A List Of Vehari Postal Codes

Vehari is a city located on the right bank of the Sutlej River, about 100 kilometres away from Multan, and is the capital of Vehari District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. With a population of over 145,000 people, it is a major agricultural, commercial, and industrial centre. The city is home to a variety of factories and businesses, making it a hub for economic activity in the region.

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Graana.com has listed the  Vehari Postal Codes and elucidates their structure, thereby assisting in accurately pinpointing addresses within the city.


List of Vehari Postal Code or Zip Code


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Below is the list of Vehari postal codes: 

Area NamePostal code
Burewala Katchehry61040
Chowk Methla61172
Dawood Abad61050
Dilawar Farm Sargana61202
Garha More61150
Jalla Jim61230
Machhian Wala61070
Mailsi Colony61210
Sardar Pur Jhandeer61240
Tibba Sultanpur61170
Vehari Gpo61100
Vehari Peoples Colony61120

Additional Information

Area / Post OfficeVehari
Postal / Zip Code61100
Dialling / Area Code67
City / District / Account OfficeVehari (General Post Office)
Postal AddressMain GPO, Karkhana bazar, F Block Vehari, Punjab 61100
Contact Number067-3361652
Province / StatePunjab
The postcode of the Attached Branch Offices61101


What is the Zip Code?

A Zip Code is a set of numbers used in a postal address to help sort mail more efficiently. It represents a specific geographic area in a country. Zip Codes are usually written in capital letters to indicate their importance in speeding up the delivery of emails and letters.


How does the Zone Development Plan ZIP Code work?

The Zone Development Plan ZIP Code consists of a series of five or nine numbers added to a postal address. This system makes it easier to sort and deliver mail accurately. You can find your Zip Code by searching for your city, address, and state. Another way is to search for a city and state using a specific Zip Code.


Importance of Postal Codes

Postal codes serve several important functions. They are a unique combination of numbers and alphabets, which are distinct for each location. Historically, postal codes were mainly used for mail delivery. However, they now serve other important functions, including geographical identification and the delivery of government services.

They serve as unique identifiers which the government uses for administrative purposes. In Pakistan, the postal codes not only enable faster and more efficient mail delivery but also help the government in delivering services.

For example, each region in Larkana has a specific postal code that is unique to that location only. Since the codes are much shorter and universal, geographical identification is very convenient. In Pakistan, the postal codes are composed of 5-digit numbers. However, postal codes are not always numeric.

Countries worldwide use different combinations of numbers and letters to form postal codes. Here are some of the main uses of the Postal Codes in Pakistan:


Delivery of Mail Services

Postal codes are mainly used for mail delivery in Pakistan. Furthermore, Pakistan Code is the national postal service that uses postal codes to deliver mail and parcels nationwide. It has a network of Post Offices that are used to send and receive mail.

E-commerce and Logistics

Commercial entities also use postal codes to deliver merchandise and supplies to their customers. Online e-commerce services like Daraz use postal codes to deliver goods to the precise location. Postal codes are also used for international deliveries.

Delivery of Administrative and Emergency Services

The government of Pakistan also uses postal codes for administrative purposes such as taxation and census data collection. They are also used to deliver emergency services where required by providing targeted assistance and resources.

Geographical Identification

 With the increase in the use of technology and location-based analytics, postal codes serve as an important way to provide location-based information and services. For example, mobile phone network operators might provide a special discount based on postal codes.



Q1: What is a Postal Code in Vehari?

A Postal Code in Vehari is a series of numbers or letters used to identify specific geographic areas within the city. It helps in the efficient sorting and delivery of mail.


Q2: How do I find the Postal Code for my area in Vehari?

You can find the Postal Code for your area in Vehari by visiting the official postal service website or contacting the local post office. Additionally, online maps and postal code lookup tools can assist you in finding the correct code for your location.


Q3: Why is a Postal Code important in Vehari?

A Postal Code is essential in Vehari for accurate and timely mail delivery. It ensures that letters and packages are directed to the correct location, making the postal system more efficient and reliable.


Q4: Are there different Postal Codes for different areas within Vehari?

Yes, Vehari city is divided into various sectors and localities, each having its unique Postal Code. Different areas within Vehari have specific Postal Codes to streamline the mail sorting and delivery process.


Q5: Can I use a general Vehari Postal Code for any location within the city?

It is recommended to use the specific Postal Code for the exact location you are sending mail to within Vehari. Using the correct Postal Code ensures that your mail reaches the intended destination without any delays or issues.


Q6: How can I update or verify the Postal Code for my address in Vehari?

To update or verify the Postal Code for your address in Vehari, you can visit the local post office, contact the official postal service, or check online postal code lookup tools. It’s important to ensure your address details are accurate for efficient mail delivery.


Q7: What should I do if I don’t know the Postal Code for my destination in Vehari?

If you are unsure about the Postal Code for your destination in Vehari, you can inquire at the local post office, visit the official postal service website, or use online postal code lookup tools. Providing accurate address information will help postal workers deliver your mail promptly.


Q8: Are Postal Codes the same for residential and commercial areas in Vehari?

Postal Codes vary for different sectors, localities, and areas, including both residential and commercial zones in Vehari. Each specific area has its unique Postal Code to ensure precise mail delivery to both residential and business addresses.


Q9: How is a Vehari Postal Code formatted?

A Vehari Postal Code is typically a series of numeric digits. The format may vary, but it usually consists of five digits representing a specific area or sector within the city. It helps in accurately identifying the location for mail delivery purposes.


Q10: Can I send mail without a Postal Code in Vehari?

While it is possible to send mail without a Postal Code, providing the correct Postal Code ensures faster and more reliable delivery. Including the accurate Postal Code on your mail helps postal services efficiently route and deliver your letters and packages within Vehari.

For information about Gujrat postal codes, visit the Graana blog.

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