All You Need to Know About Dinga 

In the District of Gujrat, there lies a small town named Dinga. The city was founded in the 16th century by Choudhry Muqeem Khan. It has a population of about 50,000. Dinga lies in north Punjab between two major rivers: Chenab and Jhelum. Also, there is a Sikh gurudwara, Nanak Sar Gurdwara, from before the partition of the subcontinent.

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In this blog, we have compiled an informative account of this small yet lively town of Punjab. For more information, visit 


Location of Dinga 


Dinga map

Dinga is located in Pakistan’s northern Punjab, in the Gujrat District. Geographically, it is located at latitude 31°57′34 North and longitude 74°28′57 East. The river Chenab and Jhelum Rivers are the city’s two strategically essential rivers.

Moreover, Dinga is located about 100 km from the Indian border. Situated about 25 km from a major highway, it offers convenient access to major cities such as Lahore and Rawalpindi. 



There are two myths about the origin of the name “Dinga.” According to the first one, the name was actually “Deen-gaah,” which translates to “Islamic Centre”. When the British came, they started calling Dinga, which later became the town’s official name.  The other legend says that the word Dinga itself is derived from the word “Ding,” which is a sub-caste of “Gujar.”  


How to Reach Dinga? 


City Distance (km) 
Postal Code of Dinga 50280 
Islamabad 135 
Lahore 130 
Kharian 25 
Gujrat 20 

How you travel to this town, Pakistan, depends on your preferred means of transportation and where you’re coming from. The choices are as follows: 

  • By Aircraft: Islamabad International Airport (ISB), located about 190 km away, is the closest major airport. Taxis, buses, or rental cars can transport you to Dinga from Islamabad. 
  • By Train: There needs to be a train station in Dinga. Gujrat Station, which is 25 km away, is the closest option. You may go to Dinga from there via buses, rickshaws, or taxis. 
  • By Car: The Grand Trunk (GT) Road, a significant route connecting Lahore and Rawalpindi, is close to Dinga. If you’re coming from either city, drive on the GT Road. The separation is around 165 kilometers from Rawalpindi and 220 kilometers from Lahore. 
  • By Bus: The town is connected to other Pakistani cities, such as Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Gujrat, by a number of private bus companies. Check out these cities’ bus terminals for timetables and fares. 


Popular Places 

This town offers a glimpse into history, religion, and family fun. Here’s a look at some exciting places you can visit: 

Historical Sites 

Sundar Das Palace
  • Toppa House: This extravagant building, constructed by Fatimah Toppa, is a piece of Dinga’s history waiting to be explored. 
  • Sundar Das Palace: Another historic site, Sundar Das Palace, is likely steeped in local lore and awaits discovery. 

Religious Sites 

  • Markzi Jamia Masjid (Eid Gah): This grand mosque is a significant religious site and possibly the central mosque for Eid celebrations. 



Dinga city

The city boasts a rich history, believed to have been founded sometime in the 16th century. The town thrived as a multicultural hub before the partition of India in 1947. Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs all resided in Dinga peacefully, with evidence of this diversity in the form of a Sikh house of worship called NanakSar, though today, only ruins remain. 


Educational Institutes 

Government school Dinga

Students can choose from a range of educational alternatives in Dinga City. Government Degree College for Boys Dinga and Government Degree College for Women Dinga are government-run institutions for men and women pursuing higher education. Private universities that serve both sexes also exist; examples are Asian College for Women and Asian College for Boys.

When it comes to elementary and secondary education, Dinga provides a variety of establishments. The Grammar School Dinga, Pakistan Quality School, Eraas House of Knowledge, and The Educators (Mian Ghulam Ghous Campus) are available to parents. These schools likely offer a more secular education.  

As an alternative, religious establishments specialize in Islamic subjects, such as the Islamic model high school Dinga, Daar. e. Arqam School, Kidsbeacon School Dinga (Abdullah Campus), and Gazali School System.  

Government-run schools, such as the Government High School for Girls, and private establishments, like the VEGA school system and SIRAAT E MUSTAQEEM HIGH SCHOOL DINGA, complete the list of alternatives.  

Lastly, International Islamic University (IIU-Dinga Campus) offers a possibility for individuals seeking a university degree with an emphasis on Islamic studies. 


Main Bazaars 

Market Name Description 
Ghala Mandi A very old market, possibly the main economic hub for Dinga and nearby villages. 
Androon Bazaar Likely an interior market, potentially with a focus on specific goods. 
Barkat Market Name suggests a market known for abundance or blessings. 
Aalim Market Caters to local farmers, providing a platform to sell their produce. 
Main Bazaar The main town’s shopping area. 
Ravi Road Market located on a road named after the Ravi River. 
Thana Road Market situated on a road named after the local police station (Thana). 
Kohlia Road Market located on Kohlia Road. 
Eidgah Bazar Market likely associated with Eid celebrations. 
Kharian Link Road Market situated on the road connecting Dinga to Kharian. 


Following are some top FAQs.

Where is the town located? 

This town is a town located in Gujrat District, Punjab, Pakistan. 

How old is this town? 

There is evidence suggesting Dinga’s establishment in the 16th century. 

What was Dinga like before the partition? 

Before the partition of India in 1947, town was a multicultural hub where Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs lived together peacefully. A Sikh gurdwara called NanakSar existed during this time. 

What are some exciting places to visit? 

  • Historical Sites: Toppa House, Sundar Das Palace 
  • Religious Sites: Markzi Jamia Masjid (Eid Gah) 
  • Other: Mandar Wala Mohallah (neighbourhood), Fatima Jannah Children’s Park 

What are the leading educational options in the town? 

The town offers various educational institutions, including government colleges, private schools with secular or Islamic curricula, and a university focused on Islamic studies. 

This was all about Dinga. For more information, visit  

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