An Area Guide to G-13, Islamabad

Similar to its nearby sectors, G-13 is one of the finest residential sectors in Islamabad. Located between Kashmir Highway and Nazim-Uddin road, the sector is home to many local as well as migrant families. The sector is easily accessible and is only a few minutes from Motorway and G.T road. It is also accessible from other sectors such as G-14, G-12, and H-13.

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G-13 is one of the recently yet most rapidly developed and renowned sectors in the city. Whilst offering a fine living experience, this is a popular sector that is comparatively affordable as to living in the main sectors. One of the finest features planned by town planners, the sector has a centralized commercial market called  ‘Markaz’. 

G-13 Markaz is a centrally located area where the residents can find almost everything from grocery items, to fruit and vegetable shops and beauty salons. Easy access to well-known educational institutions and medical facilities makes this sector an ideal area to live in. The sector offers a variety of housing options within well-settled neighborhoods. You can easily find through a number of properties as per your requirement in this sector., Pakistan smartest Property portal brings you a detailed account of the location perks, prices, and value of the sector along with the types of properties available.


G13 Launch

G13 Islamabad was launched by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in the year 2005. The development of the G13 sector was part of the CDA’s initiative to expand the city and provide planned residential areas for the growing population of Islamabad.

The launch of G13 involved the acquisition of land by the CDA and the subsequent planning and development of the sector. The CDA undertook various infrastructure projects, including the construction of roads, water supply systems, sewerage networks, and other essential amenities.

The development of G13 aimed to provide a well-planned and organized residential area with modern infrastructure and facilities. The sector was strategically located to provide convenient access to nearby commercial areas, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and transportation networks.

Over the years, G13 Islamabad has witnessed significant growth and development. It has attracted residents and investors due to its prime location, well-designed layout, and availability of various housing options. The sector continues to evolve and expand, offering a desirable living environment in the capital city of Pakistan.


NOC Approvals for G13 Islamabad

G13 Islamabad is a designated area created by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). This means that it has received official permission, known as a NOC (No Objection Certificate), from the responsible authorities. These NOC approvals make sure that G13 Islamabad meets all the necessary rules and guidelines for its development.

These approvals cover various aspects of G13 Islamabad’s creation, such as obtaining the land, making development plans, setting up infrastructure, and providing basic services. These approvals confirm that G13 Islamabad has followed the directions provided by the CDA and other relevant organisations that oversee such matters. G13 Islamabad is officially recognized as a legitimate place for both living and doing business. 

It’s important to remember that these NOC approvals might need to be updated or renewed from time to time. To find out the most current status of the NOC approvals for G13 Islamabad, it’s a good idea to directly contact the relevant authorities or visit their official websites.


Houses in G-13


double story houses in g-13


According to the master plan of the city, each sector in Islamabad is divided into Sub-Sectors. G-13 is divided into 4  Sub-Sectors  G-13/1 G-13/2 G-13/3 G-13/4. Houses for sale in G-13 islamabad vary within the sector in terms of total area, condition, amenities available, and price. With a peaceful and calming environment, it is one of the best places to have your home.

As this sector is now more developed as compared to previous years, the prices of properties in Islamabad also have the tendency to rise at a rapid pace, this is the right time to invest in this area. The property market is going up by day and the future value of the property is likely to increase. The standard size of flats  for rent in G-13 islamabad includes 4 Marlas, 8 Marlas, 14 Marlas, and 1 Kanal. There are multiple storey houses and flats for rent in G-13 islambad and some of them also include basements. 


Property Price Trends in G-13

With the rise in property prices, more and more people are looking to rent a house and invest in property. While renting, people consider a number of factors including the surrounding environment and the cost. Deciding on a rental property is not as big of a decision compared to buying one. Purchasing a house is one of the most important and expensive decisions which is why the need to be aware of all the property trends. 


The property prices in G-13 are still affordable compared to other sectors. along with houses, flats for sale in G-13 islamabad and  flats for rent are available at affordable prices.  However, the prices vary with the amenities, location, and size of the area. In many instances, buyers may be able to negotiate the price as they are usually a little flexible. However, while making a purchase, it is important to be aware of the market prices and trends. 

We have listed down the standard  prices of house for sale and house for rent in G-13, Islamabad.

Size of House Price Trends (Sale )Price Trends (Rent)
4 MarlasRs 3.00 Crore to 4.50 CroreRs 80 Thousand to 90 Thousand 
8 MarlasRs 6.0 crore to 7.5 croreRs 1.8 lacs to 1.9 Lacs
10 MarlasRs 7 crore to 7.5 CroreRs 2 to 2.5 Lacs
14 MarlasRs 8 crore to 8.9 CroreRs 2.5 Lacs to 2.9 lacs

Amenities in Sector G-13


Overview of sector g-13


Surrounded by well-settled neighborhoods, G-13 provides all the modern amenities and necessities to its residents. Financial institutions (Allied Bank, Bank Alfalah, UBL), clothing brands, grocery store chains (Punjab Cash & Carry ), book shops, fitness centers, parlors, and parks are easily accessible to the residents and provide a convenient way of living. 

The Sector ensures a good security system which attracts a lot of people to reside here. The sector also has nearby Metro bus stations and the new Islamabad international airport is only a 20-minute drive from the sector.

Emergency Contacts

Here are some important contacts from the area directory that you can note down in case of sudden or unexpected incidents that may occur.

List of Emergency PlacesContact Number
IESCO051) 9334933
SNGPL(051) 9257710
CDA water supply0519252962
Ambulance0301 6249000
Fire Brigade(051) 9253016
Traffic Police(051) 92619923
CDA(051) 9253016



G-13 is home to a wide variety of restaurants and popular food chains. It has famous restaurants, coffee cafes, and bakeries which are popular among the locals for their taste and ambiance. We have a list of available eateries in the G-13 Sector. These restaurants provide the facility of dine-in, takeaway, and home delivery,

Panda BoxMix
14th Street PizzaWestern 
Spicy FoodsTraditional 
Maizban Tandoori RestaurantsTraditional
Cafe AnwarTraditional
Cheema & Chatha Traditional
Domino’s PizzaWestern
Crispo HutTraditional
Burning BrownieBakery
The Cheese FactorWestern
Peshawari Bawarchi KhanaTraditional
Silver Grill Pulao KababTraditional 
Pait PoojaTraditional
Food NationTraditional
Pizza BeatsWestern
Cock & BullContinental 
Central Library CafeContinental
Italian PizzaWestern
4 Season FoodsContinental
Quetta CafeTraditional 
Shinwari TikkahTraditional 
Hot and SpicyTraditional 
Amann SajjiTraditional 
Kiani Sweets and BakersBakery 


Medical Facilities

Considering the importance of medical facilities, the sector has several well-equipped hospitals and healthcare facilities. There are several hospitals in the sector that offer specialized medical services as well as first aid facilities to cater to any sudden and unfortunate medical issue that may arise. To save your time, we have put together a list of top-notch hospitals available in sector G-13:

  • Ayesha Clinic 
  • Rizwan Hospital
  • Islamabad Diagnostic center 
  • Quaid e Azam Hospital
  • Al-Khidmat Medical Center 
  • Medex Lab
  • Bismillah Clinic 
  • Dr . Tanees Raan
  • Clinic, and Diagnostic Hospitals 
  • Wasim Diagnostic and Imaging. Ultrasound 
  • Bio-Tech Lab
  • Family Health care and Pharmacy 
  • Anwar Capital Hospital and Vaccination Center
  • Aman Medical Services 
  • Noreen Dental and Medical Care
  • Mehmood Medical Center 
  • Shakir Medical Center 

Educational Institutions

Besides excellent medical facilities, the sector also hosts many educational institutions. G-13 has well-reputed educational institutions including schools and colleges. The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is right across from the sector making it an excellent location for students. Here is a list of educational institutions for your convenience:

  • The City School 
  • Allied Schools 
  • Sadiq Quran Institution 
  • The Air grammar School 
  • Damaan Engineering 
  • TCS Gulrez Nursery 
  • Dar e Aqaram
  • Ummah Islamic Educational and Vocational Center 
  • National Institution of Transportation
  • Roots Millennium School 
  • The Maple Tree School System 
  • Beaconhouse  College program Tipu Sultan
  • Education Center Islamabad
  • Froebel’s international school
  • Institute of Engineering and Technology 
  • SNS
  • The Knowledge School 
  • ZPMS
  • Dr. AQ Khan School system
  •  The Smart School 



1. What is the location of G-13, Islamabad?

G-13 is conveniently situated between Kashmir Highway and Nazim-Uddin Road, ensuring easy accessibility. Its strategic placement makes it a mere few minutes’ drive from the Motorway and G.T road. Additionally, it shares proximity with other sectors such as G-14, G-12, and H-13, enhancing its connectivity.


2. How does G-13 stand out among Islamabad’s residential sectors?

G-13 stands out as a rapidly developed and renowned sector in Islamabad. While offering a high-quality living experience, it remains comparably affordable compared to the main sectors. The sector boasts a centralized commercial market called ‘Markaz,’ which caters to residents’ everyday needs.


3. What is the significance of Markaz in G-13?

Markaz is a central commercial area within G-13 that provides residents with a range of conveniences. From grocery items to fresh produce and beauty salons, Markaz offers everything residents require for their daily lives. This centralized market simplifies shopping and enhances the overall living experience.


4. What amenities and facilities are available in G-13?

G-13 is equipped with an array of modern amenities and facilities that cater to residents’ needs. It hosts financial institutions like Allied Bank, Bank Alfalah, and UBL, along with clothing brands, grocery stores (such as Punjab Cash & Carry), fitness centres, and parks. The sector’s focus on security, along with its proximity to Metro bus stations and the new Islamabad International Airport, adds to its allure.


5. How was G-13 developed, and when was it launched?

G-13 was launched by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in 2005 as part of Islamabad’s expansion plan. The sector’s development involved land acquisition, meticulous planning, and the implementation of essential infrastructure projects. The CDA aimed to provide a well-organized residential area with modern amenities and convenient access to commercial areas, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and transportation networks.


6. What are the available housing options in G-13?

G-13 offers diverse housing options within its well-settled neighbourhoods. Divided into four sub-sectors (G-13/1, G-13/2, G-13/3, G-13/4), the sector provides houses of various sizes, conditions, and amenities. The standard sizes include 4 Marlas, 8 Marlas, 14 Marlas, and 1 Kanal, with some properties even featuring basements


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