Best Hotels in Nathia Gali

Best Hotels in Nathia Gali

Nathia Galia is one of the most well-known weekend getaway spots near the capital. Because of its year-round beauty and majestic snow-capped mountains, it sees high levels of tourism all year. There are a lot of good hotels in Nathia Gali that provide a wide range of amenities.

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You can find great resorts and hotels in Nathia Gali that will make your vacation worthwhile and provide an enjoyable experience. Tapping the untapped potential of extraordinarily beautiful places like these can turn Pakistan into the next tourism hotspot.


Beautiful scenery at Nathia Gali


Nathia Gali is located in the Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The hill town provides city amenities to the greatest extent possible for the benefit of visitors. People travel here to spend a weekend away from their monotonous normal routines in the tranquility of the green and white peaks with their friends or family.

The ability to travel to a number of other picturesque locations nearby, like Miranjani Trek, Mushkpuri Top, Lalazar Wildlife Park, and Ayubia National Park, is one of the best things about visiting Nathia Gali.

Additionally, Nathia Gali’s mountains have a lot to offer thrill-seekers and those who enjoy outdoor activities. It is famous for its hiking trails, visual splendor, and mild weather.



A chilly evening at Nathia Gali


Nathia gali’s weather is cool, comfortable, and cloudy in the summer season (1 May to 31 August). Rain is predicted to fall practically daily from 1 July to 16 September during the monsoon season. Autumn is when the weather starts to get cooler.

Winters are quite frosty and chilly (1 November to 28 February). During December and January, there is a lot of snowfall. Springtime weather is still chilly.

The summer months are the most comfortable in this area because of the frequent annual rainfall. Annual rainfall ranges from 1650 to 1850 mm. Winter lows can reach 10°C, while summer highs can reach 30°C. brings you a list of the best hotels in Nathia Gali.

Best Hotels in Nathia Gali

Hotel NameLocationFacilities and Amenities
Ombi HeightsSerene apartment buildingUnique room views, 24/7 front desk, connected blocks, minutes apart, balconies
Galis End NathiagaliTranquil spot for nature activitiesBedroom apartments, private bathrooms, terraces, living and dining areas, equipped kitchen
Alpine Hotel and ResortProximity to attractions in Nathia GaliRooms with excellent facilities, restrictions on cooking due to cold temperatures, water storage request, near Ayubia National Park, Murree Hills, Lalazar Park, Mushkpuri Peak
Raees Khana Hotel24/7 front desk and room serviceThree-star hotel, family accommodations, flat-screen TVs, lounge area, complimentary towels and bed linens, 18 km from Murree, 47 km from Islamabad
Shangrila Hotel and Resort Changla GaliFree WiFi, 24/7 front desk, room serviceCommunal lounge, luggage storage, currency exchange, flat-screen TV, safety deposit box, private bathroom with bidet, slippers, free amenities, continental breakfast
Fogland Hotel Nathia GaliFree WiFi, room service, restaurant24/7 front desk, free parking, vehicle rentals, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, private bathroom with shower and slippers, seating area, towels, bed linens
Hotel ElitesWell-equipped rooms, table tennisFull board package, executive, deluxe, and standard rooms, continental breakfast, 8.7 rating from couples, special price for group reservations, 25 to 45 rooms, full board package available
Hummingbird Resort & Executive SuitesSki school, children’s playgroundOn-site private parking, relaxing spots in some units, balcony or patio in some rooms, bathroom in every room, bathrobes, free toiletries, TV with cable channels, 24/7 front desk
Summer Retreat HotelVista Wing of Retreat Hotels NathiagaliKing-size bed, mountain view, Wi-Fi, cable TV, horseback riding, free breakfast, close to the tallest peak in Galiyat, lush pine forests, hiking routes, bonfires, live music
Lemon Lodges NathiagaliRestaurant, mountain view, café/barFlat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, complimentary continental breakfast, 47 km from Islamabad, 19 km from Murree, free private parking

Ombi Heights

Ombi Heights is an exceptionally wonderful and serene location that’s perfect for both living in and visiting. It is a stunning apartment building comprised of six blocks that join to form three atriums.

Each atrium will feature a front desk that is open round-the-clock and four stories. From the living room to the balcony, each room has a unique but magnificent view. The blocks are connected to one another and are only a few minutes apart.


Galis End Nathiagali

Galis End Nathiagali is a wonderful spot to unwind and take leisurely nature hikes, go horseback riding, or go skiing in the winter. It is a wonderful spot for someone who is quite exhausted to put their feet up and unwind. The distance between the hotel and Islamabad is 70 kilometers.

Beautifully built bedroom apartments with private bathrooms and terraces are available at the resort. Each set contains a sizable living room, a dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen. However, one-bedroom apartments include built-in storage places in each of the rooms.


Alpine Hotel and Resort

Alpine Hotel and Resort is one of the best hotels in Nathia Gali. Ayubia National Park, Murree Hills, Lalazar Park, and Mushkpuri Peak are all excellent places to start if you want to explore the area. The hotel has a large number of rooms with excellent facilities.

A room may hold three adults or up to two people. Due to the cold temperatures, guests are not allowed to cook in their apartments or villas, and water freezes in the pipeline all winter long.

The hotel staff requests that the visitors store the water in buckets for their use after 9:00 p.m. in the evenings and at night.


Raees Khana Hotel

Raees Khana Hotel is also one of the best hotels in Nathia Gali. The three-star hotel’s front desk and room service are both open 24 hours a day. The hotel has accommodations that are specifically made for families.

The hotel offers each of its customers a flat-screen television and a lounge area in each of the rooms they reserve. The Raees Khana Hotel offers complimentary towels and bed linens in all of its guest rooms. It is located 18 kilometers from Murree and 47 kilometers from Islamabad. 


Shangrila Hotel and Resort Changla Gali

Shangrila Hotel and Resort Changla Gali is one of the most well-liked and best hotels in Nathia Gali. In addition to free WiFi, the hotel provides a front desk that is open around the clock and room service. Additionally, the hotel offers its guests a communal lounge, luggage storage, and currency exchange.

A seating area, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a safety deposit box, and a private bathroom with a bidet, slippers, and free amenities are all included in the hotel rooms. At Shangrila Hotels & Resorts Changla Gali, bed linens and bath towels are included in every room package. The hotel offers its visitors a continental breakfast.


Fogland Hotel Nathia Gali

The hotel offers free WiFi, room service, a restaurant, and a front desk that is open 24/7. Private parking is available for free, and the hotel also offers vehicle rentals to visitors who want to explore the area. Every room at the hotel offers a flat-screen TV with satellite channels.

A private bathroom with a shower and slippers is included in each room at the Fogland Hotel Nathia Gali. A seating area is included in a few spaces. Towels and bed linens are provided in each room at the resort. 


Hotel Elites


One of the best hotels in Nathia


Hotel Elites is one of the most famous and best hotels in Nathia Gali. The rooms are well equipped and provide all amenities. The hotel has a table tennis table for visitors. The hotel receives an 8.7 rating from couples for a holiday for two. 25 to 45 rooms can be reserved in a group to obtain a special price.

A full board package includes lodging in executive, deluxe, and standard rooms. There is also a continental breakfast available. 


Hummingbird Resort & Executive Suites

The resort has a ski school and a children’s playground. Additionally, there is a restaurant where visitors can eat. On-site private parking is offered without charge. After a long day, some units include a spot to relax and sit down. A balcony or patio can be found in a few of the rooms.

There is a bathroom in every room. For your comfort, there are bathrobes and free toiletries. A TV with cable channels is available. There is a front desk that is open 24 hours a day. You can rent a car at this resort.


Summer Retreat Hotel

One of the best hotels in Nathia Gali is the Summer Retreat Hotel. The Vista Wing of Retreat Hotels Nathiagali is often referred to as Summer Retreat. The tallest peak in the Galiyat region is not far from Summer Retreat. The scene is captivating, and the vista of the vibrantly green pine forests is endearing.

This is an encounter you won’t soon forget. Hiking on one of the many routes through the expansive wilds, which are teeming with lush vegetation and lovely flowers, is a great way to take in Galliyat’s magnificence. Your memories of Nathiagali will likely include summertime bonfires, live music, and weekend barbeque parties.

A summer retreat hotel’s main amenities include a king-size bed, a mountain view, Wi-Fi, cable TV, horseback riding, and free breakfast.


Lemon Lodges Nathiagali

Lemon Lodges by Roomy is one of the best hotels in Nathia Gali. The location has a restaurant, a patio with a mountain view, a nearby café/bar, and much more. In every hotel room, flat-screen television and Wi-Fi are available.

Every morning, a complimentary continental breakfast is available to visitors. The distance from the accommodation facility to Islamabad is 47 km, and the distance to Murree is 19 km. On-site, free private parking is available.

Aforementioned are few of the best hotels in Nathia Gali.  Nathia Gali is one of the places boosting tourism in Pakistan. You must consider these hotels before planning your next trip to have a comfortable experience with your family and friends.

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