Amazon Super League S2: Highlights of the first qualifier round

Islamabad: We had broken the news of the Amazon Super League Season 2 a few days ago. Details of the first qualifier round are now in for the soaking. Are the results an upset? Did your favorite team win? Is there a reshuffle in the order of your favorite teams? Find answers to all of your burning cricketing questions right here.

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Lined up on the first day of the qualifier round were teams Amazon Warriors, Amazon Gladiators and Amazon Hawks. The three teams locked their horns in a bid to secure a position in the semi-finals. Three matches were played between the teams.


The first day of the tournament started with a graceful opening ceremony. All the six teams stood in unison along with their respective team managers to the rhythm of the national anthem of Pakistan.

The first match of the tournament was played between Amazon Warriors and Amazon Gladiators. The Amazon Gladiators won the toss and chose to bat first. The Warriors gave the Gladiators a hard time in scoring and the Gladiators was able to score 80 runs only. This seemed to be a walk in the park for the Warriors. The match turned out not to be so simple.

The Amazon Warriors had to struggle beating the score of 80 runs. The Amazon Gladiators gave the opponent a tough time with their aggressive bowling and tight fielding. The Amazon Warriors won the match narrowly by hitting a boundary on the last ball. The crowd was thrilled and cheered their respective teams to the last ball.

Amazon Gladiators and Amazon Hawks locked horns in the second match. Amazon Gladiators won the toss and again decided to bat first. A massive target of 136 runs set by the Gladiators was too much for the Hawks. The Gladiators grounded the Hawks under the score of one hundred. This score of 136 runs by the Amazon Gladiators is the highest in the tournament thus far.

The third match of the day was played between Amazon Hawks and Amazon Warriors. Amazon Hawks won the toss and set a target of 91 runs by batting first. Surprisingly the Warriors lost the match by 3 runs after a nail biting competition. Even though the Warriors started batting on a strong foot their middle order simply could not break through the bowling and fielding pressure of the Hawks.

The Amazon Gladiators and the Amazon Warriors were declared qualifiers for the semi-finals on March 28 2019. The second qualifier round is scheduled on March 27. The audiences are excited to witness the defending champion the Amazon Lions in the qualifier round tomorrow.

Graana Group of Companies Director Farhan Javed, Graana Group of Companies Director Arslan Javed and Agency 21 International Director Sharjeel A. Ehmer were present throughout the matches. Their personal interest and enthusiasm encouraged the moral of teams.

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