A Guide to Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

A guide to internet service providers in Pakistan

The Internet was defined as a basic human right by the United Nations General assembly back in 2016, and ever since then, the need for high-speed Internet has been on the rise as our economies become more global and our media consumption increases. Higher resolutions and higher capacity storage is getting cheaper, fueling the need for high-speed connections. Graana.com, Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal, highlights the best Internet Service Providers in Pakistan and the various services and packages they offer.


List of Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

An internet service provider is a company that provides internet services to its subscribers. There are a lot of Internet Service Providers in Pakistan that provide high-quality internet services in the country.

These ISPs have been listed below.


Service Provider Contact Number
Nayatel 111-11-44-44
Stormfiber 111-1-78676
PTCL 1218
Transworld 111-837-837


Each Internet service provider has specific strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll discuss them in detail below.




Nayatel is a leading Internet service provider in Islamabad


Bandwidth Downloads Price
10 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 1675/month
15 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 2050/month
20 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 2475/month
25 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 2950/month
30 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 3450/month
50 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 5250/month
70 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 7650/month
100 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 10499/month


Nayatel is a market leader in terms of excellent service. It operates in most major cities in Pakistan and is always looking to expand.

It is a Peshawar-based company that has given customers a benchmark of what to expect from Internet service providers.

The one-time installation charges of Nayatel are Rs. 15000, which can be paid in instalments. These charges are not wasted, and you get your money’s worth by getting both a 2.4ghz and 5ghz router and an optical fibre connection.

Their staff expertly takes care of any cable routing that needs to be done in your house. 

Nayatel offers innovative services such as nightly speed-up packages where you can rent 100 Mbps bandwidth for Rs. 49 for a single night. These perks improve the experience and offer flexibility in terms of the package. 




PTCL is an Internet service provider that is operating since the inception of Pakistan


Ptcl is among the oldest internet service providers in Pakistan and is a household name in the country. Ptcl, the first service provider of landlines and dial-up connections, is Pakistan’s most widely available service provider. 

It is the company that revolutionised communication in Pakistan and has had an impact on real estate. Its standards declined sharply in the previous years, but they have managed to build back its reputation by improving processes and focusing on customer satisfaction and cutting-edge innovation.

They are now offering fibre-to-home connections at competitive prices.

PTCL is the oldest wireless and broadband service provider in Pakistan that has revolutionised the industry, and if you’re planning to switch to PTCL, the details have been listed below.


Bandwidth Downloads Price
6 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 1875/ month
8 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 2355/ month
15 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 2870/ month
25 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 3445/ month
50 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 5295/ month
100 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 7845/ month


The installation charges are Rs. 5000 for a new connection and Rs. 3500 for upgrading an existing copper connection. 

For fibre connections, the upfront charges are Rs. 15000 and the upgrade of existing connections is Rs. 7500.




Stormfiber provides high speed internet and low pings


Stormfiber made a name for itself among gamers by providing high-speed connections at economical prices and low pings that helped alleviate the issues prevailing in this sector.

It is available in a wide variety of locations and provides consistent quality.

It had some initial problems during expansion but is constantly improving its infrastructure to address those bandwidth management problems.


Bandwidth Downloads Price
2 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 1300/ month
5 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 1500/ month
10 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 1800/ month
15 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 2500/ month
20 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 2800/ month
30 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 3800/ month
50 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 5800/ month
100 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 9800/ month


The initial installation charges for the connection are Rs. 12000, but they can be paid in instalments of Rs. 1200 for up to 12 months.




Transworld is an internet service provider that provides on demand fiber connections


It is the only privately owned company with exclusive ownership of a submarine cable, providing them rights to a certain amount of bandwidth. Founded in 2006, it is a merger between two international brands from Oman.

Transworld has a good reputation and has been in the industry for a significant amount of time to know the lay of the land. 


Bandwidth Downloads Prices
20 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 2625/ month
30 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 3675/ month
50 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 5250/ month
70 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 7875/ month
100 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 11550/ month


The installation charges for transworld connections are Rs. 7700. Transworld prices are a bit on the high side, but they have consistently high-quality services to make up for the high price.


What to Look for When Choosing Internet Service Providers

Choosing an internet service provider is an important decision as changing them can be a big hassle. 

There are generally some things that you should keep in mind while making this decision.


  • An ISP should be a large company as larger firms have access to more bandwidth for distribution. An ISP should provide Fiber connectivity for higher speeds.
  • Low pings are good when you want to look into gaming or anything that requires a quick response time.
  • Unlimited data volumes are good if you are working on uploading and downloading large amounts of data.
  • It is also noteworthy to check if they offer 5ghz routers should you want to plug out the ethernet cable.
  • It is also advised to check with your neighbours in the area to see which ISP provides better services as they are your best source of information being users of a service that you’re thinking of purchasing.
  • Customer service is a huge part of the service, and if your service provider has a bad track record of that, then it can create problems for you in the long run.
  • Try to choose a fibre connection over DSL or VDSL for better upload speeds as they help with the internet performance.
  • It is always advisable to thoroughly research an ISP before making any decision to avoid buyer’s remorse.


Graana.com highlights the salient internet services providers and their important features. These ISPs have their pros and cons and you should consider an ISP according to your specific case. For more informative posts, visit our blog.