Pakistan’s Top Online Furniture Stores for Home Shopping

Furnishing your home is the best part of moving into a new house, renovating, or simply decorating your home. But when it comes to making the final decision of choosing the right furniture, the options are endless, which can get confusing.

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Thanks to the internet, you can now easily walk through your options via good online furniture stores in Pakistan

Reviewing your furniture options online among the sea of antique and contemporary items is not only easy but very convenient. Just the click of a button can now help you revamp your home, and add a tasteful edge to the furnishings in your house. has compiled a list of the best online furniture stores that offer contemporary and modern furniture, so you can discover your style and the best options that will help in elevating the interior of your home. 


Here’s a list of the Top Online Furniture Stores in Pakistan

  1.  Renome
  2. Urban Galleria
  3. Habitt
  4. Furniture Hub
  5. V Surfaces
  6. Apna Furniture
  7. Interwood
  8. Home Factree




Chocolate Brown Cushioned Bed Set


Renome is an up-and-coming store that has recently made its reputation in the online furniture industry. It is a good online furniture store that offers a mix of contemporary yet traditional and antique furnishings, that cater to the needs of everyone. It is one of the best online furniture stores in Islamabad and offers online shopping and delivery services to people from all over the country.

From apartment and wedding packages to separate furniture options, Renome has a collection of all furniture items that make up your home. 

Urban Galleria


Off White Bedroom Set with Light Brown Wooden Details


Urban Galleria is one of the leading online furniture stores in the country. It offers a wide range of luxurious and antique-style furniture to refine the interior of your home. They offer more than dozen of styles for sofas, beds and chairs that you can choose from, and also offer a 5-year product warranty to assure you of the quality and assist in any inconvenience that might occur.

All you need to do is to explore your options and the style you want, and they will get it delivered to your doorstep. 




Minimal Study Chair with Contemporary Finish


Habitt is undeniably one of the best places to find your furniture. Not only is it reasonable and affordable, but also has the latest designs in all types of furniture. Habitt made its way from being one of the top online furniture stores in Karachi, to expanding across the country.

Habitt has a complete range of furniture from work desks, chairs, sofas, bed sets to even crockery and decor items that can add a luxurious touch to your home.  They also offer packages and seasonal discounts that can keep your budget intact while revamping your home. 


Furniture Hub


Wooden Dining Chairs with Wooden Table


Furniture Hub offers a range of interior design products and furniture that will assist you in enhancing your home.  With their endless range of options, you can easily style your home with just the right furniture. You can choose from sofa cum beds, bed sets, office desks, coffee tables, and everything else that you need in your house.

A furniture hub can also be sought after as one of the office furniture stores that caters for your office furnishing needs. They are excellent at servicing orders as soon as they come in, and also offer advice and ideas according to the architectural look of the house. 


V Surfaces


Turkish Sofa Set with White and Navy Blue Sofa


V Surfaces is a new addition among online furniture stores in Pakistan and offers an amazing range of interior design products and furniture that will revamp the aesthetics of your home. From a range of sofa chairs, sofa sets, bed sets, coffee tables etc., you can easily pick and choose your favourites and get them shipped.

V surfaces are one of the growing online furniture stores in Islamabad and have made its name in the market shortly after its launch.


Apna Furniture


Black Bedroom Set with Dressing and Cupboard


Apna furniture is a platform that caters to your wooden furniture needs. This store offers a variety of Pakistani furniture with varying prices that you can choose from as per your budget. Since their goal is to make the furniture hunt easier for their customers to get the type of furniture at the convenience of their home.

Apna Furniture provides a range of all types of furniture options ranging from bedroom sets to kids’ furniture, office furnishings, drawing rooms and even restaurant furniture. All the options are available with mentioned pricing that you can look at and make an informed decision.




Dining set of 4, Wooden Chocolate Brown Colour


Interwood is one of the most premium online furniture stores in Pakistan. It offers modern and contemporary furniture with the latest designs that you can find. Not only this, but Interwood is also famous for office furnishings and the quality that they provide. Although it falls a little on the expensive side of the spectrum, it is a great choice for people who are looking to invest in quality and design for their homes.

You can easily find the best furniture that balances both modern and traditional designs. Almost all types of furniture including dining, office, seating, bed sets, coffee tables etc. They offer free delivery for your furniture without any additional or hidden charges.


Home Factree


Navy Blue Sofa Set 7 Seater


Home Factree is a very interactive furniture platform that incorporates your likings to the furniture that you want. You can view the entire procedure of your furniture set up or just get it plain delivered. If you are someone who likes to experiment with new things, you can easily get your furniture made from here, and bring your unique ideas to reality. 

Home Factree is a brilliant platform with a team of experienced professionals who crafts your furniture with finesse, giving your home just the right furniture pieces to refine your interior. This is one of the best online furniture stores in Lahore and Karachi, but you can get it delivered anywhere in the country.

White Compact Coffee Table

HOiD is one of the very popular online furniture stores that has come into the market recently but has made a mark in the market with its contemporary and unique designs. They have a vast catalogue that is expanding with fresh ideas and unique furniture that will elevate the look of your home.

They offer an affordable range of furniture items from office chairs, to kids’ study tables to dining etc., you can find anything and everything there all mentioned with their respective prices. 

Just the addition of a little side table or a resting chair can add to the aesthetics of your home interior instantly. For your next home renovation or decoration projects, you don’t have to worry about going out and visiting furniture stores, instead you can just use this list of online furniture stores in Pakistan by and get your favourite picks delivered to your doorstep. 

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