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In Pakistan, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is responsible for issuing national identity cards, maintaining the national database etc. NADRA has a network of offices across the country where citizens can avail any of its various services. 

If you currently reside in Lahore and need to apply for a national identity card, you can do so by visiting any NADRA office.

Graana.com has prepared a comprehensive list of NADRA offices in Lahore below, so you can easily find the one nearest you.




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National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) was established in 1998 and initially reported to the Ministry of Interior in the Government of Pakistan. However, in 2000, NADRA was founded as a separate and independent organisation that offered e-governance and issuance of identity-based documents.

For instance, it is in charge of providing birth and death certificates, identity cards and more, in addition to storing records of Pakistani citizens in database form.


NADRA Offices in Lahore

The following table provides details of the 15 NADRA offices in Lahore.


Branch Location Contact No.
NADRA Regional Head Office (RHO) 73, Trade Centre, Johar Town (042) 35554444
NADRA Executive Office, DHA 124-G, DHA Phase 1 (042) 35734910
NADRA Office, Jallo Jallo Mor, Near Makkah Tower, G.T. Road (042) 36583233
NADRA Executive Office, DHA, Phase 4 153-CC, DHA Phase 4 (042) 95895893
NADRA Office, Zafar Shaheed Road 12-A, Nagina Centre, Zarrar Shaheed Road, Guldasht Town (042) 99220837
NADRA Office, Samanabad 926-N, Samanabad (042) 37590606
NADRA Office, Secretariat Secretariat Building, Mall Road (042) 99210228
NADRA Office, Shahdara Saeed Park, Near Toll Plaza, Shahdara Town (042) 37940788
NADRA Executive Office, Allama Iqbal Town 56/16, Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town (042) 35424477
NADRA Office, Lahore High Court Lahore High Court, Mall Road, Mozang Chungi (042) 37164544
NADRA Office, Chung Multan Road, Chung N/A
NADRA Office, Protectorate 117, Block G, Model Town (042) 35885731
NADRA Office, Raiwind Near Raiwind Bypass (042) 3539334
NADRA Office, Peco Road Peco Road, Kot Lakhpat (042) 35943301
NARDA Executive Office, Township Block C-2, College Road, Township N/A

NADRA Office Timings in Lahore


Crowd waiting in line at NADRA office in Lahore


Most of Lahore’s NADRA centres are open from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm. However, some of them are also open on weekends or for an additional shift in the evening. It is advised to call the branch you intend to visit to inquire about its respective timings.

There are different ways to reach the NADRA offices. One of the best ways to reach the NADRA office is through the Speedo Bus service in Lahore.


Services Offered by NADRA


Steps for Online Registration of CNIC in Pakistan


Overseas Pakistanis can also avail of the services provided by NADRA. 

Following are the services that are offered.

  • It provides the Smart Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC), which contains a 13-digit code that serves as a unique identity code once an individual turns 18.
  • It issues the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP), which eliminates the requirement of a VISA for each trip back home for those living abroad.
  • A Pakistan Origin Card (POC) is assigned to eligible foreigners only.
  • The Child Registration certificate or B-form is granted to children under the age of 18 years, which proves their registered Pakistani citizenship.
  • A juvenile card, which is a chip-based identification card, is provided to children under the age of 18 years.
  • A death certificate is issued in case of the death of a citizen, or a cancellation certificate that registers the termination of the deceased’s ID card.
  • It also provides the Family Registration Certificate (FRC), which shows the family composition of the applicant.


Other Services

NADRA also plays a crucial role in several other initiatives, including the development of a pension management and disbursement system. Additionally, it offers its services to many notable businesses.

By shifting to digital, NADRA centres across the nation have worked towards making the system more user-friendly. By just logging in, a user can search for related information online on the NADRA website. A person cannot be recognised as a citizen of the country until they have an identity card that has been confirmed and issued by the NADRA centre in that region.




a picture of Smart NIC in Pakistan


The CNIC and NICOP are now available as Smart NIC (SNIC) and Smart NICOP (SNICOP) – these are chip-based cards that are more efficient than the previously available versions of CNICs and register you on a centralised database. 


NADRA Fee Details for CNIC and SNIC

The table below lists the fee details for different types of services offered by NADRA –  normal, urgent and executive.


Type Normal (PKR) Urgent (PKR) Executive (PKR)
New CNIC Free 1,150 2,150
CNIC Renewal 400 1,150 2,150
CNIC Modification 400 1,150 2,150
CNIC Duplicate 400 1,150 2,150
New Smart NIC 750 1,500 2,500
SNIC Renewal 750 1,500 2,500
SNIC Duplicate 750 1,500 2,500
SNIC Modification 750 1,500 2,500

NADRA Fee Details for NICOP and SNICOP

The following tables below provide the fee details of Zone A (which comprises 136 countries) and Zone B (which includes 106 countries) for NICOP and SNICOP. 


Type (Zone A) Normal (USD) Urgent (USD) Executive (USD)
New NICOP $36  $54  $72 
NICOP Modification $36  $54  $72 
NICOP Duplicate $36  $54  $72 
NICOP Renewal $36  $54  $72 
New Smart NICOP $39  $57  $75 
Smart NICOP Modification $39  $57  $75 
Smart NICOP Duplicate $39  $57  $75 
Smart NICOP Renewal $39  $57  $75 


Type (Zone B) Normal (USD) Urgent (USD) Executive (USD)
New NICOP $17  $27  $37 
NICOP Modification $17  $27  $37 
NICOP Duplicate $17  $27  $37 
NICOP Renewal $17  $27  $37 
New Smart NICOP $20  $30  $40 
Smart NICOP Modification $20  $30  $40 
Smart NICOP Renewal $20  $30  $40 
Smart NICOP Duplicate $20  $30  $40 


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