Tips to Take Good Real Estate Listing Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true in real estate where first impressions are really important. In today’s world of the internet, a quick search is done before anyone makes a purchase. Chances are buyers are going to look at the pictures and make a decision in their mind before they physically visit the property. 

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Similarly, when we look at Pinterest perfect pictures, we wonder if it actually exists in real life. It invokes this warm feeling of comfort. Hence, it is important to invest the time and effort in taking great pictures for one’s online listing. According to one study done by a real estate photography company, appealing pictures makes the property sell 32% faster compared to a house with average listing pictures. Similarly, right illustrations on websites increases the web traffic significantly by generating 139% more clicks on the listing. 

In this blog, will give tips to take amazing pictures for your property listing. Here are a few things to consider: 


De-clutter your property

Less is surely more. But perfection lies in maintaining balance. The first step before taking any listing photos is to de-clutter your space. 

Decluttering may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be! Simple trick is to start with the place that receives the most traffic. In most houses, that place will be the kitchen. Start off by clearing all the counters so it gives a clean look. Next, keep all your utensils in the pantry to hide all the unnecessary clutter. After everything has been organised, clean the counter-tops and mop the floor to create an inviting ambience. 

Next, tackle the lounge or the living area – clear all the tables and arrange the cushions. If you have carpet, use a vacuum to clean the surface or if you have tiles or marble, mop the floors to remove any dirt. Finally, tackle the bedrooms and subsequently the bathrooms. The idea is to clean and organise the living spaces so the clients can view the full potential of the place. Ideally, the clients should be able to imagine themselves living there. 


Stage your home 

Now that you have a clean surface to work with, the next best tip is to stage the house before taking professional pictures. According to research conducted by experts, staged homes can increase the chances of a successful sale by 1 to 5 percent. 

Staging a home can be done professionally or yourself. Staging a home is essential to invoking a peaceful feeling in the customer. They should be able to walk into the space and fall in love with it. It should be done tastefully to allow the client to imagine themselves in the space but should also have enough room for addition by the buyers. The easiest way is to use objects to help create little “vignettes” in each corner of the house. For example, it can be done by putting a fruit bowl in the dining area, using colour coordinated cushions on the sofa and hanging clean matching towels in the bathroom. All these extra touches will leave a pleasant appeal.  


Examine the property before the shoot 

If you are taking the pictures yourself then you probably have a good understanding of its salient features. However, if you are hiring a professional to take pictures then it is essential that he or she visits the property beforehand and gets a feel of that place. 

Pay attention to every corner, every nook of the house. Take 2-3 pictures of every room in the house and 1-2 pictures of the front and the backyard. This will allow you to go back and examine the interesting features of the house and make a mental picture of the types of pictures that will best highlight the features. This tip helps the photographers to take note of the details that were not observed in the first glance. It further helps in planning the photoshoot and making a list of requisite equipment needed for it . 


Select the best time to take pictures 

In order to capture the essence of the house, the timing of when the pictures are taken is very crucial. It helps create a story! A feeling! A sense of connection! 

The ideal time to take photographs is during the day when there is plenty of direct sunlight which allows the use of natural light resulting in bright photographs. It also leaves less room for colour correction. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the sun should be behind the property otherwise the pictures will appear too bright. If the weather is cloudy, it is best to reschedule the photoshoot to another time. 

However, for some properties it is essential to take some shots during the sunset or sunrise if there is a great view. Imagine this! You have a beautiful vacation bungalow facing a water body. The sun sets into the horizon creating this picturesque ambience. It is essential to capture that for the listing photos in order to highlight its features. 

Moreover, if you are taking the pictures yourself, pay attention to the property in different seasons. The different seasons might help accentuate different features of the property. For example, spring might showcase the beautiful garden with vibrant flowers while summer may emphasise the gigantic pool. 


Get the right equipment 

You may be tempted to take the pictures with your cell phone but it is imperative to get the right equipment. It is the little details that make all the difference. Here is a short checklist to help take pictures like a professional: 

  • DSLR with a wide lens
  • Tripod and off-camera flash 
  • Shutter speed between  1/60 and 1/2 a second
  • Aperture between F8 and F11
  • ISO below 400

These will aid in taking good pictures but post production in terms of editing will be essential to address any shortcomings during the photoshoot. 


Use a Wide Angle Lens

They say the devil is in the detail. And this is the case in real estate photography too. Thus, choosing the right equipment for your photoshoot is of utmost importance. If buying a wide angle lens is not in the cards, it is best to invest in a camera with  interchangeable lenses. That will allow more flexibility in capturing differently styled photographs. 

However, it is ideal to make use of a wide angle lens. It easily captures a lot of light which provides the perfect lighting for good pictures. It also captures maximum space, covering most corners thereby making the picture visually appealing and adding a sense of depth. Thus, it helps create a more inviting look. 

With these tips and tricks, helps you take good pictures for your online listing to attract potential customers. 

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