Best Hotels in Bhurban: Location, Prices and Facilities

Best Hotels in Bhurban

Bhurban is fast developing into a luxury tourist destination with the emergence of some 3 and 4-star hotels in the most exclusive locations. This picturesque town near Murree is surrounded by jagged mountains, green spaces and tranquillity that attract visitors from all over the country. It is a great spot for tourists, honeymooners and trekkers as it serves as the perfect base for visiting destinations like Nathiagali, Ayubia and Murree.

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For people who want to take a small break from the daily hassle of the city, Bhurban is the perfect getaway for them. However, before planning a trip to this tourist destination, you need to find a place to stay. To make it easier for you,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal has listed the best hotels in Bhurban where you can relax with your family and friends. 


Best Hotels and Resorts in Bhurban

Whether you’re planning a family or business trip, finding a place to stay in Bhurban isn’t difficult. From lavish hotels to affordable resorts, there are plenty of options that are suitable for everyone’s budget. Following are some of the best hotels in Bhurban. Get to know Top Hotels in Murree.


Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban


PC Bhurban Pakistan


If you’re visiting Bhurban for your honeymoon or family trip, PC Bhurban is the best option for you. This luxury hotel is famous for its scenery and premium facilities. This 5-star hotel in Bhurban offers various recreational activities and different dining options to people staying in the hotel. 

You can play tennis or exercise in the gym while staying in the hotel. It has different restaurants and cafes that offer different cuisines, like Pakistani and continental dishes. 

You also have different room options to choose from. The standard room in PC Bhurban costs around Rs. 30,000 per night, which is quite expensive. However, if you want to stay in a relaxing environment with luxury amenities, Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban is the best option.


Shelton Suites


Best Hotels in Bhurban


This luxury hotel is another great place to stay in Bhurban. Shelton Suites is located just 6 km away from Murree. The hotel has all the basic facilities that you look for in a hotel – and more. Each room has its own balcony that offers panoramic views of Bhurban. In Shelton Suites, a one-night stay may cost around Rs. 8000 to 9000, depending on the type of room you’re staying in.


Hotel One




Hotel One is a great place to stay for people visiting the beautiful town of Bhurban. This luxury hotel consists of 33 rooms and four villas, which have 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. This cosy accommodation is great for family and business trips as you get to experience luxury at an affordable price.


Holiday Grand Resort


top hotels and resorts in Bhurban


This 4-star hotel in Bhurban offers all amenities at affordable prices. The hotel has a shared lounge, terrace and a garden. Each room has a TV and air-conditioning, along with free Wifi. You can get a room for a single night for PKR 13,000 plus tax. The hotel offers 24-hour room service facilities. 


The Opulent Resort


Opulent Resort


This resort isn’t the cheapest option in Bhurban but it is a great place to stay if you’re planning a family vacation. The resort has a variety of rooms that come with different amenities. They have a conference hall as well, where you can host your business meetings. They also have restaurants and cafes where you get different cuisines options. 


For your convenience, we have listed the location and prices of the above-mentioned hotels in the table given below.


No.Name of HotelRent Per NightAddress
1Pearl Continental HotelStarting from Rs. 30,000Murree Hills, Bhurban, Pakistan  
2Shelton SuitesStarting from Rs. 8,000Golfers Lane, Moza Mohra Esawal,  Bhurban, Pakistan 
3Hotel OneStarting from Rs. 9,000Golfers Lane, Moza Mohra Esawal, Bhurban
4The Holiday Grand ResortStarting from Rs. 13,500Hotel Road, Bhurban, 100 metres from toll, next to PC Hotel, Bhurban
5The Opulent ResortStarting from Rs. 15,000Kashmiri Bazar, Bhurban


There are a wide range of hotel options to stay in Bhurban.  However, the aforementioned list includes some of the best hotels in the area. If you’re looking for more information about hotels in the northern areas, visit our blog at

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