An Overview of 5G in Pakistan

5g in pakistan

In a world that wants near-instant connectivity, 5G is the next step in this race to fulfil our insatiable demands for information. 5G or fifth-generation wireless is a cellular technology expected to improve current mobile broadband speeds by 100 times in ideal conditions., Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal, presents a guide on how 5G can impact real estate.


Table of Contents
What is 5G?
Slow Rollout
Real Estate and 5G
Creating The Foundation
5G in Pakistan

What is 5G?


5g towers are different from 4g towers


5G is a wireless network technology and the fifth generation of cellular technology preceding 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. It is a high bandwidth solution capable of providing gigabits of data per second.

5G is designed to connect multiple devices seamlessly as more and more people have started to sport more electronic devices than ever before.

5G has massively increased capacity and a much more consistent experience for users. It delivers ultra-low latency, which means the response time is really fast. Its superior performance will empower industries like never before. 

Having a 5G connection is like being connected to your high-speed internet at home on the go at all times. A regular 3-gigabyte HD movie takes about 8.5 minutes to download; on 5G, that time is reduced to a mere 2.5 seconds.


Slow Rollout


Role of 5G in the Digital Economy and How It Is Impacting the Industry


The US has a ten-year rollout plan for 5G networks to be widely accessible. Real estate investors and landlords can take this opportunity to assess how 5G will affect consumer choices.

Contractors need to know how to monetise 5G and make their buildings more friendly toward this new technology.

5G is a relatively new piece of tech, and only a few phones can support it. Samsung Galaxy S10 and the new iPhones support 5G. New phones with 5G chips will eventually get cheaper but the country is still behind on stock availability.


Real Estate and 5G

5G operates in a wide range spectrum and has trouble passing through walls and coated windows. It will require multiple towers to be placed because its spectrum does not travel far.

5G will leverage the existing network of already existing 4G towers; however, it will require a large number of smaller towers to implement the technology.

Network carriers will install hundreds of thousands of mini towers on poles and roofs of houses which presents an opportunity for people and companies to monetise 5G networks.

A 5G network rollout requires a significant amount of real estate, so carriers that plan to roll out would do well if they partnered with a real estate company. From the perspective of the real estate sector, it is wise to build around new technologies and allow for growth in the technological aspect. 

Millennials are the driving force of today’s economy, and most of the infrastructure is going to be built around them. This makes investing in 5G supporting structures a must. 


Creating The Foundation


What is 5G: All you need to know about 5G, Bands, Carriers & Phones

At this time, discussions with property owners regarding 5G include a lot of education on what 5G is, what various strategy possibilities look like, and some of the do’s and don’ts in building a 5G strategy for a property. 

At the same time, technology is quickly advancing, and there are many unknowns about how it may affect behaviour, commercial applications, and demand.

Most property owners are still in the early phases of developing plans for managing their properties with 5G within their buildings and their own 5G network. Property owners should begin by assessing present infrastructure and technological components.

A large amount of fixed cost has already been deployed for buildings with robust and contemporary fibre, dispersed antenna systems, and backup power. The second step is to create a strategic roadmap and capital plan depending on where you want to take 5G.

A downtown Class A office building’s approach may vary significantly from that of a three-story office building in a suburban office park, an apartment complex, a retail mall, or a distribution and fulfilment facility.


5G in Pakistan

Pakistan internet service providers were on track to roll out 5G services at the start of 2023, but due to the current political turmoil in the country, the plan has been delayed.

The previous administration had intended to auction off the 5G spectrum in the nation by March 2023, with an initial launch in major cities. However, political unrest wasted about two months and jeopardised the original plan.

4G coverage is a prerequisite for the 5G rollout and requires complete coverage as the existing network will be leveraged for 5G.

5G is a game changer and will undoubtedly help Pakistan’s economy grow to new heights as it offers an incredible business opportunity for homeowners and commercial buildings to leverage from.

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