Exploring Burewala: A Vibrant Town in Punjab, Pakistan

Burewala, a charming town in the Vehari District of Punjab, Pakistan, is worth discovering. With a rich cultural heritage and a growing urban landscape, it has become a notable destination in this part of the country.

Graana.com has discussed everything you need to know about Burewala, including its history, etymology, postal codes, and more.

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An Overview


Burewala station


Burewala is recognised as the city of Education and Sports and is one of the leading areas for cotton production in the country. In 2017, the population of Burewala was approximately 10,19,659 , people. On the map, it is located at a latitude of 30.16 N and a longitude of 72.67 E. It is situated around 35 km from District Vehari and 135 km to the east of the historical city of Multan.

Burewala boasts a significant grain market in the area, making it a major centre for business. Additionally, it is home to the first shrine of Hazrat Baba Haji Sher Dewan in the sub-continent.



The city of Burewala is located on the Delhi-Multan Road, with the Sutlej River meandering through nearby towns such as Kachi Pakki, Jamlera, and Sahuka. One of the highlights of this region is the revered Shrine of Haji Sher Dewan Chawli Mashaikh, which is situated in Dewan Sahib, just 18 km away from Burewala.

In its bygone days, this area was heavily forested and home to the Dhuddi tribe of Rajput. However, the advent of the Pakpattan Canal brought about agricultural development and led to the gradual settlement of people in surrounding villages.

This transformation led to the clearing of the jungles, making way for cultivated fields. Initially referred to as Village No. 118/EB, with EB denoting Eastern Barr, Burewala is located in the ‘Eastern Canal Division.’

In the northern part of Burewala Tehsil, the remnants of an ancient water canal, now known as Sukh Bias, serve as a fascinating historical reminder of the area’s rich past.



The name “Burewala” in Pakistan has a complex origin with several theories associated with it. One such theory suggests that it may have been named after a person named “Burha,” who was potentially of Sikh origin. The village was also informally referred to as “Old Bura” or “Purana Boora.”

The inhabitants of the village built a significant well, which had an 8-foot diameter, and named it after their ancestor, calling it “Chah Boorhay wala” (Well of Burha). Interestingly, this historic well is now part of the P.I. Link canal.

The presence of this well eventually contributed to the naming of the new city as Burewala. In July 1976, the area received an upgrade in its status to a subdivision, encompassing areas like Gaggo Mandi, Shaikh Fazal, Sahuka, Jamlera, and Chak No.118/E.B within its jurisdiction.

Location and Postal Code




Burewala, a town of significance in the Vehari District of Punjab, Pakistan, is strategically positioned within the heart of the region.

Every area is assigned a unique postal code to facilitate mail delivery and location identification in the postal system. For Burewala, the specific postal code is valuable information for postal services and anyone looking to send mail or parcels to the town.

The postal code for this area ensures that letters and packages reach their intended destinations within the town promptly and accurately. The following table represents all the postal code information of Burewala:


Postal Code TypeDelivery Burewala Post Office
Burewala Postal Code61010
Area NameBurewala
Post Office NameGeneral Post Office
Post Office TypeMain GPO
Post Office AddressGeneral Post Office, Karkhana Bazar Rd, Vehāri, Punjab
City Code61010

Culture and Traditions

The culture of this area is deeply rooted in the traditions of Punjab. Residents celebrate various festivals and events with great enthusiasm and traditional fervour. These celebrations often include colourful dances, mouthwatering cuisine, and music that resonates with the heart of Punjab.


Economy and Agriculture

Burewala, like many towns in the region, has a diverse economic foundation that contributes to its growth and development. The town’s economic activities are shaped by a combination of factors, including its geographical location, available resources, and the entrepreneurial spirit of its residents. Here, we delve into the economic landscape of Burewala.

One of the primary pillars of Burewala’s economy is agriculture. The town’s fertile lands and favourable climate have made it an agricultural hub in the Vehari District of Punjab. Agriculture is not just an occupation here; it’s a way of life for many residents. Here’s a closer look at the importance of agriculture in the region:


Key Crops Grown in Burewala

The following are the key crops grown in Burewala:



 Burewala is renowned for its cotton production. Cotton cultivation is not only a major source of income for farmers but also a vital component of Pakistan’s textile industry. The town’s cotton fields, with their white blossoms, are a common sight during the growing season.



Wheat is another staple crop grown in abundance. It serves as a fundamental food source for the local population and the wider region. The vast wheat fields swaying in the breeze are a characteristic feature of Burewala’s rural landscape.



 Sugarcane cultivation is prevalent in Burewala, contributing significantly to the town’s economic prosperity. The sugarcane harvest is a source of sugar and a vital ingredient in various local delicacies.



Rice paddies are common in the region, and Burewala is no exception. It is a staple in Pakistani cuisine, and the town’s production helps meet the national demand.


Other Crops

In addition to these key crops, Burewala’s agricultural diversity extends to various fruits and vegetables. Farmers cultivate citrus fruits, guavas, and okra, contributing to local consumption and regional trade.


Education and Development

It is home to educational institutions that provide quality learning opportunities for its residents. As the town continues to develop, it strives to improve its infrastructure, ensuring its people a better quality of life.

Following are some well-known educational institutes in the city:

  • Barani Institute of Sciences
  • Superior University Lahore 
  • University of Agriculture 
  • Punjab College 



Burewala, with its historical significance, vibrant culture, and thriving economy, is a remarkable town in the heart of Punjab, Pakistan. Whether you’re interested in its rich heritage or eager to savour its delicious cuisine, Burewala has something to offer every visitor. So, next time you’re in the Vehari District, don’t forget to explore this town gem.


FAQs about Burewala, Pakistan

Here are some FAQs about the area:


What is the history of Burewala?

Burewala is a town in the Vehari District of Punjab, Pakistan. It is located along the Delhi-Multan Road, with the Sutlej River flowing through nearby towns. Burewala has a rich history dating back to the early 18th century. Moreover, the town was originally inhabited by the Dhuddi tribe of Rajput, but it gradually developed into an agricultural hub with the advent of the Pakpattan Canal.


What is the etymology of the name Burewala?

There are several theories about the origin of the name Burewala. One theory suggests that it may be named after an individual known as “Burha,” possibly of Sikh descent. Another theory suggests that the name may derive from the Punjabi word “bur,” meaning “well.” This is likely a reference to a well that was constructed by the inhabitants of the original village of Burewala.


What is the postal code for Burewala?

The postal code for Burewala is 61010. This code facilitates mail delivery and location identification in the postal system.


What are the key crops grown in Burewala?

The key crops grown in the area are cotton, wheat, sugarcane, rice, citrus fruits, guavas, and okra. These crops contribute significantly to the town’s economy and provide a livelihood for many residents.


What are some of the educational institutions in Burewala?

Some of the well-known educational institutions in Burewala include:

  • Barani Institute of Sciences
  • Superior University Lahore 
  • University of Agriculture 


What are some of the things to do in Burewala?

Burewala has a variety of attractions for visitors, including:

  • The Shrine of Haji Sher Dewan Chawli Mashaikh
  • The Burewala Stadium
  • The Burewala Canal


What is the best time to visit Burewala?

The best time to visit Burewala is during the spring and autumn when the weather is mild and pleasant.

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