An Area Guide to F-7, Islamabad

One of the poshest and earliest developed sectors of Islamabad, F-7, Islamabad, is situated to the west of Sector F-6, close to the Pak Secretariat and PM House. This sector is ideally located next to Margalla Hills, Damn-e-Koh, and Faisal Avenue.

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Due to top-class security in the area, most foreigners and Politicians reside here. Because of its high value and proximity to the main areas in the city, it makes for one of the most elite sectors of Islamabad.

The sector comes under the Capital Development Authority (CDA). F-7 Islamabad is divided into 4 sub-sectors; F-7/1, F-72, F-7/3, and F-7/4. The sector has a centralized commercial area commonly known as  “Markaz”. 

These sub-sectors are interlinked to Nazim-ud-din road. The popular Jinnah Super Market is located in the F-7 sector. The market attracts a lot of tourists and locals living in twin cities. 

It is known as the commercial hub of Islamabad and offers extraordinary living experiences. The well-constructed roads connect all areas of the twin cities. A straight drive on  Faisal Avenue towards the south will connect you with Islamabad Express Highway at Zero Point, and driving straight towards the South leads to the new Islamabad International Airport., Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal brings you a detailed account of the facilities and amenities available in F-7Islamabad.


road of f-7



Houses in F-7 Islamabad

Providing a fine neighbourhood, F-7 Islamabad has a variety of houses varying in size, price, and facilities available. While all the sub-sectors have similar features, F-7/1 comes out at the top of the list of all popular and expensive areas of this sector. 

The sector is surrounded by beautiful scenery and has dedicated green belts which are well-maintained. You can find all kinds of houses for sale and houses for rent in F-7, Islamabad. From multiple-story houses that include basements, F-7 has the most beautiful houses with lush green front yards.

The standard size of the house for sale in F-7 Islamabad starts from 5 marlas and goes up to 1 Kanal. However, you can also find 2 to 3-bedroom flats for rent in F-7 Islamabad. As this sector is more developed and the prices of properties in Islamabad have the tendency to rise rapidly; it makes for the perfect time to invest in this area. 


Price Trends of Property in F-7 Islamabad

Sector F-7 is a well-planned and well-designed sector. This is because it provides all kinds of facilities and modern amenities to its residents. Easy access to essential items, modern cafes and restaurants make it the perfect place to live. The price trend in this sector depends on the sub-sector, the size of the house, and other factors. 

Following are the price trends of houses in Sector F-7 to give you an idea of the real estate value of the area.


Size of House 

Price Trends (Sale )

Price Trends (Rent)

500-533 Square Yards

            –Rs  (400k to 800k)

600- 666 Square Yards

Rs 20 to 25 Crore

Rs (450k to 800k)

800 – 888 Square Yards

Rs 27 to 30 Crore

Rs 450k to 1000k

1000 Square YardsRs 27 to 35 CroreRs 500k to 1200k
1600 Square YardsRs 32 to 38 CroreRs 700k to 1200k
 2000 Square YardsRs 42 to 80 CroreRs 700k to 1500k

2 to 3-bed Portion


Rs 200k to 400k


Plots for Sale Price Trend


Size of PlotPrice Trends 
500 Square YardsRs 16 to 22 Crore
533 Square YardsRs 16 to 22 Crore
600 – 666 Square Yards Rs 20 to 25 Crore


Amenities in F-7 Islamabad


Veiw of margalla hills with a backgrounf of clouds with busy roads


Sector F-7 caters to a high number of residents so it provides all kinds of facilities and amenities. The sector is surrounded by several educational institutions, financial institutions, bookshops, fitness centres, restaurants, parks, etc. The iconic Faisal Mosque is within a walking distance of the sector. 

The Markaz is a lively and happening place that provides a unique and entertaining shopping experience. It also provides the best kind of continental and western food options. Moreover, the top-notch security in this sector makes it a safe place compared to other sectors.

Since it is one of the earliest developed sectors in F-7, the sector has a consistent supply of water, gas, and electricity. Besides, the area falls in close vicinity to major attractions around Islamabad. Hiking and rock climbing trails are situated close to the sector making it easier to access for all hiking and jogging enthusiasts.

To commute within the city, the residents use the nearby Metro bus stations and local minibuses which run regularly. The sector has multiple shopping centres including the famous Safa Gold Mall which hosts many local and international brands.


Emergency Contacts

Here are some important contacts from the area directory that you can note down in case of sudden or unexpected incidents that may occur.


List of Emergency PlacesContact Number
IESCO(051) 9252937
SNGPL(051) 9257710
CDA water supply0519252962
Ambulance0301 6249000
Fire Brigade(051) 9253016
Traffic Police(051) 92619923
CDA(051) 9253016

Restaurants in F-7, Islamabad


Restaurant in F7


F-7 sector is famously known for its food options. Because of its prime location, the sector offers a major business opportunity to both local and international food chains.

This attraction has resulted in the creation of a major food market for the people of the twin cities. You can find some of the most famous restaurants and eateries. 

You can find all kinds of cuisine in the area. The sector is paved with restaurants left and right, thus increasing the number of eateries. With this increase comes the rising competition among restaurants, ultimately making it one of the busiest markets in the city.

We have a list of popular eateries in the F-7 sector. These restaurants are not only limited to dining in, but most of them offer takeaway and home delivery options,


Envoy Continental HotelContinental
Subway Western
Kim Mun Chinese
Chinese RestaurantChinese
Secret SkyContinental
Kabul RestaurantAfghani Cuisine
Sooper ScooperzIce Cream Palor 
Chocolate CafeWestern
The Chinese CafeChinese
What a ParathaTraditional
Chai ShaiTraditional
Atrio Cafe & GrillWestern
Burn Out Restaurant & CafeWestern
2 Broke EngineersWestern 
The Hotspot Western 
The Burger FestWestern 
Khiva Continental 
The Juice LandMix
Gourmet BakersBakery


Medical Facilities

Easy access to healthcare is a key consideration in any area. Keeping this in mind, the F-7 sector has a variety of well-known private clinics and hospitals to cater to any sudden and unfortunate medical issue that may arise.

There are also well-known private and public hospitals in the nearby vicinity. We have gathered a list of hospitals and clinics available in the F-7 sector,

  • The Dental Consultants Hospital
  • Ali Ahmad Physiocare Hospital
  • Medicsi Hospital
  • Adnans Dental And Implant Clinic
  • Derma Bliss Hospital
  • Ali Medical Centre
  • Amanat Eye Hospital
  • Kulsum International Hospital
  • Federal Government Services Hospital
  • Nuclear Oncology & Radiotherapy Institute (NORI)
  • KRL Hospital
  • Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS)
  • Maroof International Hospital
  •  Integrated Health Services
  • HS Children’s Medical Centre


Education Institutions

The sector has a great variety of well-reputed educational institutions for locals and foreigners. It has both public and private institutions as well as Islamic educational institutions. 

These institutions are attended not only by the local residents but by students across the twin cities. There is no university located in the sector but there are many well-known institutions nearby.

Mentioned below is the list of educational institutions available in the sector.


NameLevelInstitution type 
Federal Government College for Women CollegeGirls
Margalla  Model College for girls f-7/2CollegeGirls 
Froebel`s International SchoolSchool & CollegeCo-Ed
Red Mapple Montessori & SchoolSchoolCo-Ed
Headstart School and MontessoriSchoolCo-Ed
Dar e AqaramReligiousSeparate for Boy and Girls
Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF)School & CollegeCo-Ed
Islamabad Model College for Boys College Boys
National Training for Special Persons Vactionall CenterDifferently abled 
Chanab Group of Colleges CollegeSeparate for Boy and Girls
Roots Millennium Schools School & CollegeCo-Ed
Liberal Arts High SchoolSchoolCo-Ed
Hamdard University Blue AreaUniversityCo-Ed
Islamabad campus of Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD)UniversityCo-Ed
Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and TechnologyUniversityCo-Ed
Bahria UniversityUniversityCo-Ed
Air University IslamabadUniversityCo-Ed

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What is F-7 in Islamabad?

F-7 is a sector in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. It is a well-established residential and commercial area in the city.


What is the significance of F-7 in Islamabad?

F-7 is known for its central location in Islamabad and is home to various businesses, embassies, restaurants, schools, and government offices. It is considered a prime location for both living and working.


What are the main attractions in F-7?

F-7 is home to several notable landmarks and attractions, including Jinnah Super Market, which is a popular shopping and dining destination. The sector also has beautiful parks and green spaces.


Are there educational institutions in F-7?

Yes, there are several schools and educational institutions in F 7 Islamabad, making it a convenient area for families. Some well-known schools and colleges are located in this sector.


How is the real estate market in F-7?

F-7 is a sought-after area in Islamabad, and the real estate market is quite active. It offers a mix of residential and commercial properties, from houses and apartments to office spaces and shops. Property values can be relatively high due to its central location.


Is F-7 a safe area in Islamabad?

F-7 is generally considered a safe and secure area. However, like any urban area, it’s advisable to take common-sense precautions, such as locking doors and being aware of your surroundings.


How can I reach F-7 from other parts of Islamabad?

F-7 is easily accessible by road. You can use various modes of transportation, including personal vehicles, taxis, and ride-sharing services, to reach this sector from other parts of Islamabad.


Is F-7 a family-friendly area?

Yes, F-7 is considered a family-friendly neighborhood with parks, educational institutions, and various amenities that cater to the needs of families and individuals.

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