Athmuqam: A Comprehensive Guide

Athmuqam, also spelt as Athmakam, is a Tehsil situated approximately 73 kilometres away from Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir. Serving as the headquarters of Neelum District, the town had a population of 7,922 residents in 2017.

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Athmuqam is a town that can be reached via the Neelum road from Muzaffarabad, and it offers all the necessary amenities to its residents. The town has a market area, post office, banks, hospitals, and telephone exchanges. There are also numerous guest houses available to accommodate visitors and tourists. has prepared a comprehensive guide on Athmuqam, including its location, attractions, and more.




a house and the fields at the front of the house


Set at an elevation of 1370 metres above sea level, Athmuqam is a picturesque town located in the Neelum Valley.  The snow-covered mountains make it a famous tourist destination. Athmuqam is situated about 84 kilometres away from Azad Kashmir to Muzaffarabad and offers breathtaking views of the valley along with a peaceful ambience that is perfect for a relaxing getaway.




cloudy weather at Athmuqam


Athmakam enjoys a temperate climate characterised by mild summers and chilly winters. The climate in the valley can be described as follows year-round:


Spring Season

In the season of Spring, the weather gets mild temperatures. During this season, the valley comes to life with vibrant flora.


Summers Season

During the summer season, Athmakam experiences warm temperatures ranging from 77°F to 95°F. This time of the year is attractive to tourists because of the delightful temperature and the stunning view of the mountains that enhance the scenic beauty of the region.


Autumn Season

In autumn, Athmakam witnesses a drop in weather. This season brings a delightful transformation to the valley as vibrant foliage paints the landscape in various colours, creating a visually captivating atmosphere.


Winters Season

During the winter season, the weather turns chilly, with the weather usually going up to 10°C. The snowfall becomes a regular occurrence, especially at higher altitudes, and the snowflakes cover the mountains with a stunning layer of white, creating a picturesque winter wonderland.


Places to Visit


Neelum valley lake


Athmuqam in Neelum Valley offers a multitude of enchanting attractions for visitors to discover. Among its notable features is the Neelum River, offering a beautiful view of mountains and greenery. Travellers can immerse themselves in the refreshing waters or try their hand at trout fishing, making it a key highlight of the area.


Keran Valley

Another popular destination located nearby is Keran Valley, just 9 km from Athmuqam. The village is located beside the Neelum River. Moreover, it is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and delightful wooden cottages, making it a celebrated attraction


Sharda Valley

Enhancing Athmuqam’s appeal is the nearby Sharda Valley, situated 30 km away. This beautiful valley houses the Temple Sharda, a place of great historical and holy significance that draws tourists from all over the globe.


Chitta Katha Lake

Athmuqam boasts several noteworthy attractions, including Chitta Katha Lake and Ratti Gali Lake. Additionally, the renowned Taobat Village is a highlight, famous for its handmade items and ancient architecture, adding to the region’s charm.


Hiking Option

Athmuqam caters to adventure enthusiasts with a plethora of activities, including hiking, rock climbing and trekking. The town is covered by multiple hiking trails with beautiful views, providing an exhilarating experience for outdoor enthusiasts.


Hotels and resorts

Accommodation options in Athmuqam are diverse, ranging from affordable guesthouses to luxurious resorts. Additionally, travellers can also savour the local cuisine, renowned for its delicious food.


Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam Distance


drone image showing water and greenery


Going on a journey from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam in Valley Neelum is like no other experience. The distance between the two destinations spans approximately 76 kilometres (47 miles) via the Neelum Valley Road, which is a well-maintained route that offers a comfortable and scenic drive to travellers. 

Furthermore, the expedition commences from Muzaffarabad, and travellers will trace the Neelum River, which is a major highlight of the trip. The river not only provides a breathtaking view but also serves as a lifeline for the local communities residing in the valley.




black clouds in the sky at Athmuqam


The trip from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam usually takes 2 to 3 hours, depending on the road and traffic. Along the way, travellers can visit towns like Keran and Kutton, where they can experience the local culture and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Moreover, driving from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam is a great way to explore the Neelum Valley. It’s a chance to enjoy nature and discover the unique charm of towns like Keran and Kutton. The journey offers a break from city life and lets you find hidden treasures in Azad Kashmir.


Distance from Islamabad to Athmuqam

The journey from Islamabad to Athmuqam spans approximately 147 kilometres via the Muzaffarabad-Athmuqam Road. Typically, the travel time is approximately 5 hours, depending on the condition of the road.

To reach Athmuqam from Islamabad, follow these general directions:

  1. Commence your journey from Islamabad city.
  2. Travel towards Murree on the Islamabad-Murree Road (N75).
  3. Continue driving until you reach Kohala, where you’ll switch to N75.
  4. Keep on the Muzaffarabad Road, which guides you to the city of Muzaffarabad.
  5. Depart from Muzaffarabad and proceed on the Road which takes you via the picturesque Neelum Valley.
  6. Stay on the same Road until you arrive at Athmuqam, situated in the heart of Neelum Valley.


 Athmuqam Postal Code

Sub ContinentSouthern Asia
RegionAzad Kashmir
Athmuqam, PakistanAthmuqam, Pakistan
Postal/Zip Code22501
Area code
Lat / Long34° 34.3 N 73° 53.83 E


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Athmuqam:


Q1: Where is Athmuqam located?

Athmuqam is situated in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It serves as the headquarters of Neelum District and is well known for its scenic beauty and natural attractions.


Q2: What are the main attractions in Athmuqam?

Athmuqam is known for the Neelum River, offering opportunities for activities like fishing and river-dipping. Nearby attractions include Keran Valley, Sharda Valley, Chitta Katha Lake, and Ratti Gali Lake. The town also offers adventure sports like hiking and trekking.


Q3: How far is Athmuqam from Islamabad?

The distance from Islamabad to Athmuqam is approximately 91 miles via the Muzaffarabad-Athmuqam Road. The journey usually takes around 4 to 5 hours, depending on road conditions and traffic.


Q4: What is the best time to visit Athmuqam?

The best time to visit Athmuqam is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons when the weather is pleasant and the valley is adorned with blooming flowers or vibrant autumn foliage.


Q5: Are there accommodations available in Athmuqam?

Yes, Athmuqam offers a range of accommodations for visitors, including guesthouses and resorts. Travellers can find options suitable for various budgets and preferences.


Q6: What activities can tourists enjoy in Athmuqam?

Tourists in Athmuqam can engage in activities such as fishing in the Neelum River, exploring scenic valleys, visiting ancient temples, and partaking in adventure sports like hiking and rock climbing.


Q7: How can I reach Athmuqam from Muzaffarabad?

Athmuqam is approximately 76 kilometres (47 miles) from Muzaffarabad. Travellers can take the Neelum Valley Road, following the scenic Neelum River, to reach Athmuqam. The journey takes about 2 to 3 hours.


Q8: Are there local markets and restaurants in the area?

Yes, Athmuqam has local markets where visitors can shop for souvenirs and necessities. There are also restaurants offering local cuisine, allowing tourists to experience the flavours of the region.


Q9: What is the altitude of Athmuqam?

It is located at an elevation of 1370 metres (4495 feet) above sea level, providing stunning views of the surrounding lush green forests and snow-capped peaks.


Q10: Can I enjoy river activities there?

Yes, visitors can enjoy river activities like fishing and river-dipping in the Neelum River, which flows through Athmuqam. The cool and clear waters make it a popular spot for such activities.

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