Azad Kashmir Tourist Places: An Overview

Azad Kashmir has a fantastic range of tourist spots that appeal to adventure seekers, history enthusiasts, and outdoors lovers. The top of the list is the Neelum Valley, a paradise known for hills, waterfalls, and scenery. With its historic Sharda Peeth temple, Sharda provides a flavour of the past with a distinctive fusion of historical significance and natural beauty.

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Those who love adventure can hike to the peak of Ganga Choti for panoramic views or trek through the stunning Leepa Valley. Other must-visits include the gorgeous Banjosa Lake, the historic Red Fort in Muzaffarabad, and the stately Rawalakot, the region’s attractive capital.

Here, provides you with a list of top tourist sites in Azad Kashmir. 


List of Azad Kashmir Tourist Places 

The following are some of the best places for tourists in Azad Kashmir. 

  • Neelum Valley 
  • Shounter Lake 
  • Leepa Valley 
  • Banjosa Lake 
  • Rawalakot 
  • Keran 
  • Toli Pir 
  • Sharda 
  • Ramkot Fort 
  • Arang Kel 
  • Banjosa Valley 


Neelum Valley 

cloudy weather at Athmuqam

Description Detail 
Neelum District Azad Kashmir 
Largest district  
Borders Gilgit-Baltistan, Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir 
Previous name Kishanganga 
Length 144 kilometers 
River Neelum River 
Mountain peaks Up to 17,000 feet 
Administrative division Athmuqam, Sharda tehsils 
Separated by Line of Control 
Established from Muzaffarabad District (2005) 
Elevation 4,000 – 7,500 feet 
Significance Tourism (hiking, fishing, water sports) 
Best time to visit March to October 

Due to its alluring beauty, Neelum Valley is become a popular tourist destination. Numerous pathways wind through the valley’s lush embrace, providing hikers with scenic views and an opportunity to get in touch with the natural world. The Neelum River, teeming with fish, offers anglers an exciting day of catching big fish. Adventure lovers can enjoy exciting water sports, and those looking for a calm getaway will be drawn to the valley’s tranquillity.  

Shounter Lake 

Shounter Lake 
Description Detail 
Elevation 3,100 meters (10,200 ft) 
Location Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan 
Description Pristine lake surrounded by mountains and meadows 
Best time to visit May to August 

Shounter Lake is a well-liked tourist destination because of its alluring beauty and immaculate waters surrounded by stunning mountains and lush meadows.

Visitors looking for a memorable getaway in the arms of nature are drawn to the lake by its calm atmosphere and challenging route to get there. During the peak season (May to August), the lake teems with travellers eager to explore its environs, boat on its calm waters, or soak in the magnificence of the surrounding scenery. 


Leepa Valley 

Leepa Valley Beauty
Description Detail 
Location Hattian Bala District, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan 
Distance from Muzaffarabad 83 kilometers (52 mi) 
Sectors Nowkot, Kasirkot, Dao Khan, Leepa, Chananian 
Previous Affiliation Karnah tehsil, Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir 
Best time to visit May to November 

The serene Leepa Valley is located in Pakistan’s district Hattian Bala of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, approximately 83 kilometres from the busy metropolis of Muzaffarabad. This enthralling valley opens up in many sections, each contributing a unique element to the area’s diverse fabric. The valley reveals a varied environment from Nowkot to Chananian, highlighting its historical significance and natural beauty.  

The history of Leepa Valley is entwined with the Karnah tehsil in the Jammu and Kashmir district of Kupwara. Despite the difficulties posed by a convoluted past characterised by conflicts within the region, the valley has come to represent tenacity. A fusion of cultural influences, abundant farmland, and lush landscapes enthral tourists looking for a peek into the heart of this peaceful but historically significant area. 


Banjosa Lake 

Banjosa-Lake in atumn
Description Detail 
Location Azad Kashmir, Pakistan 
Distance from Rawalakot 18 kilometers (11 mi) 
Distance from Rawalpindi 160 kilometers (100 mi) 
Surroundings Dense forest, mountains 
Access Metalled road from Rawalakot 
Winter Activity Ice skating 
Best time to visit April to October 

Only eighteen kilometres from the busy metropolis of Rawalakot, Banjosa Lake provides a cool respite amidst the picturesque scenery of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Situated roughly 160 kilometres from Rawalpindi, the lake is easily reachable by a well-kept road, rendering it an ideal weekend escape location.  

The brainchild of local builder Shoukat Hussain, Banjosa Lake boasts a fascinating beauty. The lake is surrounded by lofty and lush mountains and a thick forest, creating a breathtaking scene. During winter, the lake changes into a natural ice rink, inviting people for a unique skating experience amidst the gorgeous alpine backdrop. 



Green resort and nearby lake in Rawalakot
Description Detail 
Location Azad Kashmir, Pakistan 
Elevation 1,630 meters (5,348 ft) 
Nickname “Pearl Valley” 
Surroundings Hills, lush forests 
Activities Boating on Banjosa Lake 
Parks Banjosa Lake View Park 

The charming city of Rawalakot, also known as the “Pearl Valley,” is tucked away in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir. This quaint location captivates tourists with its stunning scenery and environment, which promises good year-round weather. At an elevation of 1,630 meters, Rawalakot is enveloped by a tapestry of undulating hills and beautiful forests, creating a picture-perfect setting for exploring.  

Nature aficionados will be charmed by Rawalakot’s profusion of lush beauty. The city is adorned with lovely gardens that provide a peaceful refuge despite the bustle of the metropolis.

Beyond its breathtaking scenery, Rawalakot entices visitors with outdoor pursuits, including boating on the picturesque Banjosa Lake, a gem that enhances the area’s allure. Banjosa Lake View Park is a well-liked location for both residents and visitors. 



Description Detail 
Location Banks of the Neelum River, Azad Kashmir 
Surroundings Breathtaking mountains, lush greenery 
Notable Feature Proximity to Line of Control 
Activities Hiking, nature exploration 
Best time to visit April to September 

The tranquil town of Keran is in Azad Kashmir, nestled on the banks of the magnificent Neelum River. This alluring location provides a visual feast with its verdant surroundings and stunning mountain views. Being close to the Line of Control gives visitors a glimpse into the area’s history and a sense of being near the border, adding to Keran’s distinct charm.  

Keran calls to those looking for a peaceful getaway from the city’s hectic pace. The calm murmur of the Neelum River flowing through the town produces a tranquil setting, excellent for rest and introspection. Adventure seekers will find themselves lured to the network of hiking paths across the surrounding areas. 

April through September are the best months to visit Keran because of the pleasant weather, which makes it ideal for sightseeing and exploring this charming town. 


Toli Pir

Breath taking views of Toli Pir with clouds taking over the peak
Description Detail 
Location Hilltop near Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir 
Elevation Approximately 8,800 feet 
Access Trek or jeep ride 
Surroundings Panoramic mountain and valley views, pine forests 
Activities Trekking, sightseeing 
Best time to visit May to September 

Toli Pir, a beautiful hilltop location in Azad Kashmir tucked away close to Rawalakot, provides an unmatched sight. Perched at about 8,800 feet, it offers incredible scenic views of the adjoining mountains and valleys, producing a picture-perfect landscape.  

Part of the adventure is getting to this picturesque oasis.

Toli Pir offers adventure or a peaceful escape. Take a thrilling jeep ride or walk through fragrant pines. The viewpoint stuns with sprawling Azad Kashmir landscapes. Seek cool mountain breezes or lose yourself in nature’s beauty. The climb itself rewards with breathtaking mountain views, making the journey as amazing as the destination.



Sharda village
Description Detail 
Location Neelum District, Azad Kashmir 
Significance Historical and cultural 
Notable Landmark Sharda Peeth (ancient Hindu temple) 
Surroundings Neelum River, lush greenery, mountains 
Activities Trekking, exploration 
Historical Site Sharda Fort 
Best time to visit April to October 

The charming town of Sharda is tucked away in Azad Kashmir’s Neelum District. It offers a wealth of spirituality, history, and scenic beauty.

Sharda Peeth is a famous Hindu temple and pilgrimage site. It attracts tourists for its history and beautiful location. The Neelum River and mountains create a peaceful atmosphere.

Beyond its religious significance, Sharda is a sanctuary for adventure seekers and lovers of the outdoors. The village is a starting point for exhilarating expeditions that explore the surrounding environment. 


Ramkot Fort

Ramkot Fort, Pakistan
Description Detail 
Location Banks of the Mangla Dam, Azad Kashmir 
Era Mughal era 
Significance Historical site 
View Mangla Dam and reservoir 
Activities Boat tour 
Best time to visit Year-round 

Ramkot Fort in Azad Kashmir is a fascinating historical landmark steeped in Mughal splendour. This architectural wonder provides tourists with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and a window into the area’s rich heritage.

The splendour of the fort and tranquillity of surroundings create an appeal to history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

Ramkot Fort is open year-round, unlike specific locations with seasonal restrictions. It is an ideal stop for tourists looking for a picturesque and cultural getaway. 


Arang Kel

Picture showing mountains of Arang Kel, Azad Kashmir
Description Detail 
Location Hilltop village in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir 
Elevation Approximately 8,379 feet 
Access Trek from Kel village 
Surroundings Lush greenery, mountains, Neelum River 
Notable Features Wooden houses, tranquil environment 
Activities Trekking 
Best time to visit May to September 

Arang Kel, a charming hilltop village in Azad Kashmir’s Neelum Valley, provides a peaceful sanctuary for nature enthusiasts. At about 8,379 feet, this hidden treasure entices visitors with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the vital Neelum River winding through the valley below. Travellers will embark on an exciting trip as they make their way to Arang Kel.

As soon as they arrive in the village, they are welcomed by the kind locals and the breathtaking scenery. The charming traditional wooden buildings further enhance the village’s atmosphere, adding tranquillity.  


Banjosa Valley

Banjosa Valley 
Description Detail 
Location Heart of Azad Kashmir 
Surroundings Lush greenery, snow-capped peaks 
Activities Boating on Banjosa Lake, nature walks 
Notable Feature Banjosa Lake 
Ambiance Serene, peaceful 
Best time to visit April to October 

The hidden gem of Banjosa Valley is located amidst Azad Kashmir’s breathtaking scenery. Discover how this charming valley can be a sanctuary for those who love the outdoors. Majestic snow-capped peaks pierce the horizon, and lush greenery carpets the valley floor, creating a scene of stunning beauty.  

Banjosa Lake is the focal point of the valley. It is a gem with glistening clear waters that mirror the surrounding landscape.

This quiet lake offers leisurely boating excursions or peaceful walks along its gorgeous shores. Beyond the lake, small villages dot the terrain with unique charm.

For those looking for a break from the hectic pace of the city, Banjosa Valley is calling. Here, guests may fully lose themselves in the peace and quiet of the natural world.


Poonch River

aerial view of poonch river
Description Detail 
Location Meanders through Azad Kashmir 
Surroundings Rolling hills, dense forests 
Activities Fishing, boating, trekking 
Notable Feature Soothing sound of flowing water 
Ambiance Relaxing, rejuvenating 
Best time to visit April to September 

A refuge of peace and breathtaking scenery, the Poonch River meanders through Azad Kashmir’s enthralling surroundings. Flowing water creates a calming sound that draws tourists looking for peace and renewal. Boating and fishing on the Poonch River’s waters are two thrilling hobbies for adventure seekers.

 These were some of the top places to visit in Azad Kashmir. For more information, visit  

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