735

Timings: Monday to Thursday – 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM | Friday – 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM


Regional Passport Offices in Karachi

The following table shows the list of regional passport offices in Karachi.


CityAddressContact Number
KarachiShahrah-e-Iraq, near Mosque, adjacent to National Bank, Saddar021-99203092-3
KarachiBegum Khursheed Rd, Darakhshan Cooperative Housing Society Kala Board021-99248163
Karachi-V (Awami Markaz)1st Floor, EOBI House, Ex (Awami Markaz), Sharah-e-Faisal021-99203091


Passport Application Fee at Executive Passport Offices


DGIP Fast Track Passport Fee Schedule


Apart from the passport application fee, these offices have set service charges to facilitate the applicants.


Fee for 05 YEARS Validity
CategoryFeeService ChargesTotal (Excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages)Rs. 3,000Rs. 2500

(+ Applicable taxes)

Rs. 5,500
Urgent (36-Pages)Rs. 5,000Rs. 7,500
Normal (72-Pages)Rs. 5,500Rs. 8,000
Urgent (72-Pages)Rs. 9,000Rs. 11,500
Normal (100-Pages)Rs. 6,000Rs. 8,500
Urgent (100-Pages)Rs. 12,000Rs. 14,500


Fee for 10 YEARS Validity
CategoryFeeService ChargesTotal (Excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages)Rs. 4,500Rs. 2500

(+ Applicable taxes)

Rs. 7,000
Urgent (36-Pages)Rs. 7,500Rs. 10,000
Normal (72-Pages)Rs. 8,250Rs. 10,750
Urgent (72-Pages)Rs. 13,500Rs. 16,000
Normal (100-Pages)Rs. 9,000Rs. 11,500
Urgent (100-Pages)Rs. 18,000Rs. 20,500


Types of Passports

Generally, there are three types of passports in Pakistan:

  • Ordinary passport
  • Diplomatic passport
  • Official passport


Ordinary Passports

These passports are issued to all the citizens of Pakistan travelling abroad. Most commonly, these passports are known as “green passports”.


Diplomatic Passports

Diplomatic passports are issued to all the diplomats travelling to different countries while representing Pakistan.


Official Passports

These passports are issued to government officials, ministers, senators, parliamentarians, and judges from the Supreme Court and High Court.

Regional and executive passport offices process only ordinary passports. However, all official and diplomatic passports are sent directly to the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports.


List of Documents Required for Passport Application


List of Documents Required


To apply for your passport at any regional or executive passport office, applicants must submit certain documents for data verification. The following are some of the documents required for different age groups:


For New Passports (Adults)

  • Original CNIC
  • Father and mother’s original CNIC 
  • If a parent is not alive, their death certificate will be required 
  • Spouse’s CNIC (if applicable)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Last academic degree, transcript, or certificate
  • Foreign passport in case of dual nationality 
  • Machine-readable passports of father or brother (if present)


For New Passports (Minors)

  • Original Computerised Registration Certificate (CRC) issued by NADRA
  • Father and mother’s original CNIC 
  • Birth certificate
  • Foreign passport in case of dual nationality
  • Machine-readable passports of both parents

The child must be accompanied by both of his/her parents or guardians. CRC is essential for the application, so parents are required to get their data verified by a gazetted officer through a data form.


For Passport Renewal (Adults)

  • Original CNIC
  • Last original passport
  • Foreign passport in case of dual nationality 
  • Father or brother’s CNIC


For Passport Renewal (Minors)

  • Original CRC
  • Father and mother’s original CNIC 
  • Birth certificate
  • Foreign passport in case of dual nationality
  • Machine-readable passports of both parents


Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Passport


Step Guide to Getting a Passport Flowchart


Step 1 – Step 1: The applicant must show up at the customer service desk in this step. You will be led to the token counter if you have all the necessary documentation with you.

Step 2 – The next stage entails showing up at the token counter and taking a picture. In addition to copies of the original CNIC, Smart Card, NICOP, or Children Registration Certificate (CRC), if the applicant is under the age of 18, the applicant must also present a bank challan form.

Additionally, photos of the applicant will be taken by the camera operator. The applicant will then receive a token.

Step 3 – The final phase involves collecting biometric information. When the applicant arrives at the biometric counter for capture, they will proceed to the biometric counter after receiving another token. The Data Entry Operator (DEO) will take the applicant’s fingerprints here.

Step 4 – The data is entered by office personnel at this stage. When the applicant’s token number appears on the counter, they will proceed to the data entry counters. The applicant will be able to direct the data entry operator about the proper entry of his credentials in the system.

After the data entry is completed, the data form will be printed by the operator and will be presented to the applicant for verification. The applicant will verify all its contents by signing the form. The applicant will be asked to collect duplicate tokens from the data entry counter.

Step 5 – Verification according to Office Record (ECL/BL) is required in this step. The verification will be done using official records. To confirm that the applicant has a clear record, Exit Control List (ECL) and Black List (BL) checks will also be made.

In case of the slightest doubt about the National Status of the applicant, the case may be referred to the Special Branch/IB for confirmation.

Step 6 – In the final step, the Assistant Director interviews the candidates and makes the final decision about the issuance of the passport. The Assistant Director will cross-check the documents. The last step involves an interview & decision by the Assistant Director. Finally, the applicant will appear before the Assistant Director when his token and all the original documents appear on the AD counter.

For candidates under 18, the Assistant Director will defer the case and provide them with a form for attestation from the Class 1 Govt. officer. The attester will have to write his/her CNIC/Contact No along with the official stamp on the form.

Once the data form is duly verified by the Class 1 Officer, the AD will give a go-ahead to the applicant’s passport application. To get a new passport, you can visit the nearest executive passport office with your documents. You can also apply at all the executive offices for the renewal of expired passport.

For more information on different institutions like EOBI, visit the Graana blog.


FAQs Related to the Executive Passport Office


What is the executive passport office number?

Their contact number is 051-111-344-777.


What is the executive passport fee in Pakistan?

The passport fee starts from Rs.9000.


How many passport offices are there in Pakistan?

For maximum public facilitation, the Directorate General Immigration & Passports has introduced “One Window Operations” at 79 passport offices across Pakistan.


Can I choose any passport office in Pakistan?

Yes, you can apply from any city in Pakistan.

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