Everything You Need to Know About Karachi Railway Station

Karachi Railway Station

Karachi Railway Station, also referred to as Karachi Cantt Station, is situated right in the middle of the city’s main cantonment area. Being the second-oldest railway station in the city after Karachi City Station, Karachi Cantt Station’s stunning architecture reflects its extensive past.

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Graana.com provides a comprehensive overview of this historic Karachi Railway Station below.


History of Karachi Railway Station


black and white view of Karachi Railway Station's entrance and parking


Formerly known as Frere Street Station, it was built between 1986 and 1988 by the Pakistan Public Works Department. The station played a crucial role in the Scinde railway system, which linked Karachi’s port with other regions of the nation. An antique steam engine has been placed at the entrance of Karachi Railway Station to honour its illustrious past.

The structure still appears as majestic as it did when it was first built, with its colonial-style layout and a high-arch ceiling. Sindh government has declared the megacity’s historical monument as a protected heritage structure. The Pakistan Railways operates and maintains Karachi Cantt Station, which is still one of the busiest railway junctions in Pakistan.



Situated in the main cantonment area of the city, Karachi Railway Station sits right in the middle of the city and is under the control of Frere Town. Avari Towers, Movenpick, Marriott, and Pearl Continental are a few of the finest hotels in the city that are situated near the station, making it extremely convenient for travellers.

To reach the station from prominent areas like Gulshan-e-Iqbal, P.E.C.H.S, Nazimadad and Gulistan-e-Jauhar, it is recommended to go via Sharah-e-Faisal. Karachi Cantonment Station is also just a short drive away from Saddar Town and the old city region, where you can find numerous eateries.

For instance, you can go to Burns Road, one of Karachi’s oldest and busiest street foods, if you’re in the mood for traditional street food. Popular restaurants in the area include Waheed Kabab House, Mazedar Haleem, Food Centre, and Delhi Rabri House. Many travellers tend to grab a bite after reaching the station.


Facilities at Karachi Railway Station


Karachi AC Sleeper Train standing on a platform


Currently, Karachi Cantt Station is one of Pakistan’s largest railway stations. It has five platforms and eight train tracks to accommodate passengers. There is also a workforce of porters who are available to help with your luggage.

You will also find a number of snack shops on the main platform of the station. You can quickly get a rickshaw, minibus or cab as soon as you arrive at the Karachi Cantonment Station. 


Trains at Karachi Railway Station

In the table below, some of the most significant train routes that stop at city station Karachi have been listed.


TrainTrain CodeStarts FromEnds At
Shalimar Express27 UPKarachi Cantt.Lahore
Hazara Express11 UPKarachi CityHavelian
Sindh Express29 UPKarachi Cantt.Multan Cantt.
Pakistan Express45 UPKarachi Cantt.Rawalpindi
Allama Iqbal Express09 UPKarachi Cantt.Sialkot
Jinnah Express31 UPKarachi Cantt.Lahore
Karakoram Express41 UPKarachi Cantt.Lahore
Pak Business Express33 UPKarachi Cantt.Lahore
Mehran Express149 UPKarachi CityMirpur Khas
Karachi Express15 UPKarachi Cantt.Lahore
Millat Express17 UPKarachi Cantt.Malakwal
Tezgam Express07 UPKarachi Cantt.Rawalpindi
Bahauddin Zakariya Express25 UPKarachi CityMultan Cantt.
Bolan Mail Express03 UPKarachi CityQuetta
Shah Hussain Express43 UPKarachi Cantt.Lahore
Fareed Express37 UPKarachi CityLahore
Khushal Khan Khattak Express19 UPKarachi CityPeshawar Cantt.
Sir Syed Express35 UPKarachi Cantt.Rawalpindi
Green Line Express05 UPKarachi Cantt.Islamabad
Khyber Mail Express01 UPKarachi Cantt.Peshawar Cantt.
Sukkur Express145 UPKarachi CityJacobabad
Awam Express13 UPKarachi Cantt.Peshawar Cantt.

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What is the name of the railway station in Karachi?

The main railway station in Karachi is called the “Karachi Cantt Railway Station.” It serves as a major railway hub in the city.


Which is the biggest railway station in Pakistan?

The largest railway station in Pakistan is the “Lahore Junction Railway Station,” located in Lahore. It is considered the busiest and most significant railway station in the country.

What is the route of the Karachi railway?

The route includes connections to various cities and towns within Pakistan. Conversely, the railway network connects Karachi to destinations such as Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar, and other major cities.

How many platforms are there at Karachi railway station?

It has several platforms to facilitate the movement of trains.

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