An Area Guide to Jinnah Garden, Islamabad

Islamabad is Pakistan’s most diverse metropolis in terms of the population makeup of the city. Under the jurisdiction of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Jinnah Garden Islamabad is located near Mouza Gagri, Sihala, and Lohi Bher on the Islamabad Highway. 


Jinnah Garden Islamabad was launched by CDA in 2011. Previously, it was known as the Federal Employees Cooperative Housing Society, and later it was renamed as Jinnah Garden. Islamabad city is divided into five major zones: Zone I, Zone II, Zone III, Zone IV, & Zone V. Jinnah Garden falls under the 5th Zone. 


The society offers both commercial and residential property. Jinnah Garden has 2397 residential plots and 2 major Phases. Phase 1 is a particularly popular residential area and it is divided into further sub-sectors (A, B, C, D, E, and F). The sub-sectors are rapidly developing and are attracting a large number of people. Houses for rent in Jinnah Garden Islamabad are available at affordable prices.  If you are thinking of buying or renting property, Jinnah Garden is the ideal place to live and invest. Get to know Naval Anchorage Islamabad., Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal, brings you a complete guide on the area’s rental and sale trends for properties. 


Houses in Jinnah Garden


Entrance of jinnah garden


Houses in the Jinnah Garden have a modern vibe and unique aesthetics that set it apart from the rest of the city. With well-designed architecture, the area offers single-story and double-story houses for sale and rent. Most of these houses have a porch and a parking area with a capacity for 2 to 3 cars. 

Many houses for sale in Jinnah Garden islamabad also have balconies with eye-catching views and lawns in which you can garden. Both furnished and unfurnished houses are available for sale and rent in the area.

A lot housing societies are located in the neighborhood of Jinnah Garden, making it a quite developed area compared to the last few years. Like some of the other areas in Islamabad, it is considered one of the affordable residential areas of the capital. Jinnah Housing  Society is filled with Gardens and well-constructed and organized road belts which makes it an ideal place to live.


The type of houses varies with the size, area, sector, price, and amenities available. However, both furnished and unfurnished flats for sale in Jinnah Garden islamabad and rent are available at very affordable prices. The standard sizes of a house for rent or flats for rent in Jinnah Garden Islamabad  includes 5, 7, 8, 10 Marlas and some can even go up to 1 Kanal. The area experiences significant increase in its property value because of its location parallel to Islamabad Expressway. So if you’re looking for a place to invest, now might be the perfect time. 


Property Price Trends in Jinnah Garden

The real estate market in Islamabad attracts a huge number of people from across the country. Access to advanced technologies and the availability of facilities and amenities are the main factors that play a major role in the rising of property prices in Islamabad. 


The Houses for sale and houses for rent price trends in Jinnah Garden, Islamabad vary with the amenities, location, and size of the area. In many instances, buyers and tenants may be able to negotiate the price as they are usually a little flexible. However, while making a purchase, it is important to be aware of the market prices and trends. We have listed down the standard rental and sale price trends of houses and plots in the area,


Size of House  Price Trends (Sale ) Price Trends (Rent)
5 Marla 


Rs 95 Lacs to 1 Crore Rs 45k to 55k
7 Marla


Rs 1.80 Crore to 2.40 Crore Rs 30k to 75k
10 Marla


Rs 2.80 Crore to 3.40 Crore Rs  80k to 90k

            1 Kanal 

Rs 3.50 Crore to 4 Crore Not Available for rent 


Price Trend of Plots for Sale

Size of Plot  (Layout plan) Price Trends 
5 Marla Rs 60 Lacs to 70 Lacs
7 Marla  Rs 95 Lacs to 1.20 Crore
10 Marla Rs 1.30 Crore to 1.50 Crore
1 Kanal Rs 2 Crore to 250 Crore
Size of Plot  (Non- Layout plan) Price Trends
5  Marla Rs 50 Lacs to 65 Lac
7 Marla Rs 75 Lacs to 85 Lacs


Market Analysis

Total Units  13103

  • Commercial
  • Residential




  • Commercial
  • Residential




Emergency contacts

Here are some important contacts from the area directory that you can note down in case of sudden or unexpected incidents that may occur.


List of Emergency Places Contact Number
Police 051-5710906
IESCO (051) 9252902
SNGPL (051) 5440227
CDA water supply 0519252962
Ambulance 300 7141793
Fire Brigade (051) 5163522
Traffic Police (051) 92619923
CDA (051) 9253016

Amenities in Jinnah Garden


Steet of jinnah garden, islamabad


Similar to other comparable residential areas of Islamabad, Jinnah Garden benefits from the booming commercial facilities in the area with dozens of food outlets, medical facilities, petrol pumps, banks, and utility stores. 

Basic amenities such as food, water, electricity, and gas are available to ensure a comfy lifestyle.  Jinnah Gardens is equipped with an underground sewerage system and  garbage & cling teams to ensure a clean environment in the area.


The society has multiple in-house gardens, parks, and kids’ play areas. There is easy access to major attractions around Islamabad.  The wide roads and green belts make it easy for residents to move in and out of the area. When it comes to safety measure, residents’ safety is always the top priority of the security forces in this area which makes it a safe place to live.



The society has well-known restaurants located within the neighborhood, Amongst this vast variety of multiple food chains, you can find all kinds of cuisine in this area. With the increasing number of eateries, the competition among restaurants also gets quite tough. brings you a list of popular eateries available in the Jinnah Garden. These restaurants are not only limited to dine-in but most of them offer takeaway and home delivery options.


Restaurants Cuisine
Habibi Traditional
10th Street Pizza Western
Bismillah Sajji Point Traditional
Rawal Murg Pulao and Biryani Traditional
Spice Eat Traditional
Adan’s Cafe Traditional
Shikshak Continental
Bhagti Gate Restaurant  Traditional
Mattoo’s kitchen Traditional
Karachi BAR.B.Q Traditional
Ramzu Pizza & Broast Western
Hot and Spicy Traditional
Desi Tadka Homemade Foods Traditional
Mama Gee Nashta Traditional
Halyani & Birleem Turkish
Desi Sufra Traditional


Education Institutions

Jinnah Garden has a great variety of well-reputed educational institutions. It has both public and private institutions within and outside of society. These institutions are attended not only by the local residents, but also by students from across the twin cities. 

There is no university located in the sector, however there are many well-known institutions nearby. Here is the list of educational institutions:


Name Level Institution type 
Insperia college College Girls
Allied School Jinnah Garden School Co-Ed
Seeds Islamic International School School Co-Ed
Dr. A Q Khan School School Co-Ed
Metropolitan School Jinnah Garden Campus School Co-Ed
Brainiancs Montessori high school School Co-Ed
The Excellence School System & Academy School Co-Ed
Laurel Home School International-Jinnah Garden School Co-Ed
M & M ALI House School Co-Ed
The Educators  School Co-Ed
Dar E Arqm School School Separate for Boys and Girls
The Spirit School Jinnah Garden’s Campus School Co-Ed
Capital University of Science and Technology University Co-Ed
Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad University Co-Ed





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