An Overview of the BPSC

The Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) is an important organisation that operates under the jurisdiction of the Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is responsible for conducting exams and selecting suitable candidates for various government positions in the province.

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The commission operates under the provisions of the BPSC Act 1974 and the BPSC Rules 1979.  It is one of the key institutions that help ensure the merit-based selection of candidates for government positions in Balochistan. 


Main Objectives of BPSC


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The main objective of the BPSC is to recommend eligible candidates for appointment to different government positions in Balochistan. It is responsible for conducting exams and interviews for the selection of candidates.

Moreover, it ensures that the selection process is based on merit. The commission is committed to providing equal opportunities to all eligible candidates, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or religion.

Structure of BPSC

The Governor of Balochistan appoints a chairman and several members to the BPSC. The appointed individuals serve for a term of three years and may be re-appointed for another term.

The Chairman and members of the commission are individuals who have a strong background in public service as well as a solid reputation.

Functions of BPSC

The commission conducts various exams and interviews for the selection of candidates for several positions, such as administrative services, police services, and educational services. The commission also conducts exams for the recruitment of candidates in specialised fields, such as engineering and medical services.

Moreover, the exams and interviews are conducted in a fair and transparent manner. The results of the exams are declared shortly afterwards.

Assessment of Candidates Based on Merit

The selection process of the BPSC involves the evaluation of candidates based on their academic record, professional experience, and performance in exams and interviews.

The commission also considers other factors such as the candidate’s leadership qualities, communication skills, and general knowledge. 

Support and Guidance

The BPSC also offers a platform for candidates to appeal against any decisions made by the commission, and it ensures that the process is handled fairly. It is committed to ensuring that the selection process is free from any biases or discrimination.

Fair Selection Process

In order to ensure that the selection is fair and transparent, the BPSC follows a set of rules and regulations that are designed to maintain the integrity of the process. The commission has strict policies in place to prevent any form of corruption, and it regularly audits its own processes to ensure that they are in compliance with the regulations.

Training and Education

The BPSC is also committed to providing quality education and training to the candidates who are selected for government positions. It offers various programs and courses to help candidates develop the skills and knowledge required for their respective positions.

These are designed to help candidates perform their duties effectively and efficiently, and to help them serve the people of Balochistan in the best possible manner.


How to Apply for BPSC Jobs?


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To apply for a job through the Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC), the following is a step-by-step guide that candidates can follow:


Regularly Check the BPSC Website

The BPSC regularly updates its website with information about current job vacancies, as well as the eligibility criteria and required qualifications for each position. Candidates should check the website regularly for new updates and job postings.

Review the Eligibility Criteria for Each Position

Before applying for a job, candidates should carefully review the eligibility criteria for the position they are interested in. This information is available on the BPSC website, and candidates should make sure they meet all the requirements before applying.

Complete the Online Application Form

To apply for a job, candidates must complete an online application form on the BPSC website. This will require personal details, educational and professional qualifications, and other relevant information. Candidates should complete the form accurately and truthfully.

Submit the Required Documents

Along with the BPSC online application form, candidates may be required to submit supporting documents such as academic certificates, professional licences, and references. They should ensure that all the required documents are submitted with their application.

Pay the Application Fee

Most positions require candidates to pay a fee to cover the costs of processing their application. The amount will vary depending on the position, and the payment process can be completed online.

Wait for the Exam or Interview

The selection committee will notify the candidate about the next steps in the selection process if they accept the application, which may include a written exam or an interview. Hence, they should prepare accordingly.

Check the Results

The BPSC website displays the results for candidates to check if they have been selected for the position they applied for. The commission encourages candidates to ask any questions or seek clarification if they are unsure about any aspect of the application process.


Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for job positions through the Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) can vary depending on the position, but there are some general requirements that candidates must meet. The following is a list of common eligibility criteria for candidates applying for jobs through the BPSC:



Candidates must be a citizen of Pakistan and should hold a valid national identity card.

Age Limit

Most positions have an age limit, which is usually specified in the job posting. The age limit can vary depending on the position, but candidates should make sure they are within the specified age range before applying.

Educational Qualifications

The required educational qualifications for each position will be specified and candidates should make sure they have the necessary qualifications before applying. Candidates applying for the officers level jobs must have the required degree from an HEC recognised university such as University of Balochistan (UOB)

Professional Experience

Some positions may require candidates to have a certain amount of professional experience in the field. Job advertisements will specify the necessary experience for the position. Therefore, candidates should ensure they possess the required experience before submitting their application.

Physical Fitness

As part of the selection process, some positions may require candidates to undergo a medical examination to ensure they are physically fit. Candidates should make sure they meet the physical fitness requirements before applying.

Background Check

Candidates may be required to undergo a background check, including a security clearance, as part of the selection process. By meeting the above eligibility criteria, candidates can ensure that they are qualified to apply for a job through the Balochistan Public Service Commission.

However, the interested individuals should also carefully review the requirements for each specific position, as there may be additional prerequisites.


Documents Required




The BPSC may require candidates to submit a number of supporting documents along with their online application form when applying for a job. The BPSC commonly asks for the following list of documents from candidates:


National Identity Card

Candidates must provide a copy of their national identity card to prove their citizenship and age.

Academic Certificates

Candidates must provide copies of their academic certificates, including degrees and transcripts, to demonstrate their educational qualifications.

Professional Licences or Certifications

If the position requires a certain professional licence or certification, candidates must provide proof.

Work Experience Certificates

If the position requires certain professional experience, candidates must provide proof. This includes the letters of reference from previous employers.

Physical Fitness Certificate

Candidates may need to provide a medical certificate if the position requires a certain level of physical fitness.

Background Check

The hiring authorities may require candidates to provide additional documentation, such as a security clearance, to demonstrate their background and ensure their eligibility for the position.

Moreover, they should make sure they have all of the required documents ready to submit with their application, as missing or incomplete documentation can delay its processing. Additionally, candidates should ensure that all the documents are up-to-date and accurate, as the BPSC will verify the information provided.

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