An Overview of Landhi Railway Station

Since 1939, Landhi railway station has been a crucial transportation hub connecting Karachi to various parts of Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, and Rajasthan. It was initially established as a joint point for North Western Railway and Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway.

The station features four platforms and six tracks, which can handle up to 72 trains daily. Besides serving as a passenger station, it is also a significant hub for freight trains, transporting goods such as coal, cement, fertilizer, oil, and containers.

Landhi railway station boasts several amenities for passengers, including waiting rooms, ticket counters, restrooms, food stalls, and a mosque. In this blog, features an overview of Landhi Railway Station. 


History and Significance of Landhi Railway Station


people waiting at the platform


Pakistan Railways has undergone several historical events and changes. This railway station was impacted by the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, as numerous refugees used it as a transit point to relocate to their new homes. It was also the site of a violent protest in 1977 against the martial law regime of General Zia-ul-Haq.

Landhi railway station is currently undergoing a modernisation and renovation project to enhance infrastructure, safety, and service quality. The project comprises new platforms, tracks, bridges, signals, overhead bridges, escalators, and elevators. The renovation is expected to finish by 2025.

Apart from being a transportation facility, Landhi railway station symbolises Karachi’s history, culture, and economy. People from various backgrounds, religions, and regions come together to travel. It is a place of stories and memories that deserves to be celebrated and preserved.


Landhi Railway Station Trains Timing


landhi junction board


Following trains pass through the Landhi Railway station:

  • Allama Iqbal Express
  • Awam Express
  • Bahauddin Zakaria Express
  • Dhabeji Express
  • Fareed Express
  • Hazara Express
  • Karachi Express
  • Khushhal Khan Khattak Express
  • Khyber Mail
  • Karakoram Express
  • Millat Express
  • Pakistan Express 
  • Rehman Baba Express
  • Sindh Express
  • Sir Syed Express
  • Shalimar Express
  • Shah Hussain Express (Night Coach)
  • Sukkur Express
  • Tezgam Express


Location and Accessibility

Landhi Railway Station is located in the Landhi area of Karachi, a densely populated residential and industrial area. The station is easily accessible by road, and several bus stops and taxi stands are nearby. The station is also connected to other parts of Karachi through the Karachi Circular Railway, which is currently non-functional but expected to resume operations soon.


Facilities and Services

Landhi Railway Station offers several facilities and services for passengers and freight. Some of the notable facilities and services at the station include:


Waiting Rooms

The station has separate waiting rooms for men and women, which are air-conditioned and equipped with comfortable seating arrangements.


Ticketing Counters

There are several ticketing counters at the station where passengers can purchase tickets for their journey. The counters are open throughout the day and offer reserved and unreserved tickets.



The station has a large parking area for vehicles, including cars and motorcycles. The parking area is secure and well-maintained.


Food Stalls


food stall at landhi railway station


Several food stalls at the station offer a variety of local and international cuisine. The stalls are open throughout the day and serve freshly prepared food.


Luggage Storage

The station also offers luggage storage facilities for passengers who need to store their luggage temporarily.


Freight Services

Landhi Railway Station is a significant hub for freight transportation in Karachi. The station has several freight yards and warehouses where goods are stored and transferred.


Accessibility Features

The station has several accessibility features, such as ramps and wheelchair access, to ensure that passengers with disabilities can easily navigate the station. Landhi Railway Station is a vital transport hub serving passengers and freight purposes.

The station has a rich history and offers several facilities and services for its users. Whether you are a tourist visiting Karachi or a resident traveling to other parts of Pakistan, Landhi Railway Station is a convenient and reliable mode of transportation.

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