An Overview of Gondrani: Cave City Balochistan

Cave City Balochistan

Pakistan is rich in archaeological sites and remnants of ancient civilizations that span thousands of years. The historical importance has resulted in the designation of numerous ancient ruins in the country as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

If the notion of exploring these distant archaeological sites in Pakistan piques your interest, you’ve come to the right place. This blog offers a detailed travel guide for your trip to Gondrani in Balochistan, famously referred to as the ‘cave city of Gondrani.’

In this blog, offers you vital information that is indispensable for your upcoming visit to this captivating tourist destination in Balochistan.


About Cave City of Balochistan


Lake and the cave city Balochistan


Gondrani is nestled amidst mountains, boasting many ancient man-made caves. This is why the locals affectionately refer to it as the “City of Caves” or “Gharon ka Shehar” in Urdu. The caves were originally constructed by an ancient Buddhist community for meditation and religious ceremonies within the area.

The mountains in the Gondrani cave city have been intricately carved, creating a remarkable interconnectedness between them. The design seamlessly links the caves with one another and with the network of pathways and alleys that traverse the valley at various elevations.

Moreover, to fulfil the requirements of the ancient dwellers of these caves, many of them were furnished with compact, cabin-like rooms featuring fireplaces and lamp holders. You can still see the vestiges of these architectural components, standing as evidence of the impressive construction abilities of these ancient societies.

Originally, the Gondrani region in Balochistan housed approximately 1,500 caves. However, only 500 of them have managed to withstand the test of time, primarily due to the challenging weather conditions in the area. The remaining structures within the Gondrani cave city have succumbed to erosion or disintegration over the years.

An exceptional natural highlight of the Gondrani cave city is the presence of the Kurd River, which gracefully courses through the centre of the valley. The river enhances the innate beauty of this captivating location, solidifying its status as one of the most remarkable destinations to explore in Balochistan.



The Gondrani caves in Balochistan are present in Lasbela. Specifically, Gondrani is positioned 18 kilometres to the northwest of Bela, which happens to be one of the largest towns in the district of Balochistan. This location places Gondrani in one of the most secluded areas within the province.

To access this archaeological site in Balochistan, you’ll need to follow the route of the RCD Highway (N-25 Highway). If you’re travelling from Karachi, it’s approximately 200 kilometres away, and you can expect a journey of roughly 3 hours by road to reach this captivating tourist destination in Balochistan.

Once you’ve passed through the remote town of Bela, your journey continues along Gondrani Cave Road. The route consists of a rugged, unpaved track, lacking proper road surfacing. As you traverse this path, you’ll be treated to sweeping vistas of the desolate valley, with occasional sightings of meandering streams from the Kurd River. These natural attributes add to the allure of this location, elevating its importance as a tourist destination in Balochistan.


Travel Tips For Cave City Balochistan


Tourist visiting cave city Balochistan


As it is one of the most remote destinations to explore in Balochistan, here are some essential tips to consider before embarking on your journey to this captivating cave city in Pakistan.

  • When organising your excursion to Gondrani in Balochistan, be sure to plan your visit for daytime hours. As night falls, the surroundings can become exceedingly dark, and without adequate lighting provisions, travelling along the rough roads in the region might pose safety concerns.
  • Whenever you embark on a journey to explore tourist attractions in Balochistan or any other region of the country, it’s advisable to have a physical map in your possession.
  • The climate in Gondrani typically remains hot and arid. It’s a good idea to bring additional water bottles or an icebox along when visiting this cave city in Balochistan.
  • When planning a journey to Gondrani in Balochistan, ensure that you use a 4×4 vehicle for transportation, as the terrain in the vicinity can be quite rough and uneven.
  • The authorities should consider developing the Gondrani cave city into a comprehensive tourist destination, given its status as one of the most captivating places to explore in Balochistan. At present, there are few facilities catering to tourists in the area. Hence, it is recommended to bring your own food provisions if you intend to make the most of your Gondrani visit.
  • Having various travel packages available for Gondrani makes it a convenient option for adventure enthusiasts looking to explore this archaeological site.
  • The introductory price for the travel packages to Gondrani begins at PKR 3,500 per person, encompassing a single-day excursion to this remarkable tourist spot in Balochistan. The package typically includes transportation as well as a one-time meal expense.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cave City Balochistan


What is Cave City in Balochistan, Pakistan?

Cave City, also known as Gondrani, is an archaeological site in Balochistan, Pakistan, renowned for its ancient man-made caves that were once used by Buddhist communities for meditation and religious rituals.


Where is Cave City located in Balochistan?

Cave City is in the Lasbela district of Balochistan. It is approximately 18 kilometres northwest of Bela, one of the largest towns in the district.


What is the significance of Cave City?

Cave City is historically significant due to its well-preserved ancient caves and architectural remains. It offers insights into the practices and lifestyles of ancient Buddhist communities in the region.


How do I reach Cave City in Balochistan?

To reach Cave City, you can take the RCD Highway (N-25 Highway) from Karachi, which is about 200 kilometres away. The journey by road takes approximately 3 hours.


What is the climate like in Cave City, Balochistan?

Cave City typically experiences a hot and dry climate. Visitors should carry extra water and be ready for the arid conditions.


Are there accommodations available in Cave City?

As of now, there are few accommodations in the vicinity. It’s advisable to check with local authorities or nearby towns for lodging options.


Can I explore Cave City on my own, or should I join a tour?

You can explore Cave City on your own. However, joining a guided tour can provide valuable insights into the history and significance of the site.


Are there facilities for food and refreshments at Cave City?

Currently, Cave City has limited food facilities. We recommend that visitors carry their own food supplies. Also, they may come across traditional dhabas and roadside eateries in the Lasbela District.


Is Cave City suitable for family visits?

Cave City has the potential to be an enthralling and instructive spot for families with an interest in history and archaeology. Nevertheless, given its isolated setting and limited facilities, it is crucial to plan your visit thoughtfully.

To conclude the discussion,  the travel guide for exploring Gondrani is helpful for the readers. To read about the major cities of Balochistan, visit Graana Blog.

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