Benefits of Using Social Media Apps for Real Estate

Marketing plays a huge role in the real estate sector as it is a good way for people to know about the latest investment options. In this era of technology and digitisation, it has become very easy to market buying and selling of real estate assets, and many tools and social media applications are available for it. 

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For example, is the first online real estate marketplace, and there are many like it as well. However, social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn can be leveraged to build a social media presence. 

These days, people of all ages keep up with social media trends, and many real estate professionals overlook that it can serve as a powerful marketing tool., in collaboration with the Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies, discusses the benefits of using social media apps for the marketing of real estate. 


Why Use Social Media for Real Estate Marketing? 

While social media apps initially targeted the young generation, especially TikTok, its recent explosion in popularity makes it an amazing tool for social media marketing.

Billions of active users follow the latest updates on social media, and the nature of every app makes it a lucrative element in any real estate marketing strategy. The reasons to use social media for real estate marketing are as follows: 


Growing Your Audience 

To produce content on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, one must show creativity and innovation, as real estate is not a small business or a product but an investment option. 

If one is not paying for ads on Facebook and Instagram, the content can only be viewed by those who follow you and only focus on the people you already know. It builds trust with the existing audience, and paying for ads can easily grow their audience. 

Moreover, the Tiktok app focuses less on people you may know and compiles videos you’re likely to enjoy based on past activities. Due to this structure, it is easier to build your audience who is interested in real estate without paying for advertisements or spending on marketing. TikTok also leaves room for authenticity that helps people feel connected to you and your work. Such apps will attract more audiences, and a real estate professional can benefit more. 


Property Marketing 

To be a successful real estate advisor, he must ensure that the listed properties are getting in front of as many eyes as possible. From websites to magazines to advertisements, it is essential to leverage as many outlets as possible to generate interest and offers that lead to great sales for your client.

Due to the latest social media platform algorithms, videos are seen more than pictures. Tiktok and Instagram focus on videos and help show your content to people you may not know or not have heard of you. 

Moreover, video tours give clarity to clients and are watched by thousands of people. Hence, it makes a great platform to promote your listings and increases the fraction of buyers. 


How to Leverage Apps to Generate Real Estate Leads? 


Target and decide your audience

The first step of marketing is to determine your audience; through social media, it is easy. Your niche and audience will be narrowed down by choosing Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok as marketing tools. 

Many real estate professionals also make videos about various investment options, side hustles, educational videos on real estate, real estate processes and common mistakes. Such content also helps in building an audience and trust. 

Target audience depends on location, type of content, clients and career goals. 

For example, many agents sprinkle in helpful videos related to real estate, which is a great tactic for someone who wants to expand their team or start a coaching career one day. 


Use trends to your advantage

Staying on top of trends is important to succeed on social media platforms. Often trends come down to the audio used. By setting aside time and scrolling through, one can easily get ideas to produce trendy content that will get more views. 

Jumping on trends will help grab the attention of more sets of eyes, which is what an advisor wants for buying or selling properties. The video can easily be promoted on social media platforms with different editing types, sets of writing styles and trending audio or songs. 


Let your personality decide your audience 

Videos are one easy way to show your personality and tell potential leads who you are. Some videos show products or objects without people in them, but videos with faces are interactive and outperform those videos.

 When one shares educational or helpful videos, people want to connect with the person and feel they know enough to take their advice. A compelling personality can attract more followers and potential leads. 


Utilise cover pages and incorporate text and images

Like a normal advertisement cover, attractive images and cover pages for videos also draw people into watching them once they land on your page. 

Once someone lands on your profile, you would want them to click around and watch more of your content.

It will give them the area of your content style and real estate category. Incorporating text in videos can show viewers what the video is about. 


Grab attention fast 

As the pace of work is getting faster, people’s attention span is getting short. People expect to be entertained on social media or find out new information. To grab attention quickly, your video must have a hook sentence that catches the eye instantly. 

Once your audience’s curiosity is captured, it will allow you to showcase your listings and offers in a more engaging way. 


Create a series 

Social media has a never-ending stream of entertaining videos, and it isn’t easy to pull users to visit your profile specifically. However, a series of videos can be created to gain organic followers and increase views. 

A series will break up the process into steps, making the audience curious about the next parts. Moreover, it will be helpful and easy for people to gain knowledge about real estate in steps.



In this era of modern technology and digitisation, social media is a powerful tool that can be used in the real estate sector. Apps like Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok can help achieve goals and promote real estate assets. 

It is one way to showcase your listings and can be used as a marketplace.

 Being a real estate agent, this tool can be essential in building your profile, gaining people’s trust and eventually increasing sales.

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