An Overview of Defence Raya Golf Resort

Defence Raya Golf Resort front view

Defence Raya Golf & Country Club stands as a luxurious 18-hole championship golf course in Lahore, Pakistan, just 20 km away from the Wagah Border. Boasting a range of amenities, the club includes a tennis court, fitness centre, and a restaurant, complemented by a 24-hour front desk service. has gathered detailed information about this golf resort.

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About Defence Raya Golf Resort


Defence Raya Golf Course


The golf course at Defence Raya is widely praised, offering a challenging experience suitable for all skill levels. Featuring manicured greens and lush fairways, it provides an ideal setting for refining golf swings or enjoying a relaxed round with friends or family. The course’s design incorporates interesting bunkers and water hazards, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Beyond golf, the club boasts a spacious tennis court, providing an active day out for those inclined towards the sport. Families can engage in friendly tennis matches or challenge friends in a competitive setting. Additionally, a well-equipped fitness centre on-site offers modern equipment for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and shedding a few extra pounds.

After an energetic day, guests can unwind at the on-site restaurant, savouring a variety of delicious dishes, including local favourites and international delights like Italian pasta and burgers. The restaurant offers a relaxing atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy their meals in peace after a day of utilising the club’s facilities.

Defence Raya Golf & Country Club caters to a diverse range of interests and skill levels, making it an ideal destination for families seeking enjoyable holiday activities or seasoned players looking to enhance their golfing prowess on the green.



Defence Raya Golf & Country Club provides a diverse range of activities for its members and guests, creating a multifaceted recreational environment. These activities include:

  1. Movie Nights: Members can unwind with scheduled movie nights, offering a casual and enjoyable way to relax.
  2. Live Music/Performance: The club hosts live musical performances, contributing to the overall ambience and entertainment options for visitors.
  3. Bingo: Friendly bingo games foster a sense of camaraderie among participants, adding a social element to the club’s offerings.
  4. Pool Table: A pool table provides an additional recreational option, allowing players to engage in friendly games and improve their billiards skills.
  5. Tennis Court: Tennis enthusiasts can make use of the spacious tennis court for matches and casual games.
  6. Golf Course (within 2 Miles): Beyond the club’s own golf course, members have the option to explore nearby golf courses within a convenient 2-mile radius.
  7. Themed Dinners: Special-themed dinners create a unique dining experience, adding variety to the culinary offerings at the club.
  8. Live Sports Events (broadcast): Members can stay updated on live sports events through dedicated broadcasts, catering to sports enthusiasts within the community.
  9. Ping-pong: Ping-pong tables provide a lively and engaging activity for members seeking a dynamic and fun experience.
  10. Racquetball: The club offers racquetball games, providing an energetic sport that combines elements of squash and handball.
  11. Cooking Class: Cooking classes allow members to enhance their culinary skills through hands-on experiences and expert guidance.

These activities contribute to the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere at Defence Raya Golf & Country Club. They ensure that members have a variety of recreational options to suit their preferences.


Cleaning Services

Defence Raya Golf & Country Club offers a range of cleaning services to enhance the convenience and comfort of its members. These services include:


Dry Cleaning

The club provides professional dry cleaning services, ensuring that members can maintain the pristine condition of their delicate and formal attire. This service is ideal for garments that require specialised care beyond traditional washing methods.


Daily Housekeeping

Members can enjoy the luxury of daily housekeeping services, ensuring that their living spaces and common areas are consistently tidy and well-maintained. This service contributes to a comfortable and hygienic environment for residents and guests.



The laundry service at Defence Raya Golf & Country Club allows members to conveniently manage their clothing items. Whether it’s regular wear or special garments, the laundry service ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process.


Ironing Service

For members seeking crisp and well-pressed clothing, the club offers ironing services. This adds a finishing touch to garments, providing a polished and professional appearance for both casual and formal attire.


Suit Press

The suit press service is designed to cater specifically to formal and business attire. Members can avail themselves of this service to ensure that their suits are impeccably pressed and ready for any formal occasion.

These cleaning services reflect the club’s commitment to providing comprehensive and personalised services, allowing members to focus on their activities and leisure while maintaining a well-kept living environment. The attention to detail in these cleaning services contributes to an elevated and hassle-free experience for residents and guests at Defence Raya Golf & Country Club.


Food & Drink

Defence Raya Golf & Country Club caters to the diverse culinary preferences of its members with a range of food and drink services, including:



The club features a restaurant where members can indulge in a variety of culinary delights. The restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere for casual dining and socialising.


Room Service

Members can enjoy the convenience of room service, allowing them to savour delectable meals and beverages in the comfort of their rooms or suites.


Breakfast In The Room

For a leisurely start to the day, members can opt for breakfast in the room. You can enjoy a delicious morning meal without leaving the comfort of their accommodations.


Special Diet Meals (on Request)

The club accommodates special dietary requirements with the provision of customised meals upon request. Members with specific dietary preferences or restrictions can enjoy meals tailored to their needs.


Packed Lunches

Ideal for members on the go, the club offers packed lunches for those planning outdoor activities or excursions, ensuring a convenient and satisfying dining experience.


Kid-friendly Buffet

Families with children are catered to with a kid-friendly buffet, featuring a variety of options that appeal to younger palates.


Snack Bar

The snack bar provides a quick and casual dining option. It offers a selection of light bites and refreshments for members seeking a quick energy boost or a casual snack.

These food and drink services at Defence Raya Golf & Country Club contribute to a well-rounded and enjoyable culinary experience, allowing members to choose from a variety of dining options based on their preferences and schedules. Whether it’s a relaxing meal at the restaurant, in-room dining, or quick snacks at the snack bar, members have access to a diverse array of culinary offerings.


Property Surroundings


Defence Raya Golf Course with homes


Following table provides famous and well-known destinations and their distance from Defence Raya Golf Course:

DestinationDistance from Defence Raya Golf & Country Club
Ayub Stadium7.8 Km
Packages Mall7.9 Km
Army Museum Lahore7.9 Km
Mall Of Lahore8.7 Km
Vogue Towers9.5 Km
Pace Shopping Mall9.7 Km
Fortress Square10 Km
Lahore Gymkhana10.8 Km
Gaddafi Stadium11 Km
Nairang Galleries11.9 Km

Top Attractions

Following table provides the top attractions near Defence Raya Golf Course and their distances from the place.


DestinationDistance from Defence Raya Golf & Country Club
Lahore Polo Club12.5 Km
Jilani Park12.9 Km
Bagh-E-Jinnah13.9 Km
Shalimar Garden14.1 Km
Alhamra Art Center14.2 Km
Lahore Stock Exchange14.3 Km
Wagah Border19.7 Km

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are the most commonly asked questions about Defence Raya Golf & Country Club.


Q: What amenities does Defence Raya Golf & Country Club offer?

A: The club offers a range of amenities, including an 18-hole championship golf course, tennis court, fitness centre, restaurant, and various recreational activities.


Q: How far is Defence Raya Golf & Country Club from the Wagah Border?

A: The club is situated just 20 km from the Wagah Border, providing convenient access to this significant border crossing.


Q: Can non-members access the golf course at Defence Raya?

A: Typically, access to the golf course is reserved for members. However, the club may offer guest access or special arrangements for non-members.


Q: Are there cleaning services available at the club?

A: Yes, the club provides cleaning services, including dry cleaning, daily housekeeping, laundry, ironing service, and suit press.


Q: What types of meals are offered in the club’s restaurant?

A: The restaurant at Defence Raya Golf & Country Club serves a variety of culinary delights. It features local dishes as well as international favourites like Italian pastas and burgers.


Q: Is there a kid-friendly buffet available?

A: Yes, families with children can enjoy a kid-friendly buffet at the club, ensuring a diverse selection that caters to younger palates.


Q: Can members request special diet meals?

A: Absolutely, the club accommodates special dietary requests, providing customised meals to meet specific preferences or restrictions.


Q: What recreational activities are available at the club?

A: The club offers a range of activities, including movie nights, live music, bingo, pool table, tennis, and themed dinners, ensuring entertainment for all.


Q: Can members order packed lunches for outdoor activities?

A: Yes, the club provides the convenience of packed lunches for members planning outdoor excursions or activities.


Q: How can members book a tee time at the golf course?

A: Members can typically book tee times through the club’s designated booking system or by contacting the golf course directly.

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