Investment Opportunities in Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi

Investment Opportunities in Bahria Town Phase 8

Real estate is generally a great investment option as it yields and offers lower risks to investors compared to stocks. This is why many investors buy properties as diversifiers to minimise portfolio risk.

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However, you have to be smart while investing in real estate because you want to choose a project that yields a maximum return on investment. There is one particular project in the twin cities that is quite attractive for investors: Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi. 

This mega residential project from Bahria Town Group has a long line-up of amenities, making it a lucrative investment option in twin cities. To provide more details,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, shares insight about different investment opportunities in Bahria Town Phase 8. 


Bahria Town Phase 8: Location


Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi


This well-developed phase of Bahria Town is located on Grand Trunk road. It is just a few kilometers drive away from DHA Phases 1 and 2 and approximately a 9-kilometer drive away from Saddar. This phase of Bahria Town Rawalpindi can be accessed through Bahria Expressway. 


Properties in Bahria Town Phase 8

Bahria Town Phase 8 is divided into different sectors and blocks ranging from A to P that is further divided into sub-sectors. In all these blocks, there are various residential and commercial plots and apartments.

The main boulevard of this phase, currently under construction, is inspired by Champ-Elysees, an iconic landmark in Paris. The main boulevard will have high-rise buildings where most of the commercial activities will take place.

If you’re interested in investing in Bahria Town Phase 8, there are a few options available. You can invest in residential and commercial plots, or you can buy apartments or villas. The residential plots are available in various sizes, including 5, 7, 10 marlas and 1, 2 kanal. However, there are limited 2 kanal plots in phase 8. 


Property in Bahria Town Phase 8


Price trends of residential plots in phase 8 of Bahria Town

For your convenience, we have shared the price trends of residential plots in phase 8 of Bahria Town. 


Plot SizePrice Trends 
5  marlasRs. 50 to 75 lacs
7  marlasRs. 85 lacs to 1.3 crores
10 marlasRs. 1 to 2.4 crores
1 kanalRs. 2 to 3.5 crores
2 kanalRs. 4 to 6 crores


House Prices in Bahria Town Phase 8

Besides these residential plots, there are also various constructed homes and villas available in different sizes. We have shared the price and rent trends below.


Size of House Price Trends (Sale)Price Trends (Rent)
5 marlaRs. 1.5  to 1.9 crore Rs. 45k to 65k      
7 marlaRs. 1.9  to 3.0 croreRs. 70k to 90k
10 marlasRs. 2.5 to 4 crore Rs. 90k to 150k 
1 kanalRs.  5 to 7 croreRs. 160k to 200k
2 kanal Rs. 8 to 10 crore

Apartment Price Trends

With the demand for apartments increasing, Bahria Town Phase 8 has also built apartments of various categories such as 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Following are their price and rent trends.


Size of ApartmentPrice Trends (Sale)Price Trends (Rental)
1-bed (studio)Rs. 20 to 40 lacsRs. 12k to 25k
2-bedRs. 30 to 70 lacsRs. 20k to 40k
3-bedRs. 40 to 100 lacsRs. 40k to 60k 


Amenities and Facilities


Investing in Bahria Town Phase 8


Just like other phases of Bahria Town, phase 8 offers a complete range of basic facilities, including shopping malls, landmarks, golf courses, etc. In order to provide more insight into these amenities, we have discussed some of them below.


Top-Notch Security

CCTV surveillance and 24/7 patrolling ensure that any kind of suspicious activity is monitored in the area so that residents feel safe and secure in this gated community. 


Medical Facilities

There are a number of medical centres in the sector that provide several emergency services (and other medical facilities) to the residents of the society.

Some of the medical centres available in the area are listed below.

  • Bahria International Hospital
  • Nazeer Begum Memorial Hospital
  • Spring North Hospital
  • True Care Clinic 
  • Laser Pain Clinic 
  • KN MedCare Hospital 
  • Kidney Transplant Unit
  • Modern Clinic Complex
  • Murtaza Medical Complex 
  • Emman Mediclinic 


Educational Institutes

In Bahria Town Phase 8, there are several high-quality educational institutes. For your convenience, we have listed some top educational institutes located nearby.

  • Future World School and College
  • Air Foundation School System 
  • Dr. Abdul-Qadeer Khan School and College
  • Roots Millennium School
  • Sarwar Educational Institute
  • Youth Educational Academy Bahria Town
  • Ream School of Excellence
  • Leads School of Excellence
  • Iqra Holistic Education System
  • Allied School System 
  • The Foundation University 
  • Smart School System
  • The Millennium Universal College 


Restaurants and Cafes

There are a number of restaurants and cafes in phase 8 that offer a variety of traditional and international cuisines to customers. Some of the most popular restaurants in the area are listed below.

  • Hardee’s
  • Olivastro Pizzeria
  • Corner Pulao Kabab
  • Boom Boom Hot N Spicy
  • Bait Al Biryani
  • Kartarpura Lounge
  • Paratha Station
  • New Karachi Biryani House
  • Thunder Food
  • Hot N Spicy
  • Assetz Shawarma
  • Quetta Cafe
  • Fish Wish Restaurant
  • 7 Star Cafe
  • Gold Restaurant
  • Pizza Square


There are miniatures models of some famous landmarks in phase 8 as well, like the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. Besides these, there are parks and green spaces in all the blocks. 

The location and amenities in each block of Bahria Town Phase 8 make it the hottest investment option currently. Especially with the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road underway, the prices of real estate are set to increase.

So, if you’re looking to invest in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, phase 8 is the best option for you.

For more real estate investment opportunities, visit Graana’s blog.


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