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Becoming a homeowner is a dream for many; however, protecting it should be the top priority once that dream comes true. Home security is essential for any homeowner, as a property studded with up-to-date security systems allows it to take precedence over other properties and protect it from any unfortunate events.

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With modern technology and hi-tech security systems readily available, homeowners now have several options to secure their property. However, understanding why home security is a necessity is the first step. In this blog, we shall provide an in-depth review of several security companies in Pakistan so that you can find the best fit for your property.

Why Home Security is Necessary

Is a home security system worth the money? Would it be better than traditional security methods? Several questions like these will plague your mind; however, the immense benefits of such systems cannot be ignored. The utility of modern security systems ranges from protection from intruders to managing electricity consumption and lowering insurance costs, meaning having one installed is a must. Following are some of the crucial reasons why home security is a necessity.


The first and foremost benefit of having a security system installed is protection, and not just for your valuables but your family as well. Most houses have a simple door lock and a deadbolt lock for added security. However, burglars can easily navigate through these old-fashioned locks and break-in.

According to statistics, a house with a security system is three times less likely to victim theft. Most burglars avoid homes embedded with security, and with new high-tech security systems, you will be notified if anyone tries to break in, along with the authorities.

Deters Criminals

Most home security systems leave apparent signs such as surveillance cameras or wires and lighting for alarm systems. Most burglars are deterred by the sight of these elements and give up instantly. A study has shown that the higher the number of home security systems in a locality, the lesser the crime rate. By installing a home security system, you are not just protecting yourself from harm but are also keeping the neighbourhood safe.

Remote Monitoring

Are you worried about your property while you are at work? Or are you concerned for the safety of your children at home? Modern home security systems are here to solve these problems as you can remotely monitor every corner of your house through smart monitoring cameras. Not only do these systems monitor your home, but you can also notify the authorities through these devices in case something feels off.

Better Energy Management

Several hi-tech security systems offer added utilities, such as an intelligent thermostat and remote lighting. This allows you to turn off any extra lights or unplug any appliances left on. This does not only deter potential damages and saves an immense amount of money through effective energy management.

Some intelligent systems can automatically regulate the intensity of the lighting based on the light intensity, making sure no electricity is wasted.

Protection from Fire and Other Hazards

Most security systems are embedded with smoke detectors in case of fires. Moreover, remote monitoring systems can inform authorities for swift action, saving thousands in property damages.

Peace of Mind

One of the most significant benefits of having a security system is peace of mind. Even though break-in and burglary rates are low in most neighbourhoods, knowing that your property and your loved ones are safe can bring about a certain sense of confidence, letting you enjoy life to the fullest. Get to know home security systems.

Best Security Companies in Pakistan

Home security is not just a luxury – it is a necessity that every home must embody. Following is a list of some of the best security companies in Pakistan so that you can find the right provider for you.

CompanyServicesContact at

ZIMS Security Private Limited

·       CCTV

·       Burglar Alarms

·       Motions Sensors

·       Panic Button

·       Fire-Alarm System




Phoenix Armour

·       Burglar Alarms

·       CCTV Cameras

·       Home Monitoring Systems

·       Fire Detectors

·       Security Guard Services




Shezada Security Service

·       Fire Detectors

·       Duress Alarm

·       Burglar Alarm

·       Emergency Alarm

·       Security Guard Services



Haris Enterprises

·       Theft Alarm

·       CCTV Camera Surveillance

·       Monitoring Systems

·       Security Guard Services



ZIMS Security Private Limited

Based in Islamabad – ZIMS Security is one of the country’s oldest private security companies. Launched in 1992, the company has been offering its services for the past three decades, earning a name among the top security companies in the country. ZIMS is committed to providing the best security services it offers to its customers, both in the residential and commercial sectors.

With such a diversified portfolio, partnerships with major brands, and a membership of the All Pakistan Security Agencies Association – APSAA, it can be said with ease that ZIMS Security is one of the country’s most trustworthy names.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ZIMS Security provides the following services:

  •   CCTV Camera Surveillance Systems
  •   Burglar Alarms
  •   Motion Sensors
  •   Panic Button
  •   Fire-Alarm Systems

Phoenix Armour

Phoenix Armour is a market leader in security services, one of the country’s premier security service providers, established almost four decades ago.  The company has made a name for itself in the market as it caters to banks, multinational companies, and commercial projects in the country. However, home security systems are also a significant part of the company’s portfolio. Most of Karachi’s residential areas utilise Phoenix Armour’s top-notch services.

Some of the current home security services that the company provides are:

  •   Burglar Alarms
  •   CCTV Cameras
  •   Home Monitoring Systems
  •   Fire Detectors
  •   Security Guard Services

Shezada Security Services

Launched in 1987, the company has served the country with its hi-tech security systems, ensuring that residents can stay safe in their abodes. With its head office located in Karachi, Shezada Security has eleven branches spread all over the country, and it continues to expand its operations further. Apart from home security services, the company is well-equipped to provide security guard and escort services to its prestigious clientele.

Apart from the rest of the market, the company is committed to the community, as it is registered by all government agencies, including APSAA, PBA, and PTA. With clients such as NBP, Allied Bank, HBL, and Bank Alfalah, the company has established itself as the market leader.

Shezada Security provides the following home security services:

  •   Fire Detectors
  •   Duress Alarm
  •   Burglar Alarm
  •   Emergency Alarm
  • Security Guard Services

Haris Enterprises Security

One of the most innovative security providers in the country – Haris Enterprises is a common name among the city’s elite, as their services are utilised by some of the A-Listers of the Diplomatic Enclave. Embassies of several nations such as the British High Commission, French Embassy, Belgian Embassy, and the Danish Embassy constitute the company’s client base.

With its head office in Islamabad, the company has expanded its operations to all the provinces, with regional offices in Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi, and Lahore. The company has licences issued by several government bodies, including the Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Ministry of Interior, and provincial governments of Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, and KPK. Get to know types of door locks

Embedded with cutting-edge technology and splendid services, the company offers the following services:

  •   Theft Alarm
  •   CCTV Camera Surveillance
  •   Monitoring Systems
  •   Security Guard Services


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