A List of Khairpur Postal Code

Khairpur District is an area in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It’s one of the districts in the Sukkur Division. During the 2017 census, it had a population of 2.4 million people, making it the fifth most populous district in the province, after four districts in Karachi city.

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The main city in this district is Khairpur. On the other hand,  The district is divided into eight smaller areas: Nara Tehsil, Kingri Tehsil, Sobho Dero Tehsil, Mirwah Tehsil, Faiz Ganj Tehsil, Kot Diji Tehsil, Khairpur Tehsil, Gambat Tehsil. Graana.com has prepared a list of Khairpur Postal Codes below:


What is a Postal Code?

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes, are a combination of letters and numbers attached to a postal address to assist with the sorting and delivery of mail. They are widely used in different countries and prove to be incredibly helpful in ensuring that mail is delivered to the correct recipient.

Furthermore, Postal codes are typically assigned to specific geographical areas such as cities, neighbourhoods, or even individual buildings. When a piece of mail is addressed with a postal code, the postal service sorts it and sends it to the intended destination. This not only speeds up mail delivery but also minimises the likelihood of errors.

Finally, the format of postal codes varies from country to country. In the United States, postal codes consist of five digits, while in Canada, they are six digits long and include both letters and numbers. In the United Kingdom, postal codes are alphanumeric and include a combination of letters and numbers.

Importance of Postal Codes

Postal codes are essential for efficient postal and courier services worldwide. They consist of a combination of letters and numbers that enable automated sorting processes within post offices. It ensures that mail and packages are delivered accurately and efficiently to specific geographic areas. Additionally, by providing precise location information, postal codes facilitate timely deliveries, efficient routing, and optimised transportation routes. 

Moreover, this conserves resources and reduces environmental impact. Postal codes also support e-commerce operations by enabling error-free deliveries and enhancing customer satisfaction. They are also critical for emergency services, government communications, business logistics, and census activities. In essence, postal codes are the backbone of numerous essential services that enable businesses to operate seamlessly, governments to plan effectively, and individuals to receive their mail and packages with reliability and precision.

Postal Code Of Khairpur


building of royal talpur, Khairpur


Here are the postal codes of this district:

#Postal CodeDelivery Post OfficeProvinceAttached Branch office postcode
266040Ahmed PurSindh66041
666104Consolidated Sugar Mills RaniPurSindh66105
766080F.S.Mills GambatSindh66081
1066020Khair Pur GpoSindh66021
1266060Kot DijiSindh66061
1666030Pir Jo GothSindh66031
1766100Rani PurSindh66101
1966110Sobho DeraSindh66111
2167020Tando Mir AliSindh67021
2306502F.F.Daharki PoSindh




What is the postal code for Khairpur in Pakistan?

The postal code for Khairpur, Sindh, is 66000.


What are the nearby areas covered by Khairpur’s postal code (66000)?

Khairpur’s postal code covers various localities within the Khairpur District in Sindh, Pakistan.


Are there any specific delivery post offices in Khairpur associated with the postal code 66000?

Khairpur General Post Office (GPO) is the main post office associated with the postal code 66000.


Which regions or tehsils fall under the postal code 66000?

The Khairpur postal code 66000 covers different tehsils and areas within the Khairpur District, including Khairpur Tehsil and others.


Is 66000 the only postal code for Khairpur, or are there multiple postal codes within the district?

Khairpur District has several postal codes for different areas. Moreover, 66000 is specific to the central part of Khairpur.


What is the purpose of postal codes?

Postal codes help facilitate the efficient sorting and delivery of mail within specific areas of Khairpur, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries.


How can I find the postal code for a specific address within Khairpur?

You can find the postal code for a specific address in Khairpur by contacting the local post office or using Pakistan Post’s official website or postal code directory.


Are there any branches or sub-post offices associated with the area postal code 66000?

Yes, there might be sub-post offices and branches within Khairpur district that have different postal codes for specific areas.


What is the format of addressing mail using the area postal code 66000?

When addressing mail to Khairpur, you should include the recipient’s name, street address, city (Khairpur), and postal code 66000 for accurate delivery.


Is this area postal code applicable to both residential and commercial addresses?

Yes, the postal code 66000 in Khairpur is used for both residential and commercial addresses, ensuring proper mail delivery across various types of locations within the district.

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