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There’s no denying that technology has shaped our lives for the better, as it is now an integral part of our daily lives and people’s familiarity with it has been growing at a steady pace. Security is a paramount concern these days, and home security cameras are a good way to monitor and protect yourself against imminent threats.

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Learn More, Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal, presents some of the best ways to hide home security cameras in your house.


Why Would You Want to Hide Home Security Cameras?

Cameras are usually a deterrent to intruders, but in recent years, criminals have grown used to spray painting cameras or avoiding them by hiding in possible blind spots.

Hidden home security cameras are a great way to stump criminals and a great way to catch them in the act.

Cameras, when hidden, are less likely to be destroyed or damaged. 

You have a better idea of where cameras are hidden when you hide security cameras yourself. This is especially useful if you’re staying in an Airbnb and want to check if your host might be spying on you.

Hidden spy cameras are a growing concern; the best way to combat that is to know how to think like a criminal.


Ways To Hide Home Security Cameras


home security camera being disguised


Home security cameras come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They should be hidden in places with a clear view of what you’re trying to capture and must not stand out.

Here are some essential tips on how to strategically place your cameras.

  • Make sure that the lighting conditions are adequate in that area
  • Make sure that the camera supports a wide field of view
  • Hide cameras in objects such as frames or clocks where they don’t stand out
  • Make sure to hide wires that can give away the location of the cameras
  • Opt for wireless cameras to avoid making renovations


Hide your cameras in everyday household items such as tissue boxes, clocks, or paintings. The key takeaway is that the cameras should blend in and not stand out.

Toys are also a great way to hide security cameras. It is essential to ensure that the cameras have a good view of the space they aim to capture.

Hard-to-reach places such as chandeliers, ceiling fans, doorbells, and pots are perfect for housing security cameras. These places have a clear view of their surroundings and are usually out of reach for most people.

Smoke detectors are also an excellent place to hide cameras. Cameras behind a mirror glass are also an option, but sometimes their vision gets hazy.

Outside the house, a tree or doorbell is an ideal choice as cameras can be blended very easily. A birdhouse is also an excellent option.

The only problem with these spots is regular maintenance, as tree branches must be trimmed to prevent the view from being blocked. 


Pros and Cons of Hidden Home Security Cameras


cameras hidden in plain sight


Hidden cameras have various pros and cons, which have been listed below.

If it’s out of sight, then it’s safer in terms of being damaged or stolen by a thief. It does not create a deterrence for thieves.
If cameras are cleverly hidden in the home’s infrastructure, they can increase the home value significantly.Hidden places can sometimes obstruct the view of the camera.
Catch package thieves and naughty kids in the act.


What to Look For in Home Security Cameras

Security cameras are improving rapidly and are now offering more features than ever. Highlighted below is a list of parameters you should keep in mind when making a purchase decision.



A single-camera should not cost more than Rs. 15000 to 20000 if you are aiming for a high-quality one. Prices are eventually coming down due to technological advancements.



It’s better to go wireless or solar-powered to avoid dealing with running wires through your house since cameras run 24/7 and need power continuously.

This can increase your power bill if you have a lot of cameras installed. If opting for battery-powered cameras, choose cameras that can last for at least 6 months before needing replacement batteries.


Smart Integration

Cameras that are smartly integrated with smart platforms have nifty features such as face recognition and pet detection.

They also feature recording footage and storing it in the cloud along with motion detection, sending you a picture if anyone trespasses on your property.


Night Vision

This is essential for security because if the camera cannot detect intruders in the dark, then it is not of much use.

Night vision should be clear enough to clearly identify details as all cameras have some form of night vision, but only a few are actually helpful.


Wide Angle

Cameras need to have a wide-angle lens to have the ability to cover lots of space and the ability to record a larger plane of view. 



Cameras that have a mic integrated into them are useful as they pick up sounds that can be helpful in certain situations. A two-way speaker can allow you to communicate with people that are being recorded. This can allow you to communicate with your pet remotely.



A camera should not be large, making it easy to cut holes and hide them in plain sight. Larger cameras also catch attention, defeating the purpose of staying hidden.



A camera, above all, should be durable and should be able to withstand harsh conditions as cameras outside are constantly exposed to the elements, and having a brand new one die on you is never a good thing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions on this topic.


How to hide my security cameras?

The best way is to either camouflage them or hide them in everyday objects like bird houses, fake rockeries, smoke detectors, etc.


How do you disguise a camera?

The best way is to paint it in a color matching the background so that it blends in with its environment.


Should you hide security cameras?

While it is not a good practice to hide security cameras as cameras create a deterrence that usually prevents the crime from happening.

If possible, place fake cameras outside and hide the real ones if you are concerned about damage to your cameras.


It’s always best to keep your cameras visible, but if your specific case requires hidden cameras, you should incline towards that choice to ensure security. Get to know home security systems.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you in your journey of fortifying your house. For more insightful tips, visit our blog.

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