Best Online Universities in the World

The effect of technological enhancement on the world’s shifting trends is evident through the constant digitalisation of strategic and methodological planning of all sectors; including education. Hailing from the digital revolution that took place over decades, online universities have now become the new normal across the world.

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Schools, colleges, and universities have factored in the crucial element of technology amidst their practical and theoretical education practices., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a comprehensive list of high-ranking universities that have shifted their course of teaching to online methods, and are now serving as the best online universities in the world.


How Online Universities Gained Impact Globally

Originally, these were initiated for students who wanted to opt for distance learning. 

This adaptation to distance and online learning came popularly into practice to cater to those brilliant students who were unable to travel cross-country. Their reasons for online distance education mainly average out as finance, or part-time jobs to meet ends. 

Meaning, they cannot make the time for a full-time degree alongside work, as well as meeting the travel and living expenses of a university. 

Instead, they enroll in online programs and pay academic dues, and complete all exams without ever setting foot on campus. 

Apart from this demand, online universities in the world also sprouted as a result of Covid-19, when social distancing was the only mode of survival. Even though these started long before the pandemic, they were quite a few in number and were not regarded as equally important.

However, the pandemic normalised online education, online learning tools, methods, and channels. This resulted in mass online universities offering excellent educational programs.


15 Best Online Universities in the World

Following is a list of the top online universities in the world offering a diverse range of programs that you can easily choose from. 

University College London

University College London— UCL, is one of the top colleges offering excellent online programs to students across the world.  You can choose from a total of 20 online programmes. These programmes offer law degrees, teaching degrees, and even medicine degrees. 


Columbia University

Columbia University currently offers 12 complete online programmes, which mainly include Business subjects. 


University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is a historically significant institution that has adapted to providing online degree programmes.
Currently; the university offers a vast range of courses and over 66 fully online degree programs. These programs include social sciences, medicine and law degrees. 


John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University offers an impressive range of 88 fully online programmes. The university has offered online degree programmes in almost all fields. You can choose your preferred degree in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Computer Science, Business and more.


The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is affiliated with many cross-country universities offering some of the best programs. They offer multiple medical and business degrees among other programmes. 


Northwestern University

Northwestern University offers limited online degrees — only 12 programmes. They cover the area of Medicine and Social Sciences which is a major plus. 


King’s College London

King’s College London is famous for its Medicine programmes but also offers many other fully online degrees. These include Social Science and Law degree options among others.


University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California is a brilliant institution offering limited online programmes. These 10 fully online programmes include Engineering among other subjects. 


University of Sydney

One of Australia’s top universities, University of Sydney offers a total of 28 programmes currently. This includes an online Medicine degree among other subjects.


University of Texas

University of Texas in Austin currently offers only 10 fully online degree programs. These comprise of online Engineering degrees, Computer Science among others.


University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow brings a range of 22 online degrees for students that mainly include Medicine and Business degrees.


Georgia Institute of Technology

GIT brings a range of 21 fully online programmes including focused online courses on Engineering and Business subjects. 


University of Sheffield

With a range of over 24 fully online programs, University of Sheffield comes around as one of the best online universities in the world. 


University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham offers 67 fully online programmes that offer a variety of subjects for students belonging to different fields. These subjects include Humanities, Social Sciences, Online Education, Design etc.  


Boston University

Boston University is famous for its business degrees around the world. Thanks to their range of over 39 online degree programmes, students can now complete a fully online degree in Business, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences among many other subjects.


How to Choose an Online University?

Amongst such a vast range of institutions, it can become difficult to choose the right option for your needs. 

If you’re confused about choosing what is best for you, the following are some pointers that can help you decide the right institution for you.

  • What is the focus subject that you want to opt for?
  • Which institution offers your required degree programs?
  • How much flexibility does the degree offer?
  • What is your budget to spend on an online degree program?

These simple questions will help you find the best online university that meets your requirements. 


Advantages of Enrolling in an Online University

Universities bring with them plenty of advantages that provide convenience to students. In spite of the hands-on experience that students may miss out on, online degree programmes come in handy for students who are working part-time, or for those who are in far off countries. 

Students from all around the world can easily acquire quality education and the best degrees without having to spend a fortune on attending on-campus classes. 


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