An Overview of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission General Hospital


The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) General Hospital in Islamabad is a comprehensive healthcare facility located on Faqir Aipee Road. It serves both employees of the PAEC and the general public, offering a wide range of medical services and specialised care.

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PAEC General Hospital Location and Contact Information

The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) General Hospital Islamabad is located on Faqir Aipee Road in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Address: Faqir Aipee Road, H-11, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone: (051) 92571716​


Services and Specialties


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The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) General Hospital in Islamabad is one of the top hospitals in Islamabad. It offers a comprehensive range of medical services and specialities. This hospital is part of PAEC’s network, which focuses on utilising nuclear technology for medical purposes, including cancer treatment.


Oncology and Radiotherapy

The hospital is well-equipped with advanced technology for cancer treatment, including Linear Accelerators, Cobalt-60 Teletherapy, CyberKnife, Brachytherapy, and more. They offer treatments like VMAT, IMRT, and IGRT, ensuring high-quality radiation therapy for various cancer types.


Nuclear Medicine

PAEC hospitals are known for their nuclear medicine departments, which provide diagnostic and therapeutic services using radiopharmaceuticals. This includes PET-CT Scanners, SPECT-CT Gamma Cameras, and Radionuclide therapy.


Diagnostic Imaging

The diagnostic imaging department includes MRI, CT Scanners, digital X-ray, mammography, and ultrasonography/Color Doppler, supporting accurate diagnostics and treatment planning.


Medical Physics

A dedicated team of medical physicists ensures the quality and accuracy of radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, and radiology procedures. They handle simulation, treatment planning, and technical evaluations.


General Medical Services

The hospital provides a wide array of general medical services including consultations in anesthesiology, gynaecology, general practice, and radiology. Some notable specialists include Dr. Nabila Iram in gynaecology and obstetrics, Dr. Muhammad Illyas in radiology, and Dr. Muhammad Atif Beg in general medicine.


Diagnostic Laboratories

The hospital has state-of-the-art haematology, chemical, and pathology laboratories, offering comprehensive diagnostic services.


Teaching and Training

PAEC hospitals also function as training centres for medical professionals, offering programs in nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, radiology, and medical oncology. These programs are recognized for postgraduate degrees and provide specialised training for doctors and scientists.

The PAEC General Hospital in Islamabad, through its advanced facilities and specialised services, plays a significant role in providing healthcare, particularly in cancer treatment, to a large segment of the population, often at subsidised rates or free of charge.


Medical Facilities at Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission General Hospital Islamabad


PAEC Hospital


The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) General Hospital in Islamabad offers a comprehensive range of medical facilities designed to cater to the healthcare needs of its patients. Here are some key facilities and services provided by the hospital:


Outpatient Services

The hospital offers a range of outpatient services across various specialities, including consultations with specialists in fields such as cardiology, neurology, and general surgery. Patients can book appointments for these services typically available during the hospital’s operating hours.


Inpatient Services

The hospital has well-equipped inpatient wards for various medical and surgical treatments. This includes facilities for intensive care (ICU), ensuring that critical patients receive appropriate monitoring and care.


Diagnostic Services

PAEC General Hospital provides extensive diagnostic services, including laboratory tests, imaging services like X-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans, as well as specialised tests for various medical conditions.


Emergency Services

The hospital has a dedicated emergency department that operates 24/7, equipped to handle urgent and life-threatening medical situations. This includes trauma care and emergency surgical interventions.


Specialised Clinics

There are several specialised clinics within the hospital focusing on areas such as diabetes management, hypertension, cardiology, and more. These clinics provide targeted care for chronic conditions and facilitate ongoing management and treatment plans.


Surgical Services

The hospital is equipped with modern operating theatres for various surgical procedures, including general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and specialised surgical interventions.


Rehabilitation Services

PAEC General Hospital also offers rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy, helping patients recover post-surgery or injury and manage chronic conditions effectively.


Pharmacy Services

An in-house pharmacy provides patients with easy access to prescribed medications, ensuring continuity of care and convenience for patients and their families.

These facilities ensure that the hospital provides comprehensive healthcare services to meet the diverse needs of its patients, ranging from routine check-ups to specialised medical treatments and emergency care.


List of Doctors at PAEC Islamabad

Here is a table listing some of the doctors at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) General Hospital in Islamabad, along with their specialities and years of experience:

Doctor NameSpecialtyYears of Experience
Dr. Noshina NoreenGynaecology20+
Dr. Danish ZiaSurgery15+
Dr. Farah WaqasPaediatrics10+
Dr. Salman KhanOrthopaedics12+
Dr. Muhammad Inaamullah YounasOphthalmology18+
Dr. Lyla Shaheen NazENT25+
Dr. Mussarat AshrafInternal Medicine22+
Dr. Muhammad IllyasRadiology1
Dr. Muhammad BootaAnesthesiology1


These doctors represent a diverse range of specialities available at the PAEC General Hospital, ensuring comprehensive healthcare services from general surgery to specialized fields like radiology and anesthesiology. The hospital is staffed with experienced professionals dedicated to providing quality medical care.


Frequently Asked Questions for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) General Hospital Islamabad

Here are 10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) General Hospital in Islamabad, along with their answers:


What are the hospital’s visiting hours?

The hospital is open 24/7, but visiting hours for patients typically vary by department. It’s best to contact the hospital directly for specific visiting hours.


How can I book an appointment?

Appointments can be booked by calling the hospital’s helpline at 051-8151800 from 9 AM to 11 PM.


What services does PAEC General Hospital offer?

The hospital offers a wide range of services including oncology (medical and radiation), nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging, general surgery, gynaecology, and emergency services.


Is there a specific cancer treatment centre at the hospital?

Yes, the hospital has a dedicated cancer treatment centre that provides comprehensive oncology services including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgical oncology.


Are there any special diagnostic facilities?

Yes, the hospital is equipped with advanced diagnostic facilities such as MRI, CT scans, PET-CT, SPECT-CT, mammography, and ultrasonography.


Does the hospital offer any free or subsidised treatments?

PAEC hospitals, including the General Hospital in Islamabad, provide high-quality diagnostic and treatment facilities either free of charge or at subsidised rates, especially for cancer patients.


What training programs are available at the hospital?

The hospital offers specialised training programs for medical doctors, scientists, and technical staff in fields such as nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, radiology, and medical oncology. It is famous for FCPS, MCPS, DMRT, and DMRD programs.


How can I contact the hospital for more information?

You can contact the hospital by calling their helpline at 051-8151800 or visiting their location at Faqir Aipee Road, Sector H-11, Islamabad.


What specialties are available at PAEC General Hospital?

The hospital offers specialities in anesthesiology, radiology, general surgery, gynaecology, internal medicine, and oncology, among others.


Are emergency services available at the hospital?

Yes, the hospital provides 24/7 emergency services equipped to handle various medical emergencies​ (PAEC).

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